Powered by a wire, battery, or gasoline? Rotational or cylindrical? Robotic or one that you can ride? You will be able to choose the ideal lawn mower for your needs with the assistance of our in-depth advice written by experts.

Mowing a striped lawn

According to the results of our research, there are significant gaps in the level of quality present across the entire spectrum of lawn mowers now on the market. Whether you have a lawn the size of a postage stamp or an acre of grass, we will assist you in selecting the mower that is most suitable for your needs. The advantages and disadvantages of cordless electric mowers, gasoline lawn mowers, and ride-on mowers are laid out in detail by our knowledgeable guide, which is supported by the results of our impartial and stringent tests. We also provide the information you need to know about the most important qualities to look out for when shopping. Before you spend the money you’ve worked so hard to earn, make sure to get our recommendations on how to get a striped finish on your lawn and the cutting width you should use. In the past, we have discovered lawn mowers sold by Don’t Buy that cost over £600 and lawn mowers sold by Best Buy that cost less than £150. We’ve also observed that older models can sometimes outperform ones that have just been released, demonstrating that new does not necessarily mean improved. The lawnmowers that are included in the table below have all been put through our stringent field testing, and as a result, you can be certain that they are the finest of the bunch when it comes to cutting grass while also being simple to operate.

Various categories of lawnmowers

Lawnmowers powered by corded electric current

The price range for corded electric mowers is normally between £120 and £150, and these models are recommended for use on residential lawns. These mowers are frequently the least expensive option, and many of them are capable of mowing grass effectively. Lawn mowers that are corded electric can cut grass for as long as you need them to, without requiring you to charge them or purchase gasoline.

Corded electric lawn mower

The following are advantages of corded electric lawn mowers:

Compared to other types of mowers, this one is much lighter. Keep an eye out for models that have lawn combs and front wheels that are placed recessed so they can cut the grass right up to the edge of the lawn.

Negative aspects of corded electric lawn mowers are as follows:

You will be constrained by the length of the power line, and it is possible that you will require an extension lead in order to reach the farthest part of your lawn. Always make sure you use a residual current device (RCD), and move the cable out of the way as you mow, as it is very simple to nick or cut through it.

Robotic lawnmowers that hover in place.

Many hover mowers don’t collect the grass clippings that they cut, so you’ll need to rake them up once you’ve finished cutting your grass using one of these machines. You may expect to spend approximately £75 on a fundamental lawn mower that hovers. You should budget approximately £150 for a more powerful device that comes with a collection box and has the ability to cut through wet grass as well as lengthy grass.

Hover lawn mowers

Advantages of riding and hovering lawn mowers:

Lightweight and easy to operate. The models that do not have a grass box take up much less space and can be hung on the wall.

Negative aspects of hovering lawn mowers:

You need to exercise caution with the cable, and if the power cable isn’t long enough to reach the end of your lawn, you should make use of an extension lead. Always use a device that measures residual current (RCD). Do not leave a particularly sophisticated finish on the grass after you have finished mowing it.

Lawn mowers without a cord

There are now cordless lawn mowers that are just as powerful as gasoline-powered ones, and their prices normally range from £350 to £500. They are not restricted by a cable like corded electric lawn mowers are, so you can trim wherever you want to without any problems. The length of time you are able to mow is going to be constrained by the battery’s running time. While some cordless mowers have a cutting length of more than 30 minutes, others have a cutting time of less than 20 minutes before they run out of juice. These lawn mowers are typically heavier than corded electric lawn mowers due to the battery, but they are typically lighter than gasoline-powered lawn mowers.

Cordless lawn mower

Pros of cordless lawn mowers:

Easy to start. Batteries and chargers can sometimes be shared with other tools in the same brand’s range.

Cons of cordless lawn mowers:

Battery charging times vary between models. A good charging time is roughly one hour. Some mowers can take more than six hours to fully charge. The cost of the battery and charger is often not included in the price of the mower. Disposing of old batteries can be complicated (in most cases you’ll need to take them to your local Recycling Centre) and buying replacements can grow pricey.

Petrol lawn mowers

Petrol lawn mowers are powerful enough to manage huge lawns and suited for uneven or sloping land. You can acquire a good one between £350 to £550, but understand that you’ll need to have them serviced annually. Prices vary, but you should expect to pay roughly £75-£90 for a full service. These lawn mowers tend to be hefty equipment, weighing more than 30kg. Self-propelled devices are easy to push. Because ethanol draws water, which can cause corrosion if fuel is kept in the mower for extended periods of time, it is generally suggested that unleaded fuel used for lawn mowers not have an ethanol level that is higher than 10 percent. This is because ethanol attracts water. The use of E10 fuel is not problematic; nevertheless, the use of super unleaded gasoline that contains only 5% ethanol is superior and is what we would recommend. It is recommended that the fuel tank be emptied as much as possible, and fully if the vehicle is not going to be used during the winter. Instead of storing gasoline in the machine itself, a purpose-built container is the superior option.

