Baby carriers and slings

The baby carrier or sling that you get should be comfortable for both you and your child to use, as well as safe and sound for your child. Here you’ll find our top recommendations.
Finding the correct sling or carrier for your infant is essential if you want to have a positive experience wearing one. A sling that is difficult to work with and uncomfortable to wear will make carrying your infant a chore that you will want to avoid at all costs.

The specifications established by the British Standards Institute were used as the basis for a series of tests that were carried out by an experienced laboratory that specialises in the testing of the safety of baby slings and carriers. When we evaluate a sling or carrier, we first determine its level of safety and then evaluate its level of durability.

Our top picks are simple to put on and take off, quite pleasant to wear, and offer the infant a safe and cosy environment in which to form attachments with his or her parents or other caregivers. We will assist you in avoiding slings that are hard for you to get a handle on or that are uncomfortable for you to wear.

Independent research facilities that have years of expertise testing consumer goods are the ones in charge of carrying out all of our tests and user trials. We put each sling through the same rigorous testing procedure so that you may compare the outcomes and determine which option is best for you.

Baby carriers and slings

Baby carriers and slings

Safety: Each baby carrier and baby sling is put through a battery of safety tests developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI). These tests look for a variety of potential hazards, such as choking, strangulation, or drop hazards, and are carried out by a panel of our most experienced employees who have keen eyes.

Durability: We test each baby carrier and sling by jolting it up and down hundreds of times with the weight of a baby in the sling to determine if it will break, tear, or split under the most extreme conditions.

Support Ergonomists assess the most significant aspects of the sling to determine how supporting they are for your child, giving special attention to the way in which the sling supports the baby’s legs, back, head, and neck.

Comfort: We also evaluate the level of comfort provided by the slings for a variety of body types and sizes, including those of men and women. We examine the padding, the ease with which the sling may be adjusted to achieve a suitable fit, the weight distribution, and the lumber support, as well as the various wearing positions that the sling is capable of accommodating.

Parent-testers: We’ve put together a user trial with parent-testers so that we can get their feedback on how they actually use the carriers and slings in their day-to-day lives.

You may put your faith in these reviews of baby carriers and slings.
To determine which baby carriers and slings are the most advantageous for parents, caregivers, and children, we put a number of popular brands, such as Ergobaby, BabyBjorn, Connecta, and Stokke, to the test. Our findings can help you make an informed purchase decision.