Find out how customers feel about the application process, customer support, mobile app, and other aspects of Amazon’s credit card in our most recent poll regarding customer satisfaction with credit cards.

What are the benefits of using an Amazon credit card?

Amazon presently provides two different credit cards, both of which are provided by New Day Ltd: the Platinum Mastercard, which is a reward credit card, and the Classic Mastercard, which is a credit-builder card. Both of these credit cards are issued by Mastercard.

You can get 1.5 Amazon Reward Points (or three if you’re a Prime member) for every £2 spent at Amazon with the Amazon Platinum Mastercard, but you’ll only earn 0.5 Amazon Reward Points for every £2 spent elsewhere. You will receive a gift card for £10 worth of Amazon merchandise for every 1,000 points that you earn. The representative annual percentage rate (APR) is 21.9 percent (variable), credit is contingent upon applicant status, and terms apply.

A typical annual percentage rate of 29.9 percent is included with the Amazon Classic Mastercard, which is designed to help you establish your credit profile and comes with the card (variable).

You’ll be eligible for an upgrade to the Amazon Platinum Mastercard if, over the course of a year, you maintain on-time payments, don’t go over your credit limit, and make at least one purchase every month. Credit is extended on the condition that certain terms and conditions are met.

Alterations to your card beginning in January of 2023

New Day made the announcement in March 2022 that their agreement with Amazon would come to an end in January 2023.

Later on in the year, New Day will send a letter to each and every customer informing them that they have the option to either discontinue their account or transfer to New Day’s Pulse Cashback credit card.

The Pulse card offers a cashback bonus of one percent for the first three months and then a cashback bonus of 0.25 percent thereafter. The most money that can be earned by you in a given year is £150. There is no charge on an annual basis.

According to information provided to us by New Day, you shouldn’t anticipate any changes to your APR or credit limit, and there won’t be any credit checks performed when you transfer over.

How does Amazon stack up against the competition in this regard?

In our most recent poll about customer satisfaction with credit cards, Amazon customers gave the company a score of 71 percent, which placed it in a tie for 17th place at the very bottom of our ranking table.

Credit Cards Amazon review

17th out of 26 available credit card companies in terms of customer score 71 percent
The Which? ranking for customer satisfaction is determined by taking into account the opinions of actual consumers. The score is based on how satisfied a consumer is in general with the brand, as well as how likely they are to recommend that particular brand to others.

Is it a smart idea to get a credit card from Amazon?

The results of our study also indicate Amazon customers’ ratings of the provider across ten other categories.

Find out how Amazon rated in the categories of its credit card application process, online account management, telephone banking, mobile app, statement clarity, transparency of charges, overseas usage fees, customer service, query handling, and complaint resolution, by consulting the table that follows.

American Express credit card customer satisfaction category
American Express credit card customer satisfaction category Star rating
Assistance to customers 4 STAR
Application process 4 STAR
Clarity of the position taken 4 STAR
Disclosure of pricing information 4 STAR
Fees incurred while using your card in a foreign country 3 STAR
Taking care of customer grievances and fixing existing issues 3 STAR
Taking care of customer questions 3 STAR
Access to online account management capabilities 4 STAR
Telephone access for account management capabilities 3 STAR
App used on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet 3 STAR

The number of stars awarded out of a possible five indicates the level of satisfaction with each category. Where there are no stars displayed, it is because we did not collect enough replies to our survey to assign a ranking.

The methodology behind Amazon’s score and rating calculations for customers

We choose which credit card brands to mention in our brand reviews at Which? based on which credit card brands are the most often searched for online.

The results of the online survey of the general public that was carried out in May 2021 and obtained 4,011 responses are the basis for the customer scores. The participants were allowed to provide their responses on a maximum of two credit cards each.

The customer score analysis for this year is based on a total sample size of 5,744 credit card encounters. It includes overall satisfaction in addition to the likelihood that the consumer would suggest the provider to a friend.

The number of stars awarded in each category is determined separately from the customer’s overall score.

These surveys are carried out on an annual basis, and our review pages are kept current accordingly. In order for providers to be included in our customer satisfaction tables, we require a minimum sample size of fifty respondents from each of them.

Amazon credit card FAQs

Does Amazon provide a way to check your eligibility?

There is no need to worry about your credit score if you want to find out how probable it is that you will be approved for a credit card from Amazon.

Is there a restriction on where the Amazon credit card can be used?

Because Amazon’s credit cards are issued through the Mastercard network, you will be able to use them in the United Kingdom and in millions of other countries around the world.

What is the maximum spending limit on an Amazon credit card?

If you are approved for the card, your initial credit limit should be automatically set at £500 as soon as the approval process is complete, provided that you pass the identity checks. When you get your card, you will be given the complete details of your credit limit.

Note that the material contained in this article is provided solely for educational purposes and does not in any way constitute professional advice. Before making any final decisions on your financial future, you should carefully review the specific terms and conditions that apply to each provider.