Are you in the market for a new dog harness? We put some of the most recommended products through their paces, taking particular attention to how safe and comfortable they were.


A dog harness provides you with increased control over your pet in comparison to a conventional collar, while also minimising the amount of pressure placed on the dog’s neck. In this in-depth guide, we provide a list of the top dog harnesses that are worth looking into, regardless of the price range you’re working with. In order to assist you in finding the ideal dog harness for your companion, we have put a number of the most well-liked choices through their paces using our very own canine companions. Check out our video for some pointers on how to properly fit a dog harness; we’ve partnered with the Blue Cross Animal Center to provide you some helpful information on the subject.

Meet our dog harness testers

We have enlisted the assistance of three dogs with wagging tails to assist us in testing dog harnesses produced by some of the most well-known companies in the pet industry.

Dog testers

We were able to test out a variety of dog harnesses with the assistance of Daisy, Milo, and Toby. All of the harnesses performed admirably. Each of the models that follow has had careful consideration given to how simple they are to put on, how long they will last, and how comfortable they are.

The most best harnesses for dogs

We tested eleven different harnesses from well-known manufacturers, such as Julius-K9, Perfect Fit, The Company of Animals, and PetSafe, and found that all of them performed admirably. Dog owners gave our top-pick dog harnesses excellent marks in the following categories: comfort for the dog; comfort when removing the harness from the dog; ease of putting the harness on the dog; and ease of putting the harness on the dog.

The best option is the Perfect Fit.


perfect fit dog harness




Back clip harness is the type.

Price ranges from £33 (for a chest circumference of 24-40 cm) to £49 (64-122cm chest circumference)

Because it has a modular construction, the Perfect Fit harness allows for each component to be modified to ensure a snug and comfortable fit for your dog. In addition, the fitting process for this harness does not require you to put it over your dog’s head, which is convenient if you are working with an anxious dog. Your dog’s joints will be spared the discomfort of rubbing thanks to the strong, well-made Perfect Fit’s fleece lining. When I’m out on a stroll, this harness gives off a very sturdy feeling. Adjusting the sizes of each piece on the Perfect Fit for the first time and getting it to fit properly can take some time. In point of fact, our mischievous Labrador became restless and began chewing on the straps of his harness. If you find yourself in need of assistance, you can take advantage of a video tutorial that is available on the Perfect Fit website. Conclusion: In our opinion, this is the most effective dog harness that money can buy. It may be more expensive than many of the other models, but for the money you spend, you will receive a dog harness that is both comfortable and safe for your pet. Therefore, it was not a waste of money.

Where to buy: Dog Games Shop, Catering to All of Your Dog’s Requirements

The best option is Ruffwear.

Ruffwear dog harness


Back clip harness is the type.

Price: £44.95 Without a lot of difficulty, we were able to get the Ruffwear harnesses to fit on all of our test dogs.

The rear clip harness has a fashionable appearance when it is worn and, similar to some of its competitors, will lessen the strain that is placed on your pet’s neck if they pull while you are walking them. This harness is offered in a wide variety of eye-catching hues to choose from. You will need to put your dog’s head through the straps of the Ruffwear in order to get it to fit properly. Remember that the chest portion of the harness will tighten when your dog sits down, so keep this in mind when you are sizing it for the first time. It is also important to note that this will occur. The consensus is that Daisy, Milo, and Toby are pleased with their new Ruffwear harnesses. This padded option provides you with lots of control when you walk your dog without sacrificing comfort; it is suitable for dogs of varying sizes and shapes.

Ruffwear, Amazon, and Pets at Home are the three places you may purchase it.

Top pick: Julius K9


Julius k9 dog harness


Back clip harness is the type.

Price ranges from £19.99 (for a chest circumference of 29-36 cm) to £39.99 (82-115cm chest circumference)

The Julius-K9 flaunts a unique, configurable design. Out of the box, the harness has a Velcro pad on either side that reads “Julius-K9.” However, you can request personalised Velcro pads that have a different phrase or even a flag printed on them. This harness has sturdy plastic clasps and provides a firm feeling when worn by your dog. When it was time to get this harness on, Toby the terrier did not like the way the Velcro straps sounded. In the meantime, a portion of Daisy’s hair became entangled in the Velcro. This dog harness does not have a fleece lining either like the other one. Conclusion: The fearsome Julius-K9 is a solid performer in all aspects. The first time you put it on, it won’t take you long to get the hang of it, and once it’s on your dog, the harness will feel especially safe and will be prepared to face the weather.

