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Retiring abroad and healthcare

See our round-up of which countries offer a free healthcare service and which make you pay. Where do I need private health insurance? For those retiring abroad, healthcare is of particular concern. In the UK, we enjoy free universal provision from the NHS; private medicine and medical insurance is auxiliary rather than essential. In some […]

Retiring abroad and paying tax

Learn how retiring abroad could affect your income tax bill, as well as the amount of tax you pay on your savings and pension. Do I pay tax if I live abroad? If you move abroad for good, your income tax liability moves with you. However, you may still have UK tax to pay on […]

Retiring abroad and your pension

Discover how your state pension is paid and how your other retirement savings are affected when you retire abroad Retiring abroad and the state pension The old basic state pension is worth £141.85 a week in 2022-23. Those qualifying for the state pension on or after 6 April 2016 will be covered under the new state pension, which is worth […]

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