Read our expert review of Ageas car insurance. Find out how we rate Ageas’ car insurance policy against 33 other providers.

Ageas is Belgium’s largest insurer, operating in 14 countries worldwide, and is part of the Ageas Group along with Rias. Its car insurance policy is underwritten by Ageas Insurance Limited.

How did customers rate Ageas’ car insurance?

This year, Ageas didn’t participate in our survey of car insurance providers, which means we haven’t been able to rate the levels of cover in its policy.

You can find our scores for other policies in our best and worst car insurance policies page – or see our guide on getting a cheap car insurance quote.

However, we did analyse how customers that have recently made a claim feel about Ageas.

Ageas achieved a score of 63% for customer satisfaction, which places it at the bottom of our table of 15 car insurers in our survey.

How Ageas’ car insurance scored for seven elements of customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction element Customer score
Application Process



Clarity of Policy


3 out of 5


Dealing with queries


3 out of 5


Ease of managing your policy online


3 out of 5


Fair treatment of longstanding customers



Dealing with complaints



Value for money


4 out of 5



What is Ageas’ car insurance claims number?

If you need to make a claim with Ageas car insurance call 0345 125 2450 or +44 1242 715 929 if outside the UK.