Purchase options include Julius-K9 UK, Pets at Home, and

The best option is the Bunty, which is an adjustable nylon dog harness.

Bunty dog harness


Back clip harness is the type.

Small costs £3.99, medium costs £4.99, and big costs £5.99. (large)

This reasonably priced harness from Bunty is lovely and strong despite the fact that it retails at an astonishingly cheap price. The back clip harness comes with a number of straps that are simple to adjust, and it is also simple to remove; you just need to unclick the buckle around the pet’s belly, and then thread their head through the loop in the harness. This Bunty harness does not have any padding, thus it may not be suitable for some dogs. We also encountered a minor problem with the sizing, as a “large” did not provide sufficient room for our Labrador. Because there are no instructions on how to put on this harness included in the packing, you should be ready to conduct some research online if you become confused. The Bunty is worth a closer look if you are searching for an inexpensive dog harness that will not become ineffective after only a few outings with your pet. This is an excellent dog harness for those who are shopping on a limited budget.

Purchase locations include Amazon and Bunty.

The Premium Touring Harness, Known as Trixie

Trixie dog harness

Back clip harness is the type.

Price ranges from £8.99 (for a chest circumference of 26-38 cm) to £17.99 (70-110cm chest circumference)

This is one of the simplest harnesses to put on a dog out of all the ones we’ve tested; all you have to do is slide it over the top of your dog’s head and fasten the belly straps, and you’re good to go. It is very sturdy, as evidenced by the fact that when our terrier sighted a cat while we were out for a walk, the Trixie had no trouble withstanding the force of Toby’s pulling. The straps of this harness have some fleece padding on the inside, but it’s not a really substantial amount of cushioning. Adjusting the straps on a harness with a smaller size can be difficult if you have particularly large hands or if you struggle with your dexterity. Conclusion: Taking into account its cost, this dog harness is a reasonable purchase. The smaller straps, on the other hand, can be difficult to work with, so if you have a small dog, you might want to check into some other options instead.

Purchase options are available from Trixie, Amazon, and Pets at Home.

The Easy Walk Harness from PetSafe

Petsafe dog harness

Front clip harness is the type.

Price: £8.99 (extra small) / £9.99 (small) / £12.99 (small/medium) / £13.99 (medium) / £14.99 (large/extra large)

This PetSafe harness comes with a detailed instruction booklet, which will walk you through the process of achieving the ideal fit for your pet. Your dog will have some room to breathe thanks to the simple design, and there won’t be any straps that are positioned around the neck either. To get rid of this harness, all you have to do is unclip one of the buckles. It’s that easy. The clip that attaches your harness to the dog should be located by the dog’s chest. When you go for walks with a larger pet who has a tendency to pull, it is in your best interest to use a harness that has a sturdy rear clip. The PetSafe Easy Walk is a front clip harness that comes at an affordable price and has a straightforward design. This non-restrictive alternative is a wonderful pick to go with if your dog has been trained not to yank on the leash.

Amazon is the place to buy a Petsafe.

Halti Harness, from the band The Company of Animals


The company of animals dog harness


Clip harness with front and back attachments

Price: £15 The Halti harness was developed specifically for use as a learning aid.

It comes with two harness connection points, one by the dog’s chest and another on their back, which makes it much simpler to direct your canine companion in the desired direction. This harness comes with a comprehensive set of instructions, and we did not experience any issues with its longevity. Because the Halti and the regular collar are connected to one another, your dog must already be wearing the collar for it to be able to wear the Halti. If you are searching for anything that will relieve pressure that is being placed on your dog’s neck, then you should not use this harness. The verdict is that if your dog pulls while wearing this collar, pressure will be applied to his or her neck. There are other options available that are much more comfortable.

Purchases can be made at Pets at Home.

Non-pull Harness from The Company of Animals

The company of animals dog harness

Back clip harness is the type.

