Amplifon guarantees that it will assist you in maximising the potential of your hearing. But what do customers who have already purchased hearing aids from Amplifon have to say about them?

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Amplifon is one of the most important hearing aid merchants in the United Kingdom, and the company has more than 200 locations and hearing-care centres throughout the country. In the study that we conducted with members of Which? who have purchased hearing aids privately, the company received an overall customer satisfaction score of 77 percent. A good four-star rating was given to Amplifon in categories such as staffing, hearing aid appearance, comfort, and fit for the user. Amplifon also received an excellent rating of five stars for the completeness of testing and the atmosphere in which the testing was performed. Despite this, it was deemed acceptable (three stars) for the cost (including cost and value for money). The price was rated acceptable (three stars) for all of the major brands; however, only the independents received a grade of good (four stars).

The cost of an Amplifon hearing aid

The price of a pair of Amplifon hearing aids was £3,037 on average for individuals who are members of Which? and other adults who made the purchase. This is more expensive than the average price paid at Boots (£2,509), Hidden Hearing (£2,496), and Specsavers (£1,850). However, it is less expensive than the average price paid at independents, which is £3,174. Although just 27 percent of Amplifon customers paid between £2,500 and £2,999, 22 percent paid between £3,000 and £3,999 for their amplifiers and speakers.

Hearing aids of the Amplifon variety

In addition to its own-brand hearing aids, Amplifon carries products under the Widex, GN Resound, and Phonak brands of hearing aids. However, more than half (54 percent) of those who participated in our poll ended up purchasing hearing aids manufactured by ReSound (24 percent bought Phonak and 8 percent Widex). Hearing aids with a tiny microphone that is held in the ear by a soft tip were purchased by nearly half of the customers (49 percent). These hearing aids are also referred to as ‘loudspeaker in the ear’ hearing aids.

This was the greatest proportion out of all the shops on the high street. 27 percent of customers had purchased open-fit behind-the-ear headphones (this has a small, soft earpiece or dome at the tip of the tubing instead of an earmould).

Use our hearing aid pricing guide to get an idea of what you should anticipate to pay for different levels of hearing device, as well as to learn more about the many types of hearing aids that are available.

On some models, Amplifon hearing aid sets come with a warranty that can last up to four years and complimentary batteries that can last up to four years.

Feeling the financial pinch?

19 percent of Amplifon’s clientele reported to us that they experienced some level of pressure, if not outright coercion, to make a purchase from the company (compared with 16 percent overall, and 29 percent of Hidden Hearing customers).

Another 14% of respondents felt some degree of pressure to select a solution that was more expensive than the options that were given (compared with 13 percent across all companies).

One of our customers shared their feedback with us, saying, “They clearly wanted to make a sale, but the pressure was no more that I would have expected.” On the other hand, one individual stated, “In total, I have worked with three different private hearing aid firms.” Amplifon has shown the least amount of willingness to apply any kind of pressure.

What our Amplifon clients have shared with us

Customers of Amplifon ranked it as either good or exceptional in every rated category other than pricing. These categories include its facilities, the thoroughness of testing, and the staff’s expertise and understanding.

Over half of those who could recall waiting times assessed within a week for those who requested appointments, and another 32 percent assessed within one to two weeks for those who requested appointments. This means that you won’t have to wait very long between requesting an appointment and getting tested.