The most effective treatments for nits and head lice in 2022

How effective are low-cost treatments for nits and head lice? Combs or lotions—which is more successful for removing nits? Find out which treatments for head lice are considered to be the best by other parents.


In order to identify the best brand of treatment for head lice, we questioned 2,010 parents living in the United Kingdom who have a child younger than 12 years old and who have all been forced to perform the unpleasant duty of removing head lice from their children.

Products like leave-in mousse, lotions, creams, and sprays are just some of the several types of treatments that can be found on the market today. Lice can develop a tolerance to pesticides, so many products on the market now do not contain them. Instead, these products work by coating the lice in liquid and either drowning or drying them out. Continue reading to find out which ones are the most well-liked by parents in terms of how effective they are, how simple they are to use, how pleasant they smell, and how much they cost.

Different kinds of medical care

The following is a list of the most popular treatments that parents turn to in order to free their children from the vexing problem of head lice.

Method of the nit comb

The poll conducted in 2021 found that just under half of all parents (45%) reported that the previous time their child had nits, they used a comb with a conditioner on it. According to the responses of the parents who participated in our poll, Acu-Life is the most effective brand for eradicating head lice. It is a brand that is well-known for its unique blue plastic-handled nit combs with metal teeth, and it has received great ratings in all four of the most important categories: effectiveness, ease of use, odour, and value for the money.

You can frequently use a nit comb in conjunction with another product, such as a medicated or herbal treatment, or conditioner. The comb is rather inexpensive and can be purchased for a few pounds. If you already have a conditioner in your home, this latter option can be an inexpensive way to treat head lice; but, it can be a time-consuming manner of treating the problem.

Treatments that include medication

In our poll of parents in 2021, we found that more than half (65%) of them indicated they used a nit comb with solution.

The list includes medication and therapies that may be purchased from Boots, Superdrug, Full Marks, Hedrin, Nitwits, and Lyclear.

Some of these treatments take as little as ten minutes to apply, which is one of the many reasons why they are preferable to the traditional method of combing out tangles. There are a variety of treatment alternatives available, such as creams and lotions that are applied to the scalp in the same manner as shampoo, sprays that facilitate application, and a product that may be applied to the hair and styled as a leave-in mousse.

Why receiving treatment more than once is very crucial

Implementing a follow-up treatment is essential to the success of any medication-based treatment plan. Even with treatments that claim to eliminate head lice in a single application, there is still a chance that some eggs (nits) could survive if the product isn’t correctly applied to cover all nits and lice. This is especially true if the product isn’t applied in a way that ensures complete coverage. In the event that they are successful in surviving, the cycle will begin once more, and you will be faced with yet another infestation.

The conventional wisdom is that you should check your child’s head a week later after using a “once-only” treatment to make sure that you have eliminated any lice or eggs that you may have missed. However, we believe that checking your child’s head and applying an additional treatment a week later is the most reliable way to ensure that you have killed all of the head lice.

Herbal/natural remedies

According to the results of our poll in 2020, parents were less inclined to utilise herbal or natural treatments, such as tea tree oil, because they were not very impressed with these types of remedies. Nevertheless, they did better in the 2021 poll, with a well-known herbal brand called Puressentiel receiving four stars for ease of use, scent, and value for money, in addition to three stars for effectiveness.

When used in conjunction with a nit comb, herbal therapies may have a greater chance of success. However, since it is believed that items such as tea tree oil repel lice, many parents choose to employ herbal remedies as a preventative strategy rather than to really get rid of lice.

There is scant proof that herbal remedies are effective, and there is very little information available about any potential adverse effects. If you would rather not use a product that contains medication, we suggest that you use a conditioner and a nit comb instead.

Treatment according to the kind of hair

When our 2021 study looked at the treatment of head lice based on the child’s hair type, we found that there were some substantial disparities. Only 38% of those with curly hair used a comb and conditioner, compared to 49% of those with straight hair and nearly the same percentage (48%) of those with coiled or Afro hair. Those with straight hair were more likely to use a nit comb than those with coiled or Afro hair.

When it comes to treating head lice, fewer people with coiled or Afro hair (54%) used a nit comb with head lice solution than those with other types of hair; for instance, 69% of those treating wavy hair used a nit comb with head lice solution. According to the findings of our study, roughly one in ten people (9%), namely those with curled or Afro hair, did not use either a nit comb with conditioner or a nit comb with head lice cure to treat their lice problem.

In general, a nit comb that also included a head lice treatment was preferred by more people (65%) over a nit comb that only included conditioner (45%) for all different types of hair.