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Deferred payment agreements

You may be eligible for financial assistance from the local government in the form of a long-term loan known as a “delayed payment agreement.” Agreement for deferred payment: postpone the sale of your home in order to pay for medical expenses If you are unable to pay for the costs of a care facility and […]

Paying for care in later life: a free guide

We discuss the various means by which in-home care can be funded, ranging from assistance from the local authorities to what’s known as self-funding, in which you pay for the care yourself. How are the costs of in-home care covered? Home care is beneficial for elderly persons who are having difficulty completing everyday activities on […]

National Insurance and benefits

Find out what benefits you might be eligible for as a result of your contributions to the National Insurance programme. How does your National Insurance Contribution affect the advantages you receive? When you make payments into your National Insurance account, you are able to increase the amount of ‘contributory benefits’ that you are eligible to […]

National Insurance rates

National Insurance charges change based on whether you’re an employee or work for yourself. Here, we run over how much you’ll pay, depending on your job situation. Do I pay National Insurance? National Insurance has to be paid by both hired and self-employed people. Your National Insurance contributions depend on your job status and how […]

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