Best Cars

To help you find your perfect car, every model we review is subjected to extensive tests in our lab, on real roads as well as a test track.  We take into account everything from driver comfort and interior space to exhaust emissions and realistic fuel economy to build up the most detailed, relevant view of a car’s performance. Then, we combine our test data with the feedback from almost 60,000 UK car owners, gathered in the country’s largest car survey, to give a detailed view of long-term reliability.

Our tests are uniquely stringent and scientific – no one tests cars in as much detail as we do.

Every test is directly comparable to another, to eliminate bias and ensure we report the facts not personal opinion.

We’re fully independent and impartial – manufacturers can’t influence our results.

We test up to 100 of the most popular mainstream cars every year, from brands such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Lexus, Toyota, Volvo and VW, as well as lesser known ones such as Ssangyong, Dacia and Suzuki – so you’re bound to find a car to fit your needs.

What makes a Best Buy car

Our combination of tightly controlled lab- and road-tests and extensive owner feedback mean when a car is named a Best Buy you can be sure it’s worth buying. Every Best Buy car will be:

Great to drive: we test every car on an assortment of roads, including urban streets and motorways, to reflect how you drive and establish how well it accelerates, brakes and handles everyday conditions.

Comfortable & practical: we check seat comfort, ergonomics, interior noise, all-round visibility, interior space and the useable boot space to ensure you have a good idea of what every car is like to drive, be a passenger within, and use day-to-day.

Efficient & clean: rather than trusting misleading manufacturer claims, we collect our our own exhaust emissions and fuel economy data using state-of-the-art equipment – our reviews are your best guide to how clean the car is and how much you’ll spend on fuel, and no car can be a Best Buy if it’s excessively polluting or inefficient.

Reliable: wherever possible, we factor owner feedback into our reviews – and if owners report a car to be unreliable, requiring regular trips to a garage to be repaired, it cannot be a Best Buy. We know good reliability is crucial, so it’s the single most important factor in our reviews.