Find out which tools and techniques are the most effective for cutting pizza into even slices without tearing the toppings off or crushing the crust.


Cutting pizza with a pizza cutter wheel


The very best pizza cutters will make quick work of slicing through your pie with no effort at all. They cut perfect slices without requiring you to go back over the same spots more than once, and they won’t pull toppings or cheese off the top of the pizza. What kinds of pizza cutters make this job so much simpler? In December of 2021, we conducted research to find the most effective tools for cutting pizza. Our investigation included a comparison of pizza wheels manufactured by Joseph Joseph, Ooni, OXO, ProCook, Weber, and other companies. Other options, such as kitchen scissors, a dough scraper, pizza scissors, and a mezzaluna, were also taken into consideration. We used each pizza cutter to cut a large amount of pizza, after which we ate the slices, and then we evaluated the cutters based on how well they cut, how comfortable they were to use, how well made they were, and how easy it was to clean them. Find out which pizza cutters we think are the best for slicing pizza to perfection, and read on for our recommendations on how to buy, how to use, and how to take care of your pizza cutter.

The pizza cutters that performed the best in our tests

Best Buy/Great Value: John Lewis & Partners Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter



Only available at John Lewis for the price of £6 (currently out of stock).

Blade diameter: 7.7cm

Handle size: 10 x 3cm

In a dishwasher? Certainly!

Extra features:

Including a plastic cover for the blade and a hanging hole

The advantages are that it cuts well, is well made, is comfortable, is compact, and is simple to clean.

The blade cannot be detached so it cannot be sharpened separately.

Our conclusion is that there aren’t a lot of things about this pizza cutter from John Lewis that could be improved. It is straightforward, ingenious, and more affordable than many of the other pizza cutters that we tried. It has a rubberized grip, which works well to keep the cutter securely in your hands while you are using it, and there is a hook hole at the bottom of the pizza cutter if you would rather hang up your pizza cutter than store it in the kitchen drawer. The diameter of the blade, at 7.7 centimetres, is considered standard, and the handle is not excessively large. If you prefer not to use cutters with enormous wheels and would rather have one that can be stored in the drawer of your kitchen cabinet without much difficulty, this model should be an excellent choice for you. During our tests, it did an excellent job of slicing through pizzas with both a thin crust and a deep pan. It broke through the crust without crushing it, cut through the bottom crust in one fluid motion, and maintained the integrity of the toppings and cheese on each individual slice. It was perfect in every way. Cleaning it in the dishwasher is an option, but keep in mind that doing so frequently will make the blade less sharp. We were relieved to find that it was simple to clean by hand, and that there were no tricky nooks or crannies to contend with. It is not possible to detach the cutting blade from the handle, as is the case with many of the pizza cutters that we tested. As a result, you may have difficulty sharpening the blade in the event that it becomes dull. When you store it, we strongly suggest that you use the plastic blade cover that was provided for you. This will assist in preventing the blade from becoming dull for the maximum amount of time possible. However, that is the only minor drawback there is. Overall, we believe that this pizza cutter is an excellent choice for both the Best Buy and Great Value categories, and it has worked its way to the top of the heap.

The Oxo Good Grips Pizza Wheel is an excellent purchase.

Fenwick offers the lowest price of £9 for this item; it can also be purchased from Amazon and Waitrose (out of stock).

Blade diameter: 8cm

Handle size: 10 x 3.7cm

In a dishwasher? Certainly!

Extra features:

Including a plastic cover for the blade and a hanging hole

The advantages are that it cuts very well, the construction is of high quality, it is comfortable, and it is simple to clean.

Cons: The thick thumb guard may make it difficult to store, and the blade cannot be detached in order to be sharpened.

Our verdict is that the truly outstanding performance of this pizza cutter from Oxo Good Grips is capped off by its excellent rubberized handle grip. It has a slightly longer neck than the John Lewis & Partners Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter, which is useful because it prevents the handle from squishing extra-puffy crusts while you are cutting them. In spite of the fact that it is small, due to the thickness of the thumb grip, it might be a little difficult to store in the drawer in the kitchen. When we used the blade to cut through the crust and base of our pizzas, we discovered that it was both sharp and effective; furthermore, it did not pull the toppings off. The cleaning was done in an easy and uncomplicated manner. Our experience with the Oxo Good Grips Pizza Wheel exceeded our expectations, and we are happy to recommend it as a Best Buy. It is an excellent replacement for the pizza cutter sold by John Lewis.

How the other people fared in it

The results of our tests with the remaining pizza cutter wheels are listed below, in alphabetical order.

Asdirne Pizza Cutter

The price of £6.99 is only available at Amazon.

