In this round of our meaty pizza taste test, Goodfella’s, Chicago Town, and Dr. Oetker square off against the store brands sold exclusively in supermarkets.

Pepperoni pizza coming out of the oven

There are very few things in life that are more satisfying than a freshly baked pepperoni pizza, with its crispy base, rich tomato sauce, melted tangy cheese, and a sprinkling of smoky sausage. There are very few things in life that are more satisfying than a freshly baked pepperoni pizza.

However, given that a number of grocery stores and a multitude of pricier brands all sell pizzas with comparable ingredients, the cost of this freezer essential is truly variable. In point of fact, the price of a Chicago Town pizza can be more than twice as much as the price of an identical supermarket-brand pizza.

We compared the Goodfella’s, Chicago Town, and Dr. Oetker frozen pepperoni pizzas to seven cheaper own-label options from retailers such as Asda, Lidl, Sainsbury’s, and others. Our goal was to determine whether or not paying more for a slice results in a better tasting pie. Although many different supermarket brands delivered outstanding results, we could only find one pizza that merited the title of Best Buy.

Find out which pepperoni pizza from the freezer comes highly recommended, according to our taste test that was carried out in the month of June 2021.

Best frozen pepperoni pizza

The most highly rated pizza was the reasonably priced double pepperoni variety sold at Asda, while the most expensive major brands finished in the middle of the table, albeit with very respectable scores. Prices listed here are accurate as of July 2021.

Best Buy: Asda Stonebaked Double Pepperoni Pizza – 79%

£1.15 (35p per 100g)

Asda Stonebaked Double Pepperoni Pizza

There is no room for debate regarding which of these two pizzas is the superior option. The double pepperoni option available at Asda is the winner of our one and only Best Buy award because it performed exceptionally well across the board. The pepperoni flavour of the sausage was very well received by our tasters, which is excellent news for those who enjoy eating pepperoni. It should come as no surprise that it also received high marks for its level of cheesiness given that it is the only pizza to include both mozzarella and cheddar cheeses in its toppings. But Asda hasn’t ignored the fundamentals here either: the tomato flavours and the pizza base impressed our panel as well, making this a well-balanced pizza that doesn’t skimp on the toppings that customers love. Assembled and sold by Asda.

Morrisons Stonebaked Double Pepperoni Pizza – 75%

£1.35 (39p per 100g)

Morrisons double pepperoni pizza

This time around, the pepperoni comes from Morrisons, and it comes in a double helping. This stone-baked pizza came in second place because it scored well in most categories; however, the two different kinds of pepperoni and the crispy base were particular favourites among our tasters. In spite of this, about forty percent of the people who tasted it thought that the cheese flavour was lacking in intensity, which was a significant drawback. The fact that Morrisons used emmental cheese rather than the more common mozzarella is probably to blame for this flavor’s softer profile. Obtainable from Morrisons Supermarkets

74% of customers chose the Iceland Wood Fired Stonebaked Triple Pepperoni Pizza.

£1.50 (42p per 100g)


Iceland pepperoni pizza


Iceland ups the ante by offering not two but three different kinds of pepperoni on their pizzas. You will receive smoked pepperoni in both mini and regular sizes, in addition to a scattering of pepperoni with a spicy kick.

Our panel was pleased with the flavour of all three varieties of sausage, and they also enjoyed the texture of the dough base that had been rested for twenty-four hours. However, there was something lacking in the overall taste sensation, and approximately one third of our taste testers felt that the cheese in particular did not live up to expectations. Available from Iceland Goodfella’s Stonebaked Thin Pepperoni Pizza, Chicago Town Tiger Crust Double Pepperoni Pizza and Dr Oetker Ristorante Pepperoni-Salame Pizza – 73%

£2.25 (66p per 100g), £2.50 (78p per 100g) and £2.50 (78p per 100g)

Dr Oetker, Goodfellas and Chicago Town pepperoni pizza

In our blind taste test, three pizzas from well-known brands tied for fourth place. Our judges didn’t find a lot wrong with any of the pizzas, so none of them were disqualified. They all earned the same good overall score, and each one delivered the pepperoni punch that one would anticipate from an expensive pizza. The only aspect that brought about conflicting opinions was how cheesy it was. The topping on the Dr. Oetker pizza is made with a combination of mozzarella and edam, which has a more subtle flavour than mozzarella, but our tasters preferred the topping on the Goodfella pizza, which was made entirely of mozzarella. The panel had a hard time getting excited about Chicago Town’s pizza, which featured mozzarella cheese layers that were less overpowering. There is nothing seriously wrong with any of them, and each one makes a perfectly serviceable slice of pizza; the only thing that sets them apart from the other pizzas that we tried is the higher price that they all carry. Both Asda and Tesco sell a pepperoni pizza called Chicago Town. Pepperoni pizza made by Dr. Oetker can be purchased from Asda, Iceland, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose in the United Kingdom. Goodfella’s pepperoni pizza is sold at Sainsbury’s, Asda, Iceland, Morrisons, and Ocado. It is also available online at Ocado.

