Find out how genuine online shoppers feel about the delivery services used by the companies who ship their items.

Are you looking for information on which postal or courier service can deliver your goods on time? The majority of people find that delivery gives convenience, but it can also cause issues for some of them. This is a double-edged sword.

When you place an order online, you might not always get the chance to select the individual who will be responsible for delivering your products, but some businesses offer a number of different delivery options. Or perhaps you are the one who will be shipping the products, and you are curious as to which delivery company other customers would recommend.

When we surveyed shoppers in 2021 about their experiences with various delivery services, we found that customers of Amazon Logistics and Royal Mail were the most satisfied, whilst Yodel had the lowest satisfaction score.

Safe place delivery

According to the findings of our investigation, there is a great deal of ambiguity regarding the rights to a replacement or refund in the event that a delivery sent to a “safe place” site is either lost or damaged. If you choose a specific delivery area or a neighbour for your package and then discover that it has been lost or damaged, the willingness of a shop to assist you may depend on a roll of the dice.

The best and worst delivery companies

a courier service with a high customer satisfaction overall score

Amazon Logistics 90 percent

Royal Mail 88 percent

DPD 86 percent

Parcelforce 85 percent

DHL 84 percent

FedEx 82 percent

82 percent of customers use Hermes/MyHermes

Yodel 80 percent

Sample size: 4,002

Delivery not made, or made late? Your entitlement to delivery rights


If you buy something that needs to be delivered to your home online, through a catalogue, or over the phone, and it arrives late or doesn’t show up at all, you don’t need to worry about it since you have rights.

If something goes wrong with the delivery of your product, you are entitled to the following six consumer rights: Because your agreement is with the store, you should file a complaint with them if your shipment is late, goes missing, or arrives damaged, even if you believe the problem is the result of bad service provided by the courier. This is because your contract is with the retailer.

If you paid more for special delivery but your item arrived later than promised, you are eligible to receive a refund for the additional delivery cost because the service wasn’t given to you. Be aware that even if something goes wrong with the delivery of your package after you’ve given permission for it to be left in a predetermined secure location or received by a neighbour you’ve designated, you will still be regarded to have received the package.

When you are considering a purchase, give serious consideration to each of those available possibilities. You have the right to refuse the shipment and request a refund, a repair, or a replacement if the item that you ordered arrives broken or defective. The Consumer Rights Act of 2015 requires that your delivery be completed without undue delay and within 30 days after the place of purchase, unless you and the vendor agree to a different time frame.

You are also able to cancel an order for the majority of things that were “purchased at a distance,” such as when the item was ordered online, over the phone, or through a mail order catalogue. Need more help? Learn more about the delivery rights you have by reading our guide.

How we ranked the various delivery services

Our overall satisfaction score is a weighted metric that is comprised of a brand’s performance on delivery, communication, condition, ease to rearrange delivery, and satisfaction with the delivery company as rated by respondents in our survey of 4,002 residents of the UK. Our overall satisfaction score was calculated as follows: questioned 4,002 inhabitants of the United Kingdom in November 2021 about their most recent delivery experience within the preceding six months as part of a poll.

Opinium conducted the research for this study online, and the results have been weighted such that they are typical of the adult population in the United Kingdom.