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Can I give away my property or assets to avoid care fees?

We discuss the regulations and legal ramifications of gifting money and other things, including the act of knowingly depriving someone of their possessions. Formalization of a property exchange. As you get older, you may find yourself contemplating the possibility of bequeathing your home or some of your assets to someone else, such as your children, […]

What is National Savings & Investments?

Find out more about NS&I, including what it is, the types of savings bonds, certificates, and Isas it offers, as well as how your money is secured. What exactly is the National Savings and Investments Association? NS&I, which stands for National Savings and Investments, is a government department as well as an executive agency under […]

Premium bonds

Premium bonds are still the nation’s preference, but are they worth it? We balance up the advantages and downsides of this popular tax-free NS&I savings plan. What are premium bonds? Premium bonds are a savings product from National Savings & Investments (NS&I) which offer the potential of winning between £25 and £1m each month instead of paying interest. […]

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