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Nuna Mixx Next travel system

The Mixx Next is an excellent purchase, just like its predecessor, the Mixx. Because of its user-friendly layout and outstanding manoeuvrability, it is one of our top recommendations and receives outstanding marks across the board.

A seat with ample padding
Ample storage space
Simple in terms of manoeuvring
Excellent protection provided by the hood
Easy to fold up and store
One at a time, recline.
Comfortable handle
Cons Simple attachment and removal of the carrycot and car seat Pros
Adjustment of the hood is very noisy
Unfolding with difficulty
Heavy and cumbersome

What exactly is it?

The Nuna Mixx Next is a stroller that may be used from birth and up until the child weighs 22 kilogrammes, which is often between the ages of four and five years old.

As a result of the seat unit’s ability to recline more than 150 degrees and the fact that it is reversible, it is appropriate for use with babies.

By exchanging the seat unit for either a Nuna Mixx Next Carrycot or a car seat, this stroller may be transformed into a travel system. The converter that comes with it is compatible not just with car seats manufactured by Nuna but also with those manufactured by other companies, such as Maxi-Cosi and Cybex.

The Mixx Next comes standard with a 4.5 kilogramme shopping basket, an extensible hood with a sun protection factor of 50+, and a padded seat liner that, during the warmer months, can be removed to reveal a mesh back, which will help to keep your child more comfortable.

As a travel system, the Nuna Mixx Next will be evaluated here in this evaluation. You should read our review of the Nuna Mixx Next stroller if your only intention is to utilise it as a stroller.

What’s it feel to push?

Our parent testers and stroller experts put each pushchair through its paces on a specially created assault course to determine how well it performs on a variety of terrain, including uneven grass, gravel, and wood chips, among others.

The Mixx Next handled our test course with ease, performing well even on more challenging ground because to its all-wheel suspension, which helped to cushion it from jolts and bumps along the way. The vehicles that we put it through its paces were impressed with how smoothly it handled and how easily it navigated obstacles, as well as how efficiently it turned in tight bends.

Does it have a user-friendly interface?

The brake pedal features a firm grip and convenient indications in the form of green and red lights, which allow you to quickly determine whether or not it is engaged.

The height of the handlebar may be easily modified from 106 centimetres to 115 centimetres to accommodate people of varying heights, and the majority of testers said that it was pleasant to hold.

The seat has plenty of padding to make sure that your child has a pleasant experience. It includes a perforated mesh back that can be covered up with a cushioned liner during the colder months to make it more comfortable to wear during the colder months.

Putting your child in the seat is a simple process; however, because the shoulder and waist straps split, it might be a bit of a hassle to fasten the buckle. Because there is no need to feed the straps through the backrest, adjusting them is more simpler than it is on other types of strollers.

Using the lever at the top of the backrest, which can be operated with one hand, the seat may be simply adjusted to one of five different reclining positions. Adjusting the leg support, which may be done in either of two different locations, necessitates the use of both hands due to how difficult it is.

The carrycot can be removed and reattached without the use of any adaptors because the attachments are designed to allow for direct clicking. This makes the operation very simple.

Even though it’s simple to attach and detach the car seat and the adaptors for the car seat, it’s easy to confuse the release button with the button that adjusts the angle of the adaptors.

Is it simple to fold up, move around, and put away?

This stroller can be folded up with relatively little effort using both hands. It is stated by the manufacturer that it comes with an automatic locking clip; however, since this clip can swivel out of the way, you will need to make sure that it is in the up position for it to automatically engage and lock. Because the seat can get caught on the handle, unfolding it is rather difficult and requires some effort on your part.

The folded box can be stored in the trunk of a mid-sized family car underneath the parcel shelf, freeing up space for additional items. It weighs 13.1 kilogrammes, which makes it rather difficult to move, so you probably shouldn’t carry it too far.

Because this stroller takes up a significant amount of space even when folded, it is not the best choice for parents who frequently use public transportation.

Is it dependable and strong?

The model that we examined successfully passed all of our safety and structural testing, and it appears to be of good quality.

Is there anything more that you think I ought to be aware of?

The storage basket features high walls, a robust base, and plenty of room for all of your baby’s necessities to be stored inside of it. It is convenient to use and features a movable partition in the middle that can be lowered for storing larger goods or elevated to divide the space into two sections. In addition, there is a convenient pocket on the back that has a zipper.

The hood, which offers protection from the sun with a rating of UPF 50+, features an extended part that zips out to provide more covering. Because it comes with a magnetic window, you will be able to keep a close eye on your child even when you are out and about. However, it makes a lot of noise and the adjustment process is pretty jerky, which can wake your child up if they are asleep.

The covers are simple to remove and clean, as they can be placed directly in the washing machine after being removed.

You have the option of turning the seat so that it faces either forward or toward the parent. The seat can be removed in a matter of seconds, and it can be reinstalled in a matter of seconds as well.

Should I make the purchase?

Yes. It’s one of the strollers that did the best in our ratings and reviews.