Small costs £11.99, medium costs £13.95, and big costs £15.85. (large)

Adjusting the shoulder straps is a breeze thanks to a convenient safety latch that stops the straps from being overly tightened. Because you have to touch your dog’s feet in order to properly fit this harness, Milo the Labrador did not care for it very much. Even the medium size was too restrictive for a Labrador. During a walk, a pointed stick could catch on the chest mesh design and pull it apart. The’squeeze and lift’ design of this harness causes it to tighten whenever your dog pulls, which has the potential to be painful for both of you. Due to the harness’s tiny straps, we do not believe that it is as durable as many of the other solutions that we have listed. This is because we have seen the harness up close.

Pet Planet is the place to buy it.

Bunty is an Adjustable Harness Vest Made of Soft Fabric.

Bunty dog harness


Back clip harness is the type.

Small costs £7.99, medium costs £8.99, large costs £9.99, and extra large costs £10.99. (extra large)

This Bunty may be one of the less expensive harnesses on our list, but it also has the distinction of being one of the most attractive that we examined. The dog harness is quick and easy to put on thanks to the use of a single buckle and is constructed from a mesh material that is comfortable next to your dog’s body. There is a possibility that larger canines won’t be able to get their heads through the hole. Our Yorkie was able to wear the harness without any issues, but our Labrador had to struggle to get into the XL version of the harness that Bunty had purchased for him. The verdict is that this is a respectable harness taking into account how affordable it is, but we have seen a variety of alternatives that provide a better and more exact fit.

Purchase locations include Amazon and Bunty.

Ancol – Nylon Padded Harness

Ancol dog harness


Back clip harness is the type.

Price: £9.99 for the small, $14.33 for the medium, and $15.62 for the big (large) The chest, shoulders, and neck are all supported by the Ancol dog harness. When you go on a stroll in the evening with your dog, the harness’s luminous stitching will make it easier for you to see him. Because adjusting all of the straps on this collar is a time-consuming operation, you shouldn’t be surprised if your dog becomes disinterested in the middle of it and sags to the ground. The word “padded” is used to describe it, but in reality it is much too thin to have any real effect. The verdict is that this is a standard dog harness that does not have much appeal visually. It feels like it’s built of robust stuff, but we’ve seen better.

Amazon, Feedem, Romypets, and Viovet are some of the places you may purchase it.

Mikki – WalkRite Anti-pull Harness

Mikki dog harness


Back clip harness is the type.

Small costs £9.48, medium costs £9.53, large costs £10.72, and extra small costs £9.08. (extra large)

A luminous collar is included with the budget-friendly Mikki WalkRite. Because the dog is required to ‘walk’ into this harness before you can begin fitting it, you will have some difficulty if your dog is uncomfortable with having its feet touched in any way. Because you need to reach near to your dog’s muzzle in order to properly fit this harness, you should also be prepared for several (possibly undesired) face licks. If your dog is of a breed that is prone to having its trachea collapse, you should not use this harness because tugging will put pressure on the neck. The verdict is that the long list of drawbacks far outweighs the little number of positives. This anti-pull harness does not appear to be very comfortable for your dog, and the process of putting it on takes significantly longer than we would prefer. Too complicated to be recommended.

Amazon is the place to get it. The prices that are listed above are accurate as of March 2021. Whenever possible, taken directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Dog harnesses can either have a back clip or a front clip.

Because of the differences between canines, selecting the appropriate type of harness for your dog is essential to ensuring his or her contentment. If your dog does not have a thick coat of fur, for example, a harness that is adequately padded can assist in keeping them comfortable. In the event that they take great pleasure in burrowing into the vegetation, a harness with a mesh design runs the risk of becoming entangled in thorns and twigs.

Dog harness with a back clip

This style of dog harness is the most frequent one available. You will fasten your dog’s leash to a hook that is situated behind the animal’s neck, just as the name says. If you need to draw back on the lead, a back clip harness will not put any strain on your pet’s neck like a standard dog collar would. Instead, the pressure will be distributed evenly across the chest and shoulders. If you have a dog that has a sensitive trachea, utilising a back clip harness won’t cause any discomfort for your dog as long as the front straps sit at the dog’s chest rather than at the dog’s neck.

