To help you get the most out of your bathroom, we have evaluated and ranked some of the best brands of bathroom furniture and compiled advice from industry professionals on selecting the ideal cabinets, storage, and vanity units.

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The furniture in the bathroom is an essential component of any bathroom. Cabinets, vanity units, and any other type of bathroom storage need to be able to withstand a significant amount of wear and tear from consistent use, in addition to being resistant to water splashes and steam clouds.

It doesn’t matter if you’re completely remodelling your bathroom or just adding some new pieces of furniture to give it a fresh look; the quality and durability of your bathroom furniture are just as important as how it looks.

Because of this, we asked people who own bathrooms to rate not only the bathroom brand from which they purchased their suite, but also the bathroom furniture that they have.

The findings are based on the findings of an online survey that was conducted in June and July 2021 among 6,732 adults, including members of the Which? Connect panel and members of the general public. The minus sign indicates that there were not enough responses to include a star rating. Sample sizes are indicated in parentheses for quality and durability purposes.

Roca and Ikea came out on top of our rankings with a remarkable five stars for quality, which is the highest possible rating, and four stars for durability. Seven different bathroom product lines, including those sold by John Lewis, Victorian Plumbing, and Wickes, all received respectable four-star ratings for the quality and longevity of their products. The companies Bathstore and Better Bathrooms, which supported the table, were given mediocre ratings of three stars for both their quality and their durability.

The bathroom furniture and storage units are of a high quality.

In addition to selecting to purchase from a reputable bathroom brand, there are a few other things you can keep an eye out for to increase the likelihood that the furniture you purchase will be of a higher quality. In the same way that choosing the right joins for your kitchen cabinets can affect how long they last, the same is true for other types of furniture.

There are three primary varieties: those made of wooden dowels that have been glued into holes;

wooden dowels that have two or three screws securing them in place in the holes;

Dowels made of wood that were placed in holes and fastened in place using two sets of metal studs and cams.

These are essentially discs that, once inserted into the holes and rotated through 90 degrees, hold the dowel in place and prevent it from moving. The initial choice is typically the least desirable, while the final alternative is the most robust.

Cabinets that come in flat-packs are often less sturdy than their pre-built counterparts, in part because there is a greater risk that they will not be assembled properly. Pre-built units, on the other hand, are typically more robust.

The material itself will also be a factor in the outcome. Solid wood units, which are typically more expensive, are typically more durable and likely to last for a longer period of time than their cheaper counterparts made of MDF and chipboard. Make sure that you check the materials that the cabinets are made of, how thick they are (the thicker they are, the better), and how they are put together before you purchase them.

Sets of bathroom vanities and furniture

Bathroom furniture sets with a bathroom shelving unit, bathroom ladder, basket and full-length mirror

You have the option of purchasing the furniture for your bathroom either individually or in sets. This latter scenario is especially relevant if you intend to purchase vanity units that wrap around both a sink and a toilet. If you buy different elements from different sources, there may be subtle differences; however, if you buy a set, you can rest assured that each component will be the same style and will complement the other components. Deals are also available if you buy everything at the same time, particularly if a company is liquidating its end-of-line sets, and you can take advantage of this by purchasing everything together. However, we have heard from members that shopping around and purchasing items from a variety of stores can also be profitable, so it is important to do your research before making any purchases.

Organizing the storage in your bathroom

The amount of storage space that you require will determine which pieces of bathroom furniture you purchase and, as a result, the layout of your bathroom.

To begin, consider the routines you have established for using the restroom. What exactly do you need space for, and approximately how much space do you anticipate needing? How frequently will you use various things, and how quickly and easily do you anticipate needing to get to them? How much of it do you want to keep secret, and how much do you want others to see?

Remember the things that are absolutely necessary; for example, where will you store the toiletries and towels that you use on a daily basis? Your responses to these questions will provide you with a good idea of the amount of storage space that you’ll require, which will allow you to better plan what bathroom furniture you should get.

Now is the time for you to give some thought to the various kinds of furniture and storage options that are available to you. You have the option of purchasing built-in cabinets, such as bathroom vanities that sit around the basin and make use of wasted space, or freestanding cabinets, which give you the flexibility to move it around wherever you like.

