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Raised garden beds: how to build and maintain

Growing veg in raised beds allows you to raise delicious home-grown crops in a limited space   Raised beds allow you to improve your garden soil, or even grow crops where there’s no soil at all.  Most people use wooded-sided beds, but you can create a raised bed by just putting a thick layer of […]

How to grow parsnips

A fantastic winter veg, roast dinners wouldn’t be the same without parsnips. Discover our Best Buy varieties and learn how to grow them.   Modern varieties of parsnips have been bred to produce short fat roots rather than long tapering ones. We were looking for varieties with a good crop of unblemished, smooth-skinned roots, making […]

How to grow blackcurrants

Blackcurrants are easy to grow and produce delicious crops in summer. Discover our best blackcurrant varieties and tips for how to grow them.   Blackcurrants have got bigger and, it’s claimed by breeders, sweet enough to eat straight from the plant. Whether you want to grow them for fresh fruit, juice, desserts or sauces, blackcurrants […]

How to grow shallots and best varieties

Find out how to grow tasty shallots. Discover our best shallot varieties and tips for how to grow them. Sweeter than onions and milder in flavour, shallots can be pickled or used in place of onions when cooking. Related to the onion, shallots can be grown from sets (small bulbs), both in autumn and spring. […]

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