72% of customers recommended the Sainsbury’s Thin & Crispy Double Pepperoni Pizza.

£1.50 (44p per 100g)


Sainsbury's pepperoni pizza

Another double pepperoni option is available from Sainsbury’s, and while it does a good job with the meat, it doesn’t quite deliver when it comes to the cheese. More than forty percent of those who tried it felt that the mozzarella didn’t have a flavour that was robust enough for their preferences. However, it was successful in other areas, including having a flavorful tomato sauce and a base that was neither excessively thick nor excessively thin. Even though it’s closer to the middle of our standings than it is to the top, this pizza is by no means terrible. You can purchase it at Sainsbury’s.

Co-op Thin & Crispy Pepperoni Pizza – 69%

£1.00 (32p per 100g)

Co-op double pepperoni pizza


Our taste test revealed that the Co-pizza op’s fell somewhere in the middle of the pack in almost every category. The pepperoni flavour was satisfactory, but the cheese topping’s flavour intensity was nothing to write home about. When it came to the aroma, it also received one of the lowest possible scores. On the bright side, the price of the pizza at the Co-op is significantly lower than the average. You can get it from the Co-op (in-store)

Lidl Trattoria Alfredo Stonebaked Thin Double Pepperoni Pizza – 66%

£1.98 for 2 pizzas (28p per 100g)

The pepperoni pizzas sold at Lidl come in packs of two and are the most affordable option overall, which is great news if you have a large number of people to feed. The toppings, on the other hand, were not particularly impressive in the opinion of our tasters, who found them to be lacking in flavour overall. A sizeable portion of our tasters commented that the sauce lacked depth of flavour and was overly watery, and more than half of them thought that the cheesy flavour was missing as well. Available at Lidl (in-store)

Waitrose Essential Thin & Crispy Pepperoni Pizza – 56%

£1.40 (46p per 100g)

Waitrose Essential pepperoni pizza

Waitrose is the supermarket with the most expensive pizza per 100g, so you would have expected it to score much higher than it actually did. But as unfortunate as it may be, there were a multitude of issues with this pizza. Seventy-five percent of those who tried our tomato sauce thought it had an unpleasantly weak flavour, and the majority of them also thought it was too watery.

Cheese was yet another product category that required enhancement. More than half of those who tried it wanted it to have a stronger flavour of cheese. Even the pepperoni had trouble making an impression on the audience.

The verdict for Waitrose’s Essential pizza is extremely disheartening to say the least. Available at Waitrose How many calories are in a pepperoni pizza?

You might scoff at the idea of splitting a pizza with someone else, but almost every item that we tried came with the recommendation that it could feed two people. The chart that follows provides information regarding the number of calories that are contained in one serving of each pizza.

And if you’re not sure that eating half a pizza will be enough to satisfy your hunger, you might want to think about ordering a side salad to fill in the space on your plate where the other half of the pizza would be.

How to recycle pizza boxes

In most cases, the recycling bin in your home is the appropriate location for pizza boxes made of cardboard. Some pizzas come in films made of non-recyclable plastic, which you will need to throw away in your regular garbage can because they cannot be recycled.

How we tested frozen pepperoni pizza

The pepperoni pizzas were evaluated by a sizable group of customers who are frequent purchasers and consumers of pizza with pepperoni toppings. The members of the panel, on the whole, are intended to be representative of the demographic make-up of adults in the UK. Sixty-five individuals tasted and rated each pizza.

The panellists were asked to rate the taste, texture, aroma, and appearance of each product, and they also shared with us the aspects of each product that they liked and did not like. The taste test was conducted in a blind fashion, which meant that the panellists had no idea which brand they were tasting. To eliminate the possibility of favouritism, they switched up the order in which they tried each pizza.

Each panellist had their own private booth, which prevented them from discussing what they were tasting or being swayed by the opinions of other panellists. The following factors contribute to the total score: 50% flavour 20% of the overall impression, 15% of the feel 15% aroma Consumer evaluations of the relative significance of various characteristics of pepperoni pizza were used as the basis for these weightings.