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Child tax credit

Determine how much of a credit for dependent children you are eligible to receive for the fiscal year 2022-2023. What exactly is a tax credit for children? If you are responsible for caring for at least one child or young person, you may be eligible for the child tax credit, which is a means-tested benefit […]

Working tax credit explained

Find out if you are qualified to file a claim for the working tax credit, as well as how much you could potentially get in 2021-22. What exactly does “working tax credit” entail? The Working Tax Credit is a means-tested government payment that is intended to assist working individuals with low incomes with day-to-day living […]

How to calculate tax credits

Using our calculations, you should be able to determine approximately how much of a tax credit you are eligible to receive for the current tax year. How can I figure out how much tax credit I am entitled to? Calculating how much money you will get through tax credits can be difficult, and the amount […]

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