Blade diameter: 10.2cm

Handle size: 12.5 x 3.5cm

In a dishwasher? Certainly!

Additional features include a cutting blade that can be removed.

It makes clean cuts, is comfortable to use, and is simple to clean.

Con: Poor build quality due to low cost.

Our verdict is that the Asdirne pizza cutter is an excellent buy despite its low price and its large size. The handle on this pizza wheel is relatively flat, but the cutting blade measures 10.2 centimetres, making it one of the larger pizza wheels that we tested. It ought to be able to fit in the drawer of your kitchen as long as there are not an excessive number of other utensils already present in the drawer. While it is helpful that the handle conforms to the shape of your hand while you are cutting, we did not find the grip to be very effective. This cutter gave off the impression of being poorly crafted due to the mould lines and bumps that were left over from the manufacturing process. However, it did an excellent job of slicing pizza. Once we got through the crust, it cut through the rest of the pizza with ease and didn’t require any additional motions to do so properly. However, we did need an additional downward motion to get through the crust. In addition, it did not move the toppings around in any way. After use, cleaning up this pizza cutter was quick and simple. If you decide to purchase this pizza cutter, we do not believe that you will be let down in any way. It simply does not quite match the superior build quality of other ones that we tested, many of which are also available at a lower cost to purchase.

Pizza Cutter, Chef’s Aid Model No. 10E10427

Chef Aid Pizza Cutter


The price of £3.19 is only available at Amazon.

Blade diameter: 6.6cm

Handle size: 10 x 2cm

In a dishwasher? Certainly!

Extra features:

Including a plastic cover for the blade and a hanging hole

Compact and simple to clean up are two advantages.

The cutting ability is only average, the build quality is poor, and the blade cannot be detached for sharpening.

Our conclusion is that this is the least expensive pizza cutter that we tried, and unfortunately, we felt that it showed. We had some trouble making it work, despite the fact that it is a straightforward cutter that takes up little space and is simple to put away and clean. We noticed that the cutting wheel on the model that we tested appeared to be slightly misaligned from the handle. The handle is made of stainless steel, but it is thin and does not provide much in the way of a grip or any additional comfort. In addition to that, the blade was not particularly sharp. It was able to cut the pizza, but it required some additional cutting and had a tendency to crush the crusts rather than cut through them. Nevertheless, it did its job.

Easy-Clean Pizza Wheel by Joseph Joseph Made by Joseph Joseph

The item can also be purchased for the same price at Amazon, Dunelm, Fenwick, and Joseph Joseph. The price at Debenhams is £10.80, but the store is currently sold out of it.

Blade diameter: 9.7cm

Handle size: 12 x 2cm

In a dishwasher? Certainly!

Extra features:

Reversible silicone blade guard, detachable cutting blade

The advantages include its low size and high build quality.

Negatives: it’s not very good at cutting, and it’s difficult to clean.

In terms of pizza cutters, this one has a lot of bells and whistles, but it can’t compete with our Best Buys when it comes to how well it cuts, and it’s not very easy to clean despite having a blade that can be removed. Here’s our verdict: This particular style of pizza cutter is going to be very appealing if you don’t have a lot of room in your drawers. Pizza cutters like this one, which lack a handle, are about as space-efficient as it is possible to get. This pizza cutter also comes equipped with a few other features that can come in handy. It is much simpler to sharpen thanks to the wheel that can be removed, and when it is not in use, the rubberized handle can be flipped over and attached to the blade in order to keep it in place. This will prevent it from becoming dull while it is stored in the drawer of the kitchen cabinet. You might think that the detachable blade would also make it easier to clean, but the plastic casing still needs to be attached to the wheel in order to cut, and as a result, it is very easy for crumbs and pizza sauce to become lodged inside the casing. Because of this, it is not nearly as “Easy-Clean” as it initially seems to be. It is capable of slicing pizza, but we found the wheel to be somewhat difficult to turn, and it had a propensity to flatten the crusts before cutting through them. Because of this, we found that it was less comfortable to use than we had anticipated. In general, we do not consider this to be one of the best pizza cutters that we tested; however, if you are limited on space in the drawer of your kitchen cabinet, this will do.

Classic Pizza Wheel Made of Plastic by KitchenAid







Argos offers the best deal, with the item costing only £8.50; it is also sold on Amazon and Ocado.

Blade diameter: 9cm

Handle size: 11 x 2.2cm

In a dishwasher? Certainly!

Extra features:

Included is a cover made of plastic for the blade.

Easy to maintain and clean

Negatives include a lacklustre performance when it comes to cutting, a handle that is difficult to hold onto, and an inability to detach the blade in order to sharpen it.