Petrol lawn mower

Pros of gasoline-powered lawn mowers:

They are not restricted in their use by a power cable, therefore they can be utilised in any environment. Mulching the grass cuttings is a feature that several models offer.

Cons of lawn mowers that run on gasoline:

Can be tough to start; a start that requires a key or a push button is typically the easiest method. Some of them give off odorous emissions, which not only increase your carbon footprint but are also harmful to the environment. Read and make comparisons of our reviews of petrol lawn mowers.

Ride-on mowers for the grass

The ability to connect attachments to ride-on mowers, such as trailers, expands the scope of work that may be done with these machines. Be prepared to pay anything from £1,200 to over $5,000 on one of these big mowers, as their price can range anywhere in that range. These mowers can easily handle vast lawns. In addition to that, you will need to get your ride-on lawn mower maintained on a yearly basis.

Ride-on lawn mower

Pros of riding lawn mowers include the following:

With a model that has zero turning radius, mowing around obstacles like trees will be much simpler. You have the option of purchasing versions that either mulch, discharge, or gather the grass clippings as they cut the grass.

Cons of riding lawn mowers include the following:

You will need to have fuel on hand in order to refuel them once they have run out. You will require a location that is both spacious and safe enough to keep them there. Check out our buying guide to learn how to get the best ride-on mower for your money.

Robotic mowers for the grass

The use of a robot mower eliminates the need for physical labour but comes at a significant cost.

After it has been installed, it will automatically mow your lawn with very little intervention from you. It will cut at regular intervals and mulch the cuttings back into the lawn so that you won’t have to deal with any clippings. Utilize your robotic mower during the daytime hours to lessen the impact on the local wildlife. Because certain models are able to mow lawns with an area of 5,500 square metres or more, they are an excellent substitute for either a ride-on or a gasoline-powered lawn mower. Prices for robotic lawn mowers typically begin at about £600 and can easily reach far into the thousands. The higher the price of the robot, the more advanced features it will often have, such as smartphone compatibility, weather monitoring, and mapping.

Robot lawn mower in a garden

Robotic lawn mowers have a few advantages:

You have the ability to programme the mower according to your preferences, such as the ideal height of the grass. Using guide lines will prevent the mower from cutting in areas that you do not want it to. These can be moved whenever it is most convenient for you during the year.

Negative aspects of robotic lawn mowers:

Because it can be tough to install the guide lines that determine the boundaries of where to cut, it is easiest to have someone else install the mower for you. Can be susceptible to being stolen by garden thieves. Find out if automated mowing is the right choice for you by reading our helpful guide to robot mowers. You can also read and compare our evaluations of robotic lawn mowers.

Replacement components for many types of lawn mowers

Before purchasing a lawn mower of any kind, it is important to think about how simple it will be to obtain replacement parts in the event that you run into any problems. Although you should anticipate that most mowers will last a respectable amount of time (at least seven years or more), this does not mean that you will never want spare blades, springs, or even a replacement mower belt. You should expect most mowers to endure for at least seven years.

The majority of the major merchants of lawn mowers, including Bosch, Cobra, Flymo, Ryobi, and Stihl, make it possible for customers to purchase replacement components for the mowers they sell either directly from their websites or through third-party vendors. You don’t want a minor fault to end up in you replacing your entire mower because you can’t get a hold of a certain part, so it’s always a good idea to check on the availability of spare parts before you commit to making a purchase. Checking on the availability of spare parts is something you should always do before making a purchase.

When it comes to cordless mowers in particular, you need to make sure that replacement batteries may be purchased separately. As a result, we will never recommend a mower that is destined to have an extremely short lifespan because we do not grant our Best Buy designation to models in which the batteries cannot be replaced. Always check with a local lawn machinery specialist before you throw away a mower that appears to be broken, as they may be able to maintain and repair it, especially petrol versions.

How much should I expect to spend on a high-quality lawn mower?

The kind of mower it is will eventually determine how much you will have to pay for a new one, and this will be the primary factor. We’ve found that lawn mowers sold by Lidl are among the least expensive we’ve encountered, with models like the Lidl Parkside Electric lawnmower costing just forty pounds. Mowers for lawns that cost closer to 800 pounds, such as the Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive VS 375A, are located at the opposite end of the price spectrum. Our specialised evaluations have shown that a Best Buy lawn mower does not require a significant financial investment on your part. In point of fact, we have discovered various models from Best Buy that cost less than $250.