If your dog has a tendency to slip out of her or his collar, you may find that a rear clip harness is a more suitable and effective alternative. Caution is advised, though, because the so-called “sled dog effect” will kick in if your dog suddenly tugs on a back clip harness, and you will be dragged along. This kind of harness is not intended to correct the behaviour of a disobedient dog that pulls on walks; front clip harnesses, in conjunction with the appropriate training, are better suited for that task (see below).

Dog harness with a front clip

The chest of the dog is where the attachment for the lead on a front clip harness is located. This particular style of harness is popular among dog trainers because, when used in conjunction with the appropriate instructional strategies, it can help to minimise a dog’s tendency to pull when being walked. During a stroll, if you draw back on the lead, the position of the front clip will encourage the dog to move their head towards you. This is because the dog is following the lead. This is helpful if you want to divert your four-legged friend’s attention away from something frightening or guide them in a specific route so that they can avoid a risk.


Because the clip is placed on the dog’s chest, it is possible that the dog’s legs will become entangled with the lead, but this will depend on the temperament of your dog as well as how you walk him. If that’s the case, you might want to try using a lead that’s a little bit shorter.

Dog harnesses to prevent pulling on the leash

These no-pull harnesses are a decision that has been met with some criticism due to the fact that they are intended to be uncomfortable for the dog in order to coerce it into remaining calm. We were able to speak with someone from Wood Green The Animals Charity, and they told us that “non-pull harnesses exert pressure under the dog’s armpits, and because it’s uncomfortable for them, they cease tugging.” We would strongly recommend to owners that they exercise caution and check that the fit is adequate. The belly strap on some [non-pull harnesses] sits beyond the rib cage, which would be painful on the dog’s soft tummy if the harness were used.

Dog leashes for puppies

It can be quite a challenge to choose a harness that is appropriate for a puppy because you will want one that is not just lightweight but also secure. The best choices that we have seen are made of a material that is able to easily conform to the contour of your dog, but that does not burden the young dog with bulky plastic clasps and straps.


puppy wearing dog harness on walk

It is essential that the harness you choose does not limit the mobility of the dog in any way, but at the same time, it must be secure enough to prevent your puppy from wriggling out of it. If you want to stop your dog from pulling at an early age, choosing the appropriate harness and combining it with efficient training methods can have a significant impact on the situation. When you go for a walk with your dog, it is important to make sure that the design of the harness does not cause it to become excessively tight. Conducting research online can be quite helpful. Wood Green According to The Animals Charity, Facebook groups can be a helpful source of knowledge. If you can locate a group on Facebook that is comprised of owners of dogs of the same breed as yours, you will be able to trade tips with one another.

Where to purchase a dog collar or harness

Dog harnesses are available in a wide variety of forms and sizes, and regardless of the type of dog you possess, you should have no trouble locating one using the internet. The majority of the websites that we’ve looked at have sizing charts that you may use to measure your dog in advance of making a purchase. But before you go ahead and spend your money, you should make sure you look into the store’s policy on returns. In the case that you try the harness on your dog and find that it does not fit well, you will most likely wish to return the goods in order to get a refund or exchange it for a different size. The following are examples of well-known internet stores that carry dog harnesses:

A variety of harnesses, including cushioned harnesses, reflective harnesses, and vest-style harnesses, may be found in the inventory of AllPetSolutions. Ancol, Company of Animals, Halti, PetSafe, Ruffwear, and Trixie are among the well-known brands that may be found on this website. You should expect to spend anywhere from $5 to $40.

There are a variety of sizes and styles available for the dog harnesses that can be purchased on Amazon. Julius-K9 is one of the more well-known companies on the website, and it is the company that is selling their Powerharness in a number of different sizes and colours.

There is a limited range of dog harnesses available at Argos, the most majority of which are manufactured by Julius-K9. Prices begin somewhere around £5 and go all the way up to £40.

There are dog harnesses available on eBay ranging in size from XXS all the way up to XXL. Some of the most well-known brands are Ancol, Bunty, Julius-K9, and Ruffwear. Take note that you can narrow your search results by the type of dog you have, which could end up saving you some time.

At the time of this writing, Pets at Home had more than 150 different dog harnesses in stock. Julius-K9, Trixie, Ruffwear, and Halti are some of the brands that are shown here. The prices for the retailer’s own brand of dog harnesses start at ten pounds and go up to about twenty pounds.