Our conclusion is that despite the fact that it costs about the same as the pizza cutters sold at Best Buy, we do not believe that this KitchenAid cutter can compete with them in terms of quality. The grip is made of a glossy, hard plastic that provides very little in the way of additional traction and has a feel that is both slippery and flimsily constructed. Because of this, the level of comfort and control during the cutting process was affected. The slices that we cut turned out fine, but the slicer we used pulled some of the cheese and toppings along with it as it cut. This pizza cutter, like the majority of others that we tried, was simple to clean, but that was about the only thing that could be said in its favour.

Kuoniiyeu Bicycle Pizza Cutter Wheel GDS-19



The price of £8.99 is only available at Amazon.

Blade diameter: 7.5cm

Handle size: 7.3 x 1.7cm

In a dishwasher? Certainly!

Extra features:

Included is a stand for the bicycle wheel blade.

The use of two wheels makes cutting easier.

Negatives include an average performance when cutting, poor build quality, an uncomfortable handle, difficult cleaning, and an inability to detach the blades so they can be sharpened. If you watch the Tour de France every year in July, you might be interested in purchasing this novelty pizza cutter. This was the conclusion reached by our staff. However, you shouldn’t let that fool you; in our opinion, it’s about as useful as a flat tyre. When we first took the bicycle out of the packaging, our first impression was that the frame was made of a thin and inexpensive plastic, and we noticed that the handlebars were not properly aligned with the front wheel. When cutting the pizza, it is helpful to have a backup rear wheel available, especially considering that the front wheel didn’t do an especially good job in the first place. In order to cut through pizzas completely, we needed to apply additional force and make multiple cuts, which resulted in some discomfort when we were holding the bicycle frame. The task of cleaning it wasn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world, either. Because there was nowhere to properly grab onto it, it was slick and difficult to control. Although this pizza cutter might be entertaining to look at, we do not believe that it is entertaining to use. We won’t be going that route.

Ooni Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Wheel


The best deal I could find was at Ooni for $16.99 (John Lewis was sold out).

Blade diameter: 10cm

Handle size: 14 x 3cm

In a dishwasher? Certainly!

Extra features:

Including a plastic cover for the blade and a hanging hole

The advantages are that it cuts very well, is well made, is comfortable, and is simple to clean.

The blade cannot be detached so it cannot be sharpened separately.

Our conclusion is that the handle on the Ooni pizza cutter does not provide quite as much grip as the handles on the Oxo and John Lewis pizza cutters do. This is the main reason why the Ooni pizza cutter did not receive our Best Buy recommendation. Aside from that, it’s outstanding. Even though it is one of the larger pizza cutters that we tried, the handle is flat, which helps to minimise the amount of space that it takes up in the drawer of the kitchen.

The high level of craftsmanship exceeded our expectations. The blade is made of stainless steel that has been polished to a smooth finish, and the handle, which is not rubberized, is comfortable to hold despite the knife’s strength and sturdiness. The simplest thing to do was to cut the pizza into pieces. Because the sharp blade is bevelled on both sides, it is able to easily cut through the crust and the base of the pizza without dragging any cheese or toppings around with it. Additionally, it is easy to clean. When you use this pizza cutter, you are going to probably feel that the additional money you spent was money well spent, despite the fact that it costs more because it bears the Ooni name. It’s a stroke of genius.

Can you use a pizza cutter on a pizza stone?

Stones specifically made for baking pizza make for convenient cooking surfaces. The vast majority are constructed out of the moisture-absorbent material cordierite, which not only contributes to the base’s enhanced crispiness but also enables it to withstand extremely high temperatures without breaking. If you score the pizza with a blade, on the other hand, the surface of the pizza stone will wear away. Because powdered cordierite is something that no one wants on their pizza, you should try to avoid cutting your pizza on a pizza stone. Instead of using a plate or bowl, you should put it on a chopping board made of wood or plastic, or use a serving paddle. Because the pizza stone has such a hard surface, it will definitely dull your pizza cutter, which will result in it having less efficiency.

What characteristics are essential for a good pizza cutter?

Cutting pizza will be much simpler and more under your control if you have a handle that is both comfortable and offers a good grip. Look for handles that conform to the shape of your hand and have rubberized grips to ensure that they won’t fall out of your grasp. If you prefer pizzas made in a deep pan like the Chicago style, you should look for a cutting wheel that has a relatively large diameter. When the pizza is thick and the wheel is small, the arm that attaches the pizza wheel to the handle has the potential to catch and pull toppings off the pizza. Sharp blades are identifiable by their bevelled edges.

There are some pizza cutters on the market that only have a bevelled edge on one side of the wheel; these cutters are not nearly as sharp as those that have bevelled edges on both sides of the wheel. Keep an eye out for this to ensure that you are getting a pizza cutter that is effective and sharp.