When purchasing a lawn mower, it is more likely that you will be paying for particular features than than a guaranteed improvement in performance if you spend more money. These may include the following:

Wider cutting widths

functions of independent propulsion

Longer battery life

As is the case with the vast majority of things, the price of your lawn mower is very infrequently an indication of how ‘excellent’ it actually is. Before putting it through its paces in your yard, the only way to know for sure how well it will trim your grass is to put it to the test. If you are attempting to keep below a certain financial limit, though, you shouldn’t feel as though you have to spend money that you don’t have in order to purchase a dependable model for yourself.

The characteristics of lawn mowers

Adjustment of the cutting height

It is a good idea to let the grass grow longer at the beginning of the year and when the weather is dry so that the grass does not become stressed. In the summer, you should trim it shorter so that it can maintain its clean appearance for a longer period of time. The cutting height of most lawn mowers can be adjusted within a predetermined range on the mower’s control panel. Make certain that the mower can cut to the heights that you need, and examine how easy it is to adjust the cutting height. To adjust some, you just have to move a lever; but, in order to adjust others, you will need to adjust the height of each individual wheel, or add or remove spacers from underneath the cutting blade.

Starting mechanism

Because electric lawn mowers are so simple to get going, this is more of a problem for gas-powered lawn mowers. To get certain gas-powered mowers going, you have to give the draw cord a good yank. This can involve a good deal of strength on your part and is not something that everyone will find simple. Look for models that we recommend since they typically have a key start or a push button start, which makes them easier to activate.

Handle adjustment Some lawn mowers have handles that are a set length, while others have handles that can be adjusted to a variety of different heights. Check to see if the height of the mower will be comfortable for you, especially if you have a height that is far above or below the norm. There are lawnmowers that, in order to make better use of the space they take up, can be hung up or stored in a vertical orientation.

Lawn edges

It is much simpler to manoeuvre certain mowers than it is with others near to the lawn’s boundaries and around obstructions. This can be accomplished with the help of characteristics such as grass combs. If you are able to reach near to the edges, it will cut down on the amount of time you will need to spend later clipping any grass that you missed using shears or a lawn trimmer.

Which width of the cutting blade do I need?

The size of the blade on a lawn mower determines the cutting width. If you have a larger blade, you will be able to cut more grass with each pass.

A mowing width of between 30 and 34 centimetres is required for lawns that are less than 50 square metres in size.

A mowing width of between 35 and 40 centimetres is required for medium-sized lawns, which cover an area of between 50 and 150 square metres.

Cutting widths of more than 40 centimetres are required for lawns that are larger than 150 square metres.

It is critical that you select a mower that has a cutting width that is proportionate to the area of your lawn. If you use a mower with a cutting width that is too large for a small lawn, you will have trouble manoeuvring it into tight corners; but, if you use a mower with a cutting width that is too small for a large lawn, you will discover that it takes considerably longer to cut all of the grass.

What distinguishes a rotary mower from a cylinder mower, and why would one choose one over the other?

rotary mower vs a cylinder mower

The majority of lawn mowers use a rotating blade, which can be seen in the image on the left. This blade is mounted in the centre of the lawn mower and cuts the grass as it rotates. Because cylinder mowers (see image on the right) shear the grass instead of chopping it, the finish they produce is superior, making them an excellent choice for highly maintained display lawns. However, they do not perform very well when confronted with long grass or uneven lawns, and very few of the hand-push models are capable of collecting the grass well. They are primarily intended to maintain the tidy appearance of grass that has been recently trimmed short.

What exactly is meant by the term “self-propelled lawn mower”?

The weight of a petrol lawn mower can make it difficult to manoeuvre it around the yard while you are cutting the grass. Consider purchasing a self-propelled type, which features an additional drive that propels the mower forward, to cut down on the amount of physical labour that is required.

What is the best way to achieve a striped appearance on my lawn?

The majority of lawn mowers will not leave striped patterns behind after use. If you want to achieve this result, you will need to look for a mower that is equipped with a roller, since this will cause the grass to be mowed more evenly. The nicest stripes are typically left by mowers that are heavier.

We conduct more reviews on lawn mowers than any other company.

Every year, we examine over 3,300 different items, ranging from dishwashing liquid to automobiles. When we test lawn mowers, we evaluate how efficiently each one cuts grass of varying lengths, from very small attractive lawns to very tall grass in meadows. Determine how much time is required to cut the lawn. How well the grass clippings are collected by the mower when it cuts grass.

How well it finishes the lawn and how clean the edges of the lawn are left after it’s done. In addition, we evaluate each lawn mower based on how simple it is to operate. We trimmed the borders of a lawn that was 90 metres long and was up against walls and flower beds. The lawn mowers that are the least effective leave a band of uncut grass that is about 5 centimetres wide.