Best Buy baby carriers and baby slings
A Best Buy baby carrier or sling will be safe and secure for your baby, and comfortable for both of you to use. Find our top picks here.
Getting the right baby sling or carrier is key to a good experience using one. A bad sling will be frustrating to use and painful to wear, which might put you off carrying your baby altogether.

An expert laboratory skilled in the testing of baby sling and carrier safety has conducted a range of tests based on the requirements of the British Standards Institute. We check every sling and carrier we review to see how safe and durable it is.

Our Best Buys are easy to get on and off, comfortable to wear, and provide the baby with a secure and comfy place to bond with parents or carers. We help you avoid slings that are difficult to get to grips with or uncomfortable to wear.

Our tests and user trials are conducted by independent laboratories with years of experience in testing consumer products. We test each sling in the same way, so you can compare results to help you choose the best one for you.

Safety: Using an eagle-eyed panel of our experts, we put each baby carrier and baby sling through a range of British Standards Institute (BSI) safety tests to check for a range of dangers including choking, strangulation or any drop hazards.

Durability: We jolt each baby carrier and sling up and down hundreds of times with the weight of a baby in the sling, to check worst-case scenarios and see if it will break, tear or split.

Support: Expert ergonomists check the most important parts of the sling to see how supportive they are for your baby – paying particular attention the way it holds the legs, back support, head support and neck support.

Comfort: We also rate how comfortable the slings are for different body shapes and sizes for both men and women. We check padding, how easy it is to adjust the sling to get a good fit, and the weight distribution and lumber support, checking all the modes the sling can be worn in.

Parent-testers: We’ve conducted a user trial of parent-testers to bring real-life experiences of using the carriers and slings day to day.

Baby carriers and slings reviews you can trust
We’ve tested baby carriers and slings from the biggest brands and those most widely available – including Ergobaby, BabyBjorn, Connecta and Stokke – to find out which ones are the best for parents, carers and baby.