Discover how customers feel about Amex’s application process, customer care, mobile app, and other features by reading the results of our most recent poll on customer satisfaction with credit cards.

What are the benefits of using a credit card from American Express?

American Express (Amex) provides customers with a variety of cashback credit cards, several of which are regarded as being among the most generous currently available.

For example, the American Express Platinum Reward Everyday Credit Card provides a cashback rate of 5% (up to £100) for the first three months you have the card, and then a rate of 0.5–1% for the remaining time. The card does not have an annual fee and has a variable APR that is equivalent to 24.5 percent (variable). Credit is extended on the condition that certain terms and conditions are met.

In addition, American Express provides a comprehensive selection of reward credit card options, both branded and non-branded. Users that make use of these can see an increase in the number of points associated with their American Express Membership Rewards account as well as points associated with other reward programmes, such as Nectar and British Airways.

Is it true that American Express is a reliable credit card company?

The results of our study also disclose how clients of American Express ranked the supplier across ten different categories.

Find out how well Amex scored in the categories of its application procedure, online account management, telephone banking, mobile app, statement clarity, transparency of charges, overseas usage fees, customer service, problem answering, and complaint resolution by looking at the table that follows.

American Express credit card customer satisfaction category Star rating
Assistance to customers 5 STAR
Application process 5 STAR
Clarity of the position taken 5 STAR
Disclosure of pricing information 5 STAR
Fees incurred while using your card in a foreign country 2 STAR
Taking care of customer grievances and fixing existing issues 5 STAR
Taking care of customer questions 5 STAR
Access to online account management capabilities 5 STAR
Telephone access for account management capabilities 4 STAR
App used on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet 5 STAR

The number of stars awarded out of a possible five indicates the level of satisfaction with each category. Where there are no stars displayed, it is because we did not collect enough replies to our survey to assign a score.

The formulas that we use to determine American Express’s customer score and ratings

We choose which credit card brands to mention in our brand reviews based on which credit card brands are the most often searched for online.

The results of the online survey of the general public that was carried out in May 2021 and obtained 4,011 responses are the basis for the customer scores. The participants were allowed to provide their responses on a maximum of two credit cards each.

The customer score analysis for this year is based on a total sample size of 5,744 credit card encounters. It includes overall satisfaction in addition to the likelihood that the consumer would suggest the provider to a friend.

The number of stars awarded in each category is determined separately from the customer’s overall score.

These surveys are carried out on an annual basis, and our review pages are kept current accordingly. In order for providers to be included in our customer satisfaction tables, we require a minimum sample size of fifty respondents from each of them.

The most frequently asked questions regarding the American Express credit card

I have American Express; is it possible for me to transfer my balance?

At this time, American Express does not provide any balance transfer packages that include 0% interest.

However, if you have racked up debt on an American Express credit card, you have the option to transfer the balance to another credit card provider and take advantage of a promotion that offers 0% interest on balance transfers.

You should just be careful about where you apply next to make sure that they can help arrange a transfer. In the past, certain brands have had difficulty doing so.

Where can you use your American Express credit card in the United States?

Credit cards issued by American Express are not as extensively accepted by retailers in the UK as Visa or Mastercard credit cards are.

On the American Express website, you can search for locations near you that take American Express credit cards.

Does American Express provide a check to determine eligibility?

There is an eligibility checker available on the American Express website that will conduct a “soft search” on your Experian credit file. This won’t have any effect on your credit score, but it will let you know how likely you are to be accepted for the loan before you even fill out the application.

Note that the material contained in this article is provided solely for educational purposes and does not in any way constitute professional advice. Before making any final decisions on your financial future, you should carefully review the specific terms and conditions that apply to each provider.