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Is it a scam when companies claim to block nuisance calls?

Services promising to block nuisance calls are probably not all they claim to be. Registering with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is the best thing to do. Charging you to join the TPS Some companies that say they can prevent all nuisance calls claim that they’ll make sure the call centres know not to contact […]

How to deal with spam text messages

Unwanted text messages can be extremely annoying and in many cases a scam. Follow our instructions to put a stop to spam text messages. 1 Is it spam, or a scam? It can be to tell the difference between contact from a legitimate company or an attempted scam. Scammers are increasingly taking advantage of smartphones and […]

I’m being charged for unwanted premium rate text messages

If you’re being charged for texts you didn’t want or ask for, there are things you can do to make them stop. You can also find tips on how to avoid receiving them at all. Unwanted premium rate texts Also known as ‘reverse billed’ messages, premium rate text (SMS) messages come from four, five or […]

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