Find out which coffee pods are the most flavorful for your Nespresso machine, as well as which ones are the most affordable and friendly to the environment.



Original Nespresso Pods

We put Nespresso-compatible coffee pods to the test and asked a panel of independent coffee experts to blind-test them and rate how tasty they are so that we can help you find the best coffee for your Nespresso machine and save money on your morning brew. This will help you both find the best coffee for your Nespresso machine and save money on your morning brew. We have discovered pods that, whether you like a flat white or an espresso in its purest form, will cause your taste buds to tingle with excitement. And if you want to switch to a pod that is either more affordable or made of compostable materials, we have found the best of those as well. Continue reading to find out which capsules wowed our panel of knowledgeable tasters and which ones you should avoid buying in the future.

Nespresso flavour evaluation – what we did with it

We put a variety of Nespresso-compatible pods through a blind taste test, and the results were very interesting to say the least. Our independent panel of coffee experts for the year 2020 consisted of the following: Giles Hilton is the head of the panel and a coffee expert with more than 40 years of tasting experience. Colin Smith is a coffee roaster who specialises in artisan coffee and was formerly the president of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe. Charles Love is a trained and experienced expert on tea and coffee products. Monmouth Coffee Company has been in the business of roasting and selling coffee since 1978, and Mike Nunn is the head of training there. We brewed every cup of coffee in a Nespresso machine that had scored highly in our previous evaluations of coffee makers, and then we had our taste testers evaluate it both with and without adding milk. They evaluated every aspect of the coffee, including the aroma, appearance, flavour, mouthfeel, sweetness, and aftertaste. After compiling the results of these ratings, an overall percentage score was determined. (Giles Hilton, Charles Love, Marc-Pierre Dietrich, and Charles Metcalfe were the judges for the 2019 eco-pod results.) With this guide to using compatible coffee pods, you can get the most out of the pods that are compatible with your Nespresso machine.

An analysis of the coffee’s flavour notes



coffee’s flavour

The following is a list of some of the things that our specialists look for and what they signify: Acidity is a taste that is bright, tangy, and dry, similar to wine, that gives a coffee its life. Tannins have the potential to impart bitter undertones to the flavour. The golden foam that sits atop an espresso should be called crema, and it should have a creamy and consistent texture. The mouthfeel of a cup of coffee is referred to as its body. While some beers may be thin and watery, full-bodied beers will have a pleasing strength, creaminess, and mouthfeel. Taste that is clean – it is delicious, but there are no specific flavour notes that come through Taste that is sweet – it is essentially a milder and smoother coffee flavour

How to Determine Which Coffee Is the Best for You

Have you ever wondered what sets Sumatran and Columbian coffees apart from one another? You can find out by looking at the map. The origin of the coffee as well as the method by which it is harvested will have a significant impact on the flavour; the following is an overview of the various regions:

The various degrees of roasting, along with their respective meanings

Coffee with a light roast has a more subdued flavour. Taste more toasted and grainy, and tend to be brighter and more acidic than other wines. Excellently preserves the flavour and aroma characteristics of the beans’ original preparation. A coffee with a medium level of intensity and a fuller body is said to have a medium roast. A satisfying harmony between the flavour and the level of intensity. Dark roast, also known as Italian roast, refers to coffee that has a stronger flavour, is more bitter, and is frequently characterised by intense smoky or woody notes.

Using your Nespresso machine, you can create coffee with different flavours.



Nespresso machine


There is a wide selection of flavoured Nespresso pods available for purchase, and these pods come in a variety of flavours, such as caramel and chocolate. Using these pods, you can make tempting coffee shop specialties at home. Alternately, you could make flavoured coffee by adding a shot of syrup to a beverage that was made with your preferred Nespresso pod. This would result in a flavoured coffee. We asked our expert panel to taste a caramel-flavoured Nespresso pod in addition to a standard Nespresso coffee made with caramel syrup, and they discovered that the syrup had a stronger caramel flavour in comparison to the pods. On the other hand, using the pods was much more expedient and convenient.