Buying a dog harness through an internet retailer

If you want to buy anything for your dog online, you need to know their measurements. Online companies that specialise in pet supplies typically provide guides on how to measure your dog and how to use those dimensions to select the appropriate harness from their selection. Get in touch with them and inquire if you have any questions. According to the Consumer Contracts Regulations, if you make an online purchase of products, you have the legal right to cancel the transaction at any time between the moment you make the purchase and fourteen calendar days afterwards. Notify the shop if you wish to cancel your order within this time frame.

Once that is taken care of, you will have a further fourteen days to return the goods in order to receive a complete refund. The cost of returning an unwanted harness is your responsibility, unless the shop specifically states that they would pay for these fees. We strongly suggest that you either secure a proof of postage or send the package through recorded delivery only in case the shop questions whether or not you have returned the goods. If the worth of the items has decreased as a result of you handling the goods more than was necessary, the store is permitted to subtract an appropriate amount from the amount of money they are required to refund to you. It is in your best interest not to take your dog on a decent walk to determine whether or not the harness fits. You can bet that today will be the day that your dog decides to roll in something that it shouldn’t, even if the weather is nice and it’s been a good boy up until now. Instead, give it a shot in a dry garden or inside the house.

Purchasing a dog harness in a physical store

Anecdotally, we’ve discovered pet stores that will allow you to bring your dog inside for a quick fitting, but you need to make sure to inquire first before you walk in there. Check to see whether the business allows you to try the harnesses on your dog in order to assist you in finding the harness that is the greatest fit for the size and breed of your dog. However, if your dog has never worn a harness before and is a little anxious, attempting to put one on for the first time in a crowded, unfamiliar area is not likely to result in a positive outcome. You are able to purchase a harness to try on at home, but the retailer is not required to accept its return just because the item does not fit well.

Check the company’s policy on returns before making a purchase. In the event that the harness is defective, you are eligible for a refund. The harness needs to be of acceptable quality, suitable for its intended use, and exactly as described. In the event that it is not, you have the right to receive a full refund from the retailer within the first thirty days after purchase. You are entitled to a repair or replacement under the Consumer Rights Act even if the harness develops a malfunction after the first 30 days but before the end of the first six months of ownership. In the event that your harness is defective, we will gladly assist you in filing a claim with the merchant at no cost to you. Utilize our cost-free online tool to draught a letter of complaint regarding faulty items.


collection of colourful dog harness

The proper way to put on a dog harness

We worked along with the Blue Cross to produce a video that will instruct you on how to properly fit a dog harness. Our video will show you all you need to know, including how to get your dog used to wearing a harness and what a proper fit should look like. My sincere gratitude goes out to Ryan Neile, a dog behaviourist with the Blue Cross, and his charming border collie, Tok.

1. Loosen the buckles on the straps

Loosen each of the straps so that it would be easier for you to put the harness on your dog for the initial fitting.

2. Prepare your dog for loud noises

It is essential that you check that your dog is not bothered by the idea of wearing a harness. Train your dog to associate the sound of the harness’s loud clicking noise with a tasty treat if you’re going to be using a harness that generates that noise. After removing the harness from your pet, you should give it a treat and then attempt to secure the clasps so that they are close to the dog’s ears.

3. Get your dog ready for the gaps in the rules.

It is possible that your dog will need to put its head through a loop in the harness if you are using one that has one. If that turns out to be the case, a delectable treat might be of great assistance to you both throughout the process. Put a reward in your hand and then put your hand through the hole that will serve as the passageway for your dog’s head. Continue this method a few more times, placing the loop hole closer to your dog’s head each time. When you have successfully created a positive link between the dog and the hole, you can then direct the dog to put its complete head through the opening.

4. Bring everything together in a unified manner

Since your dog is already used to wearing the harness, you should have no trouble completely fastening it on him now that he is comfortable with it. When adjusting the fit of the harness, double check that there is sufficient space under each of the straps for you to fit two fingers there. If you adjust the harness such that it is excessively tight, the straps can chafe against the dog’s joints, which will lead to various issues. If you are unsure whether or not your dog’s harness is properly attached, the Pine Ridge Dog Sanctuary suggests taking your dog to a local pet store. After all, you don’t want your dog to get away from them because their harness is too loose.