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What can I do with my pension pot?

The criteria for cashing in your pension were significantly altered when pension freedoms were introduced in 2015. Gain an understanding of the benefits and drawbacks associated with the most common pension choices. What kinds of pensions are available to me? In the following table, we compare the various ways in which a defined contribution pension […]

35 ways to save on tax

Check your tax code, use tax-free allowances, and other strategies to pay less tax. Tax savings Whether you’re an employee, self-employed, landlord, investor, or retiree, you can legitimately lower your tax payment. We explain how simple checks can raise your take-home pay with no effort, as well as tax breaks and government programmes. Here are […]

National Insurance and benefits

Find out what benefits you might be eligible for as a result of your contributions to the National Insurance programme. How does your National Insurance Contribution affect the advantages you receive? When you make payments into your National Insurance account, you are able to increase the amount of ‘contributory benefits’ that you are eligible to […]

Inheritance tax for married couples and civil partners

It is not necessary to engage in any complex tax planning in order for married couples and civil partners to be able to take use of one another’s tax-free allowance. What are the guidelines for the inheritance tax for couples who are married? When it comes to inheritance tax, being married or in a civil […]

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