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Cash Isa rules and allowances

How to invest your Isa allowance in accordance with the most recent laws, as well as answers to your most frequently asked Isa questions from the experts at Which? Money. What will the ISA contribution limit be in the 2022-23 tax year? Everyone has an Isa allowance of £20,000 for the tax year 2022-2023, and […]

Cash Isa alternatives

What if you aren’t sure a cash Isa is for you? We discuss the benefits and downsides of various ways to save. Savings accounts Standard savings accounts may be the next place to check if you want to save in cash Isas. Basic-rate taxpayers can earn the first £1,000 of interest on non-Isa savings tax-free […]

Can you inherit an Isa?

Under the new inheritance laws for Isas, you can learn how to transfer your Isa savings to a spouse or civil partner without having to pay any taxes on the transfer. Do I have a chance to inherit an ISA? If your spouse or partner passes away, it is likely that you will be able […]

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