Our expert advice on buying an adjustable bed mattress, plus electric bed sizes: which is best for you?

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Adjustable beds are available as:


two singles that work independently but clip together to form a double

‘dual’ beds – a double-bed base with two separate mechanisms so that each side operates independently

double beds – double size with a single operating mechanism.

Adjustable beds are also available in various widths, and can be custom made. If you sleep alone, you’re most likely to want a bed with a single mechanism – a single or a double that moves as one. If you sleep with a partner, it’s better to buy a dual bed, or two singles that clip together to form a double with independent controls.

This way, each person can choose their own sleeping position. You are also less likely to disturb your partner if you move at night. If there’s a chance that one partner might need nursing care in the future, it’s a good idea to buy two single beds that can be separated if required, as it’s difficult for nurses to provide effective care to someone in a double bed.

Expert tip: an adjustable bed tends to push you down the bed a little as you sit up. So, ideally, the bed should be 15cm (6 inches) longer than the tallest user. If the bed is longer and wider than your existing bed, check that you have the space in your bedroom for the extra length.

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Adjustable bed mattress advice

Profiling beds need special mattresses. They have divisions that correspond with the different sections of the bed base, so that they bend with the base of the bed when it moves.

Adjustable bed bases and mattresses are usually sold separately to give you more choice over the type that you prefer – eg a firm, soft, pocket-sprung or memory-foam mattress.

If you decide to buy your bed base and mattress from different suppliers, always check that the base and mattress are compatible (ie the right size and type) before buying.