Find out which broadband providers are the best and worst in the UK – We surveyed hundreds of customers to learn about their experiences so that we could recommend which providers to use and which to avoid.

 Broadband Battle

Broadband Battle


For many of us, our broadband connection is more than a nice-to-have – it’s a necessity that we utilise on a daily basis. Our broadband provider, on the other hand, might be a love-hate relationship. You may be tearing your hair out in frustration due to unreliable connections, slow speeds, and poor customer support. As a member of Which?, you can use the results of our in-depth research to find out which broadband providers you can trust – and which ones you shouldn’t. We constantly question genuine broadband users about their experiences to help you select the best internet service provider (ISP). As a result, we will be able to learn what the broadband firms’ customers think of them.

Smaller businesses are at the top of our list.

Zen Internet, a smaller provider, demonstrates that providing a superb broadband service is achievable. It received four out of five stars in nearly every category in our study – Zen customers were by far the most delighted, and it was the only provider with above-average scores for broadband speed and connection reliability. Despite not having the cheapest tariffs, a large majority of Zen’s customers believe it is good value for money, with more than three quarters giving it positive reviews.

Meanwhile, the UK’s largest suppliers received scores that ranged from mediocre to pitiful. The bulk of clients in the UK are served by four suppliers, however three of them are in the bottom half of our league table. Only John Lewis Broadband did worse than Virgin Media, which finished in last place in our rankings.

Sky and TalkTalk, on the other hand, scored slightly higher customer satisfaction ratings. BT Broadband, along with its subsidiary, EE Broadband, came in sixth place, slightly ahead of its big-name competitors. Using our broadband provider reviews, you can compare all 14 providers in further depth.

Providers to Consider

WRPs (Wrapped Recommended Providers) are the top of the crop. We only award the award to broadband providers who receive a customer satisfaction score of 70% or higher and have committed to Ofcom programmes to ensure fairness in the telecoms industry. That’s not all, though.

We understand that price is essential, so we only give the award to companies that we believe charge a fair price for their services. They’re not qualified to be WRPs if they charge too much, regardless of their survey score. This year, just one broadband provider –

Zen Internet

– has met all of our requirements.

It received four stars in every category, had the highest customer satisfaction, and adhered to Ofcom’s norms of practise and automatic compensation programme.

The results of our broadband survey Every year, we conduct surveys of thousands of broadband, home phone, and television customers in order to assist you in selecting the best plan. We polled over 4,000 broadband consumers in January 2022 and asked them about their experiences. All providers with at least 50 responders are included in this report. Read our TV and broadband bundle reviews if you want a broadband plan that also includes a pay-TV service.