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How to complain about slow broadband speed

If you’re not getting the broadband speed you were promised, follow these steps to complain to your provider and ask them to rectify the situation 1 Check your broadband speed You should use a broadband speed checking service to see whether you are getting a significantly slower service than you should be able to get. If […]

How to complain to the ombudsman about a mobile phone provider

Got an unresolved dispute with your mobile provider? An ombudsman could help. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to take a complaint to them. 1 Complain to the company Try to resolve the dispute by explaining your problem and what you want done about it. If your mobile phone provider has its own internal complaints procedure, […]

How to complain about interruptions to your broadband service

Are you experiencing regular interruptions to your broadband service? Our step-by-step guide will help you complain to your provider. Intermittent broadband service Whenever you have a contract with a service provider, you’re entitled to get the service that you were promised and which you contracted for. You’re also entitled to have that service provided with […]

Letter to dispute a phone or broadband bill

  If you’re unhappy with a phone or broadband bill and wish to dispute it, use our letter to contact your provider and make a complaint. Download letter docx (13 KB) [Your address] [Company address] [Date:] Dear Sir or Madam Ref: [contract number] I am complaining because I have been charged an incorrect amount for my [mobile phone/ […]

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