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Best plastic-free plant labels

We tested 21 different plant labels in a range of materials to find the best alternatives to plastic   Labelling your plants is an essential part of gardening, whether you’re sowing seeds, potting up bulbs or planting a prized specimen shrub outdoors. We’re all used to the standard plastic stick labels that come in a […]

Best liquid plant feeds

Our Best Buy feeds will keep your plants healthy and flowering all summer long   Liquid feeds are fertilisers that are applied as you water your plants. They include both concentrated liquids you dilute in water and granules you dissolve. You can use them for pots and borders to give your plants an instant pick-me-up. […]

Best tomato feed

Ensure a bumper harvest this summer with one of our Best Buys   Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables to grow, and if you want to pick the biggest, tastiest crop it’s essential to feed your plants.  The nutrients in compost or a growing bag will last for only four to six weeks. […]

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