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Best and worst compost bins

Using a compost bin is the most effective way of managing the composting process, so check the results of our expert tests to see which one to buy     The bin you use for composting can make a big difference to the speed and success of the process. Our latest tests have uncovered the […]

Best controlled-release fertilisers

Our test of controlled-release fertilisers shows you which will keep your plants looking good all summer long.   A decent controlled-release fertiliser will keep your plants fed for months on end, but a bad one will leave them performing poorly. Our expert tests have uncovered the best options for you. Controlled-release fertilisers are the ultimate […]

Peat-free compost: expert guide

Peat-free composts are set to replace peat in the next few years. We tell you everything you need to know and how to use them successfully.   Peat was once seen as a cheap and plentiful material that gardeners found easy to use. However, peat harvesting releases huge amounts carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and […]

Best grow bags

See our round-up of the best grow bags for growing everything from cucumbers to tomatoes   Growing bags are popular with gardeners – and for good reasons. You don’t need a pot as you can plant directly into the bag and for tender crops they’re a great alternative to planting in a greenhouse border. They’re […]

Best compost to buy in 2022

Discover the top-scoring composts for sowing seeds, raising young plants and growing plants in containers.¬†Read our guide to find out how to pick a compost that will be perfect for your gardening jobs.   The best compost will provide all the nutrients and support needed for seeds and veg to grow and thrive, while the […]

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