Ideas for storing Items in the Bathroom

If you put some thought into it, bathroom furniture can be the ideal way to solve all of your storage problems, especially if you have a creative approach to using it. Browse through our picture gallery to get some inspiration.

Ideas for storing Items in the Bathroom

White bathroom drawer unit and shelf unit with a grey storage hanger in between

Bathroom fixtures that are custom-fitted

Cabinets and storage units in the bathroom

Cabinets for bathrooms are available in a variety of configurations, such as floor units, wall cupboards, and vanity units – more information on these can be found below. You have the option of purchasing ones that have drawers, shelves on the inside, or a combination of the two. There are options available with open shelves, which give you the opportunity to display decorative items or use attractive baskets. The majority of fixed units come with doors to conceal any mess that may accumulate inside of them.

You are not required to be constrained to a single type, however, as there are innovative designs that combine a number of different possibilities – take a look at the gallery that is located above to see some examples of these designs. Again, consider the questions from earlier as well as the items that you’ll be storing; for instance, would you like shelves installed inside the cabinets to accommodate pull-out baskets?

You can find fitted bathroom cabinets at most stores that sell bathroom accessories, but you can also repurpose or modify furniture that was designed for any other room as long as it has been varnished or painted so that it can withstand wet and damp conditions.

Also, be sure not to overlook the conclusion. The vast majority of units are either painted or finished with a gloss, and the colours most commonly used are white or cream. However, there is a plethora of other variety available, including a variety of woods, vivid colours, and even metals. Why not use the bathroom furniture as an opportunity to experiment with different materials and colours?

Cabinets de toilette

Among the many different kinds of built-in furniture, bathroom vanity units, which are essentially bathroom cabinets that sit around the base of a sink, are one of the most common types.

You can also get bathroom vanity units that combine a sink and a toilet into one large cabinet. These units can be found in stores and online. Because they make use of the space that is typically wasted between a sink and a toilet, these are beneficial to have in a bathroom that is on the smaller side.

They can also hide unsightly pipework, but you should be aware that this makes it more difficult to gain access to the plumbing in the event that there is an issue. Depending on the dimensions of the unit, it may come equipped with a number of different storage options, such as shelves, drawers, and so on. Also consider what you’ll need room for, such as a toilet paper holder and the space to store toilet paper, as some vanity units already come equipped with this feature.

The sink units in bathrooms typically include a worktop that acts as a splash guard. There is a wide variety of material to choose from, such as an imitation of marble or natural stone, that can give your bathroom a new dimension of design and a distinctive atmosphere.

You could get one that sits atop the sink pedestal, or you could think about getting a “floating” basin that either sits on top of a unit or is embedded into it in order to make even better use of the available space. You are able to have a much more expansive vanity unit if you have quite a bit of space, and it is possible for this unit to span the width of a wall (like in the picture at the top of the page).

Cabinets for the walls of the bathroom

Mirrored bathroom wall cabinets above white bathroom units in a grey tiled bathroom with white bath and toilet

Installing wall cabinets in your bathroom is an excellent way to make the most of the space you have there. It is common for them to come with internal shelves that are covered up by doors; however, open shelving units designed for the wall are also available. There are also wall cabinets that come with mirrored doors, eliminating the requirement for a separate mirror to be purchased. Some of these units come with lights that illuminate the areas around the doors’ edges or the space underneath the cabinet to make things simpler. You could reuse something here as well; for instance, would a glass wall cabinet that was formerly installed in the kitchen be suitable? Regardless of which option you go with, you need to ensure that it is securely attached to the wall and that it can support the weight of the items you intend to keep in it.

Personalized and custom-fitted cabinetry for the bathroom

If you have the funds available and are looking for something very specific, another option that you might think about is commissioning a builder to create bespoke bathroom storage for you. Built-in bathroom furniture has the advantage of making the most of the space that is available and of making use of awkward areas that would otherwise be left unused. This is because it maximises the space that is available.

For instance, you could have cupboards installed that reach from floor to ceiling and include a combination of open shelves and concealed drawers. These cupboards would wrap around your sink and toilet. In addition, having someone else make your furniture might inspire you to consider novel solutions to design problems. It’s possible that a storage bench would be a good fit for your household. Or how about installing shelves that recede into the wall of your bathroom?

