Find out which UK broadband providers are the best and which are the worst – We surveyed thousands of customers in order to offer you with information regarding which service providers are recommended, and which ones should be avoided.

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The majority of us consider our high-speed Internet connection to be more of a requirement than a luxury that is wonderful to have because we rely on it on a daily basis. However, our relationship with the company that provides our broadband can be a love-hate one at times. It’s easy to feel like pulling your hair out in irritation when you’re dealing with unreliable connections, slow speeds, and poor customer support. As a member, you have access to the findings of our in-depth research, which can be seen below, and may use these findings to determine which broadband providers you can depend on and which ones you cannot. In order to assist you in locating the most suitable internet service provider (ISP), we routinely inquire about the experiences of actual broadband customers. In this way, we will be able to find out what the customers of the broadband companies really think of them.

The most comprehensive review of the leading providers of broadband internet access.

We are able to identify the broadband service providers who get it right: those who supply you with a connection that is both swift and reliable and who respond immediately to any issues that arise. The most recent findings from our ongoing poll regarding the level of satisfaction experienced by broadband customers are presented in the table below. You may view the whole star ratings as well as the customer score by scrolling across the page.

Provider of Internet service who focuses on the customer score

Zen Internet 74 percent

Vodafone  65 percent

Hyperoptic  63 percent

Now Offering Broadband 63 percent

Plusnet  63 percent

BT  62 percent

EE Broadband is here. 62 percent

Shell Energy Broadband made up 59% of the total.

TalkTalk 59 percent

Utility Warehouse made up 59 percent of the total.

– Sky 58 percent

SSE 58 percent

Virgin Media 57 percent

John Lewis Retail Group’s Broadband 48 percent

Zen Internet has maintained its position at the pinnacle of our ranking for the past seven years in a row because to its remarkable customer score. Following Vodafone in second position was a three-way tie for third between Now Broadband, Hyperoptic, and Plusnet.

Zen Internet was one of the first companies to enrol in the automatic compensation plan and made a commitment to comply with Ofcom’s rules of practise in July of 2021.