With these bird seeds, you can provide food for the birds without having to worry about the seeds that fall to the ground sprouting and turning into weeds in your yard.

Feeding birds

Feeding birds

Many people find that feeding birds in their gardens to be a relaxing and delightful pastime. However, one potential negative is that any spilled bird seed might cause a carpet of weeds to form below your feeder. Many businesses now offer seed mixes with descriptive names like “no grow” or “no mess” in an effort to alleviate this problem.

Oats and sometimes suet pellets are included in these, as well as a variety of seeds, such as sunflower and maize, that have been kibbled, which means they have been cracked, diced, or crushed, or that have been heat treated to prevent germination.

Why our reviews of bird feed that does not grow are superior

You can trust that our reviews will provide you the complete, honest, and unbiased facts about a product because we are an independent company that does not accept advertising or complimentary products in exchange for positive evaluations. We put eight well-known brands through their paces by testing them on seed trays inside and outside of a greenhouse. Each mixture was planted in a seed tray filled with the best compost, and the trays were stored inside the greenhouse.

In addition, we planted each mix in the ground outside in a bed that was surrounded by a fruit cage for protection. In the greenhouse, we observed germination occuring four and ten days after the seeds were planted.

After a period of 10 days, we observed germination in the seeds that were planted outside. Any seed that was successful in germinating was allowed to continue growing so that we could determine whether or not the plants that emerged were invasive or could cause problems. We also got in touch with the companies who made the seed mixes in order to learn the precise components that went into each one. We did this because we found that some of the mixes had a broader diversity of seeds than what was shown on the container.