A local bathroom fitter should be able to create a truly bespoke design to suit your needs and be able to marry this with an entire bathroom refit. This is something that they should be able to do. You can locate a trustworthy dealer in your area by using the search tool that is provided below.

Cabinets and units for the bathroom that are freestanding

Bathroom cabinets and furniture that are freestanding are typically less expensive than those that are built-in, and they frequently provide greater design flexibility. The possibilities appear to be without limit, with options ranging from full-length shelving units to mirrored wall units. They also imply that you can make use of the walls in the room as well as the height of the space.

Take into consideration the following various options: cabinets freestanding drawer units shelves with pull-out storage baskets freestanding cupboards wall cabinets with mirrors full-height units with shelves and/or cupboards in the cabinets and/or on the walls In addition, you are not required to purchase furniture from one of the well-known bathroom brands. Freestanding bathroom furniture and bathroom cabinets can be purchased from a wide variety of retailers, including John Lewis and Argos.

Before making the purchase, you should make sure that the piece of furniture is designed to withstand the heat and moisture that it will be subjected to while being used in the bathroom.

Tall cabinets for the bathroom

Full-height bathroom cabinets, which are also referred to as bathroom tallboys, allow you to get the most out of the space that is available in your bathroom.

You can purchase units that are entirely cabinets with shelving inside – these come with one or two doors, and sometimes have one section that is glass-fronted – or you can purchase one that is only half cabinets and the other half is open shelves. You should consider getting slimline units or corner models if you don’t have a lot of space, but you also have the option of getting wider units.

Shelving units for use in restrooms

Shelving units are available in a wide variety of configurations and dimensions; however, similar to tallboys found in bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling shelving makes the most efficient use of available space. You could, however, go for a unit that is only half the height and use the space on top for decorative items, or you could choose wall units to keep the floor clear of furniture.

The latter option also gives you the ability to liberate space above other components, such as your bathtub or bathroom. Again, the appearance and atmosphere of it do not need to be constrained in any way; you can try open shelving units made of metal, slatted wood to evoke the atmosphere of a Swedish sauna, or glass versions to allow light to reflect around the room. In our gallery of bathrooms, you can find some examples of these, for instance.

Mirrors in the restroom

Many contemporary restroom mirrors come equipped with additional features such as built-in lighting and internet connectivity, which can help the space appear brighter and larger. If your bathroom is cramped, you could try installing a folded corner mirror. This type of mirror wraps around two walls and draws attention to the area’s existing light and space. Alternately, you could try using a skinny vertical mirror to generate the illusion of greater height. You could also experiment with a mirror that has an unusual shape, such as an octagon.

Even if it is just a basic mirror that is backlit with LED lights, a light-up mirror will bring brightness to a room that is otherwise dull and dark. Smart bathroom mirrors are becoming increasingly popular because they do a lot more than just display a person’s reflection. There is a wide variety of designs available to accommodate any bathroom.

You can watch television or streaming services on a smart mirror, and it can also display information such as your calendar, news, and updates on the weather and transportation. Before you go out and spend a lot of money on a fancy gadget mirror, you should think about how often you will actually use all of the new features and whether or not there will be any technical difficulties.

For instance, if you have trouble getting a stable internet connection in your bathroom, attempting to watch Netflix on your smart mirror is going to be an unpleasant and potentially frustrating experience for you.

Lighting in the restroom

Lighting is an essential component of a well-designed bathroom, as it can completely transform both the appearance and the atmosphere of the space. Think about when you’re going to be using the bathroom during the day and whether or not there is any natural light that you can make use of in the space. In a perfect world, a bathroom would have lighting from all three of these categories.

To begin, the whole room can be illuminated by the main light’s ambient light or by the downlight that it casts. The second type of lighting is called accent lighting, and it is used to draw attention to particular features of a room or to produce specific effects. Lastly, lighting designed specifically to assist with a particular activity. You can get LED lighting for your mirror, as was mentioned in the section on bathroom mirrors earlier in this article.

This will make activities like shaving or applying makeup much simpler, and it will also contribute to the overall atmosphere of the room. Be sure that any lights you buy are not only visually appealing but also functional, in the sense that they produce an adequate amount of light.