Discover the best boiler brands: which are most reliable and which are likely to let you down? Make sure you invest in a quality boiler brand.



In our annual boiler survey, we asked 8,001 boiler owners about the brand they own, how satisfied they are with it and whether their boiler has suffered any faults or breakdowns.

From this we generate a brand’s customer and reliability scores. The boiler brands their owners love and that don’t break down, easily get the top scores.

But this only makes up part of a boiler’s overall score. Heating engineers work with boilers day in, day out and are in the best position to give valuable insights on a brand’s build quality, how easy it is to fix and service, and how easy it is to get spare parts for your boiler.

We asked 153 trusted boiler engineers from Trusted Traders what they think of each manufacturer. Some engineers are incentivised by brands to recommend their products.

We filter out these responses – so you can be confident our engineer recommendation is unbiased and reliable.

We combine the engineers’ scores with the brand’s customer and reliability scores to enable us to reveal the best boiler brands and the worst.

We’ve collated the results in the tables below for both gas and oil boiler brands. There’s a huge difference in overall score between the best boiler brands and the worst.

How the boiler scores are calculated

Updating time for boiler



In May and June 2021, we surveyed 8,001 members of the public who bought a boiler in the past six years, and asked them about the boilers they own.

Reliability score – based on whether people who own boilers have ever had to have it repaired since they bought it. The age of the boiler when the fault occurred, and the total number of faults is taken into account.

Brand customer satisfaction score – based on how satisfied customers of each brand are with their boiler, and how likely they would be to recommend it to a friend. In June 2021, we asked 153  Trusted Trader heating engineers who work with boilers every single day to rate the different boiler brands. They told us their views on:

The availability of parts and spares

How easy it is to fix a common fault (heat exchanger) on the brand’s boilers How easy it is to carry out a service on the brand’s boilers

The build quality of a brand’s boilers

The likelihood of them recommending the brand to a customer

Some engineers are incentivised by brands to recommend their products. We filter out these responses. The overall brand score for each boiler brand is calculated by combining the reliability score, customer score and the engineers’ scores.