Have a look at our comprehensive review of the auto insurance policy offered by Aviva.

Find out how the policy that Aviva provides stacks up against the offerings of the other 33 providers.

More than 18 million people are covered by Aviva, making it the most popular general insurer in the United Kingdom. In addition to that, it is regarded as one of the country’s top five auto insurers.

Auto insurance is offered by the company under three different brand names: Aviva, Quote Me Happy, and General Accident. All of these policies are underwritten by the same company, Aviva Insurance Limited.

What kinds of things are covered under the umbrella of an Aviva auto insurance policy?

The standard applies to the elements that are denoted with an, but it does not apply to the elements that are denoted with an. Elements that are denoted with an are not included in the standard. The items that are denoted with a pound sign (£) are extras that are considered to be optional and can be purchased in addition to a policy for an additional cost.

Gift of a vehicle with a value of £

The process of filing a claim for an insurance payout typically involves providing the policyholder with a replacement vehicle to drive while the insured vehicle is being repaired.

✓ Personal Accident

The person who holds the insurance policy as well as any passengers are safeguarded against monetary loss in the event of an accident.

✓ Stolen keys cover

This policy will reimburse you for the expenses incurred in rekeying or replacing the locks and keys to your vehicle in the event that they are lost or stolen.

A covering for keys that have been misplaced.

In the unfortunate event that you misplace your car keys, this policy will reimburse you for the money needed to replace both the keys and the locks on your vehicle.

protection in exchange for a discount of £ for not filing any claims.

One claim allowed during each and every one of the insurance periods.

The law provides some level of protection for motor vehicles.

In the event that you decide to take legal action as a result of an accident, your legal fees will be paid for by the insurance company.

Is the auto insurance that Aviva provides the best choice available?

In the most recent survey that we conducted regarding auto insurance, Aviva received the following results:

An Examination of Aviva’s Automobile Insurance

11th place overall out of 13 car insurance providers, with a score of 66%

11th out of a total of 14 auto insurers rated by customers, receiving a score of 66%.

The policy for automobile insurance came in at position number 23 out of a total of 49 policies.
65 percent

What kinds of auto insurance do they offer, and how do their policies fare in customer reviews?

The standard policy that Aviva provides to its customers was given a score of 65 percent, which was the average score, and this placed it 23rd out of the 49 policies that we evaluated.

We liked that the policy guaranteed repairs for as long as the vehicle was covered by Aviva, which is typically between three and five years longer than the guarantees offered by competing companies. Its motor legal protection grants you the ability to sue an uninsured third party for losses, which is not the case with approximately half of the policies that we researched (though it is the case with this one).

There were some relatively high compulsory excesses that were even more excessive, which made them appear less impressive. In the event that you terminate coverage while the cooling-off period is still in effect, you will be responsible for paying the full cancellation fee of £43.

affirm that you will operate a vehicle without insurance.

Your no-claims discount will not be affected if your vehicle is involved in an accident that was caused by an uninsured driver, and Aviva will refund any excess you have paid if the accident involves your vehicle. In addition, if an uninsured driver causes an accident that involves your vehicle, your no-claims discount will not be affected. You are going to be questioned about the other vehicle and its driver, and they will want information from you.

In particular, each and every component of Aviva’s overall rating for their auto insurance

Weighting Policy  Detail Rating
Most important Courtesy car Optional extra 3 out of 5
Most important Courtesy car – guaranteed availability? Yes – as part of an optional extra 3 out of 5
Secondary  period of Courtesy car Duration of repairs 5 out of 5
Other Courtesy car provided if car is stolen? Yes 5 out of 5
Most important Windscreen damage Market value / £185 4 out of 5
Most important Window damage Market value / £185 4 out of 5
Secondary Sunroof damage Market value / £185 4 out of 5
Secondary Personal belongings £150 2 out of 5
Other Medical expenses £100 per person 2 out of 5
Other Physio treatment included under medical expenses Yes 5 out of 5
Other Prescription costs included under medical expenses No 1 out of 5
Other Dental treatment included under medical expenses Yes 5 out of 5
Other Audio equipment Unlimited / £500 2 out of 5
Other Sat nav Unlimited / £500 2 out of 5
Other Child car seat Replacement seat 5 out of 5
Secondary Misfuelling cover As standard 5 out of 5
Secondary Misfuelling cover Engine damage only 2 out of 5
Secondary Misfuelling cover Market value 5 out of 5

The date of the most recent update to the table is February 2022. The following revision is scheduled to take place in February of 2023.

Aviva Online

We also looked into the online version of the Aviva policy, which is known as Aviva Online and can be found on websites that compare insurance policies. The two distinct insurance policies are worlds apart from one another, despite the fact that they both have the same name.

For example, Aviva Online has higher fees for adjusting or cancelling the policy, less cover for glass damage, but it also has better cover than its sibling elsewhere, such as having total-loss courtesy-car cover as standard. In addition, Aviva Online has fewer exclusions than its sibling elsewhere. There are also other distinctions, such as the fact that Aviva Online does not offer protection against burglary or vandalism.

According to the results of our analysis, the policy earned a score of 64 percent, which ranked it 28th out of 49.

What kind of reviews do customers of Aviva’s auto insurance have to say about the company?

We have also looked into the experiences of customers who have recently lodged a claim in connection with this issue.

With a customer satisfaction score of 66 percent, Aviva was ranked 11th out of the 14 insurance companies for which we received scores from their respective clients.

How did Aviva’s auto insurance fare in seven different dimensions of customer satisfaction? [Seven different dimensions of customer satisfaction]

Customer satisfaction element customer score
Application process 4 out of 5
Clarity of policy 3 out of 5
Dealing with queries 3 out of 5
Ease of managing your policy online 4 out of 5
Fair treatment of longstanding customers 3 out of 5
Dealing with complaints 2 out of 5
Value for money 3 out of 5

The most recent revision to this table was performed in February of 2022. The following revision is not expected until February 2023.

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What are some of the ways in which you can reduce the price of your auto insurance through Aviva?

When it comes time to renew your insurance policy, it is imperative that you keep in mind that the initial offer that is presented to you by your insurance provider is not necessarily the best offer that they can make. Therefore, before you make a choice, you should investigate what other insurers are providing for comparable coverage and then ask your current insurer if they can provide a better deal if they are able to.

Take into careful consideration the aspects of the quotation that aren’t absolutely necessary for it to be there. You might want the sense of security that comes with having a policy that covers everything, but certain add-ons might not be appropriate for you or might duplicate separate coverage that you already have. Consider carefully before purchasing any additional protection.

Because the location from which you buy your coverage can sometimes have an effect on the total amount that you will end up paying, we strongly advise checking prices on a number of different comparison websites (when such sites are available), in addition to contacting the companies directly. This is because the place from which you buy your cover can sometimes have an effect on the total amount that you will end up paying.

You are unable to buy an Aviva policy from a website that is dedicated to comparing prices; however, you are able to buy Aviva Online from the following websites:

Compare and contrast the many different markets.
Go to Go Compare the MoneySupermarket and clear things up if you’re confused!

What is the toll-free number for Aviva’s auto insurance claims department?

If you need to make a claim on your Aviva car insurance policy, you can contact the company at any time by dialling the following number: 0345 030 6925.