Many music streaming services offer a free version to reel you in. You’ll have access to extensive libraries but will be interrupted by adverts. Our survey has rated five free music streaming services. These are ranked by their customer score – this is based on whether people are satisfied with their service and if they would recommend it.  Spotify Free is the best, with a customer score of 69%, followed by YouTube Music with 66%. Spotify Free and YouTube Music were in harmony for most star ratings – both were rated five stars out of five for their selection of music. But YouTube Music was awarded three stars for audio quality to Spotify Free’s four stars. There are other services to consider, such as Deezer Free (64%), Amazon Music Free (63%) and SoundCloud (59%). They have their own pros and cons; each received two four-star ratings and three stars for everything else. Our table below will help you choose one or two free services to try, but we would recommend paying for a subscription for peaceful ad-free listening on and offline. Scroll down further to see which music streaming subscription services are top of the pops.