Best and worst broadband providers 2022
Do you want to know the best and worst broadband providers in the UK? We asked thousands of customers about their experiences, so we can tell you which providers you should use and which to avoid.

For many of us, our broadband connection is more than just an extra that’s ‘nice to have’ – it’s a necessity we use every day.  Yet the relationship with our broadband provider can be a love-hate affair. Unreliable connections, slow speeds and dismal customer service can leave you tearing your hair out in frustration.

You can use the results of our in-depth research below to discover the broadband companies you can rely on – and those you can’t. To help you find an internet service provider (ISP) you can rely on, we regularly ask real broadband users about their own experiences. That way, we can reveal what the broadband companies’ customers really think of them.

Smaller providers top our table Zen Internet – one of the smaller providers – proves it is possible to offer a great broadband experience.  Zen Internet achieved four stars in most aspects we survey companies on – its customer service and connection reliability both received strong ratings.

Zen customers were the most satisfied by some margin and it was the only provider to receive above-average ratings for its broadband speed and connection reliability. Despite not offering the cheapest tariffs, an impressive 85% of Zen’s customers said it offered good value.

Meanwhile, the UK’s biggest providers continue to disappoint – four providers supply the large majority of customers in the UK, yet they sit at the bottom of our league table. Virgin Media did terribly, taking penultimate place in our rankings – only John Lewis Broadband did worse.

But the customer scores that Sky and TalkTalk received were only slightly higher. While BT Broadband managed to do a little better than its big-name rivals, it still only managed to come in joint-eighth place, alongside its subsidiary, EE Broadband, and SSE.

Which? broadband survey results

We survey thousands of broadband, home phone and TV customers each year, so we can help you to choose the best service. In January 2021, we surveyed more than 4,000 broadband customers and asked them about their experiences. We report on all providers that have at least 30 respondents. If you want a broadband package that also includes a pay-TV service, read our TV and broadband package reviews.