Baby walkers

Check out our one-of-a-kind test lab assessments of items ranging from car seats to pushchairs in order to locate the baby gear that is both the most secure and the most convenient for travelling with a young child.

How to pick out the most suitable stroller

Find out what characteristics a good stroller should have for a newborn infant and what features the finest strollers for toddlers should have. Learn how to shop for a pushchair the smart way by reading our helpful shopping suggestions.

How much money do I have to put out?

The prices of strollers can range very widely. You can purchase a pushchair for as little as less than one hundred pounds or as much as one thousand pounds, but in some cases, you will be purchasing a prestigious brand name and luxurious materials rather than a functional pushchair that is simple to operate and manoeuvre.

According to data collected by Which? in March 2020 from 1,500 parents who had children younger than five years old, the typical expenditure was £378. More parents (39%) spent between £101 to £450. iCandy, Stokke, Bugaboo, and Silver Cross are examples of some of the more upscale brands of strollers that can be rather pricey.

Because we were able to locate Best Buy strollers for as little as $150, it is clear that you do not necessarily need to spend a significant amount of money in order to obtain a high-quality baby carriage.

What characteristics of pushchairs are the most important to look for?

When using your pushchair on a daily basis, even minor annoyances and irritations may become highly frustrating, so making sure you get the proper one is crucial. Read our advice first to ensure you don’t waste your money on something that’s not worth it.

Seating that can be flipped around

A reversible seat is a useful feature since many parents like to have their new baby face them so that they can keep eye contact with their child. This indicates that you have the option to direct them toward their parents while they are still young, and then direct them toward the outside world when they are older.

Adjustable handles

If you or anyone else who will be using the stroller is a different height from your partner or anyone else who will be using the pushchair, having the ability to simply modify the height of the handlebars will make it much more comfortable for you to push.

Separate handles, which are prevalent on strollers, have a tendency to flex quite a little when pressure is applied to them; nonetheless, we put them through safety testing to guarantee that they conform with the British Standards for handle strength.

Handlebars are sometimes the most comfortable option, but an unexpectedly high percentage of handlebars have an oval or square cross section, which can make them awkward to grip after being used for an extended amount of time.

Shopping basket size

The capacity ranges from 1 kilogramme to 15 kilogrammes, although the typical pushchair shopping basket has a capacity of four or five kilogrammes. Keep an eye out for a basket that has solid sides and provides easy access even when the seat is in the reclined position. It’s helpful to have additional storage pockets all around the pushchair as well.


Your child will feel more supported and at ease in their brand-new pushchair if you purchase a pram that has additional cushioning, like as a head hugger.

Wheels that can swivel

Swivel front wheels can move in any direction with very little pushing or pulling, and they make it easy to manoeuvre on normal ground. However, because of their ability to rotate, they can make it more difficult to go on rougher ground or gravel. Choose a stroller that has swivel wheels but also has the ability to lock them, so that you may switch this feature on and off depending on the terrain that you will be traversing with your child.

Uninterrupted stride

Check to see if you will be able to walk with the pushchair with your regular stride. This is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you are shopping for a pram. Also, be careful not to cut or scratch your shin on the back axle, the brake bar, the shopping basket, or any of the other attachments.

Fact A poll conducted by Which? in 2021 with 1,632 parents who had children under the age of five found that the most essential attribute of a pushchair was its ability to be folded and unfolded with ease by 27% of respondents.


It is absolutely necessary to have a folding mechanism that is simple to operate. Since you’ll be folding the pushchair on a daily basis, you should give it a test run before making the purchase, and you should steer clear of models that require you to remove accessories before folding it. Although a great number of strollers advertise that they can be folded with one hand, our testing have shown that this is not always the case.

Brake pedals

The ones that are the best have large pedals that are designated in a way that is easy to understand, and they are also functional. Be wary of brake pedals that protrude outward, as they can get caught on the stair treads, as well as a bar that connects the brakes, since this can get in the way of your feet when you’re walking. Keep your toes and shoes from getting scratched by looking for brakes that can be activated and deactivated with a simple touch of a button.

Dimensions and morphology

It might be challenging to push, move, and otherwise manoeuvre pushchairs that are cumbersome and bulky. A quality stroller can be quite large without being cumbersome to push around.

Leg supports and rests for the legs

Smaller children who are unable to reach the footrest of the stroller seat frequently find that their lower legs are suspended in the air off the end of the seat of the pushchair. Your toddler’s legs will be more comfortable when you use an adjustable leg rest since it offers decent calf support and typically has between two and six configurations to choose from.