We put ten different salt and pepper mill sets, including ones manufactured by Joseph Joseph, Le Creuset, ProCook, and others, through a series of tests to determine which of these sets is the most convenient to fill and use when seasoning food.

Salt and pepper grinders are kitchen essentials, but after putting ten models from brands such as Joseph Joseph, Le Creuset, ProCook, Salter, and others to the test, we discovered that there is a significant gap between the ease with which each model can be refilled and used. The price of the sets of salt and pepper grinders that we evaluated ranged from twenty to sixty pounds, and we considered factors such as the uniformity of the coarse and fine grind settings, the convenience of using the grinders even when one’s hands were oily or wet, and how simple it was to replenish the contents of the grinders. Even though you can pick up a disposable salt and pepper grinder from the grocery store for only a few pounds, the plastic container will soon end up in landfill, so it is better for the environment to opt for a reusable one that you can refill instead. Not to mention the fact that they make wonderful presents for cooks of all skill levels, they can also be a stylish addition to your dining table.

The top-performing sets of salt and pepper grinders from our evaluation

Best Buy: Menu Bottle Grinder Spice Mill 2-pack

The price of £69.95 is only available at Nordic Nest.

Size: 20.5cm x 8cm (HxW)

Capacity of pepper: 170 grammes

370 grammes of salt’s worth.

Ash-carbon, blues, nudes, and hunting green-beige are the colours here.

Consistent coarse and fine ground pepper, very easy to fill, easy to grip even with oily hands, straightforward adjustment of coarseness setting, and sturdy construction are some of the positive aspects of this pepper mill.

One of the largest sets that we examined is a drawback.

Our verdict: Joint best on test This is a fantastic salt and pepper mill set, despite the fact that it is quite large.

These salt and pepper grinders from Menu are extremely simple to load, can hold an incredible amount of salt and pepper, and are one of only three grinders that we found to be equally capable of producing finely ground pepper as they are with chunky coarse grains. The dial that is located on top of each grinder makes it incredibly simple to make adjustments to the coarseness setting. Because of their large size, they are very simple to grasp and turn, even when one’s hands are oily or greasy. These grinders also performed very well in our drop test; after being dropped ten times from a kitchen worktop, there was no evidence of any kind of damage whatsoever.

The Joseph Joseph Milltop No Spill Salt and Pepper Mills are an Excellent Buy.


Amazon and John Lewis both have it for the lowest price of £44.96. Size: 17cm x 7cm (HxW)

Capacity of the pepper: 70 grammes

The capacity for salt is 150 g. Gray and blue are the colours.

Consistent coarse or fine ground pepper, grinds lots of salt and pepper quickly, easy adjustment of the coarseness setting, and long-lasting construction are some of the product’s advantages.

Negative aspects include that it can be difficult to use if your hands are oily or wet.

Our verdict: Joint best on test These mills have beautifully consistent fine grinding as well as chunky grinding, and it is very simple to change the coarseness setting on them. Additionally, they are very simple to operate.

This Joseph Joseph set is a little more compact than our other Best Buy, which makes it simpler to store; however, they still have a nice wide grip, which makes them simple to operate. Also, the salt and pepper come out a little bit faster than it does with the other grinder set that we recommend, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing once you get used to it. Because these mills performed so well in our drop tests, you don’t have to worry about accidentally tossing them off of a kitchen worktop.

How the other people fared in it

Clear Acrylic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set by Cole & Mason

The price of £19.99 is only available at Lakeland.

Size: 14cm x 5.7cm (HxW)

Capacity of the pepper: 40 grammes

65 grammes of salt’s capacity

The pepper mill is easy to fill, produces both fine and coarse ground pepper, and can have its coarseness easily adjusted. It is also very durable.

Cons: The design might make your hands tired, and it’s difficult to use when your hands are oily. It takes a long time to grind one teaspoon of pepper.

Our conclusion is that our hands are tired. The quality of this salt and pepper grinder set is satisfactory considering the low cost.

This set from Cole & Mason is built to last and produces both finely and coarsely ground pepper that is of high quality. Pepper that had been finely ground contained some larger pieces, but not an excessive number of them. The coarseness of the grind can also be easily adjusted on these grinders, and once it’s in place, it won’t move around while you’re using it. This was one of the sets that required the least amount of effort to load up with salt and pepper; we barely lost a kernel in the process. The amount of time necessary to grind one teaspoon’s worth of pepper is one of the reasons why it does not receive the highest possible score (a minute, compared with 15 seconds for the fastest). Because of the way the mills are designed, using them can be quite difficult, and as a result, your hands may become tired if you continue to use them for an extended period of time. Additionally, if you have oily hands, it will be very difficult for you to use them.

Contemporary Wood Salt and Pepper Mill Designed and Manufactured by Cole & Mason

Harts of Stur offers the lowest price of £29.95 for this product; it can also be purchased from Amazon and John Lewis (out of stock).

Size: 19cm x 6cm (HxW)

Pepper has a capacity of 25 grammes.

55 grammes of salt’s capacity

The pepper is nicely ground both coarsely and finely, it is simple to use, and it only takes a short amount of time to grind up a teaspoon.

Cons: They are a complete pain to stuff, and despite their sturdy appearance, they are actually quite flimsy.

Our verdict is that it is difficult to fill. If you can find a way to put any salt or pepper in these mills in the first place, you will have a good mill on your hands.

This salt and pepper grinder set from Cole & Mason is made of wood, and it does a great job of producing both fine and coarse ground pepper. Additionally, it is very simple to use, and it can quickly produce a lot of salt and pepper. The fact that it is so difficult to fill them, however, renders them useless. The hole through which you are supposed to pour peppercorns or salt is extremely small, and our attempt to do so resulted in a horrendous mess on both occasions. In spite of the fact that they look very sturdy, they are actually quite fragile. When we knocked them off a kitchen worktop multiple times, the tops of the containers continually pinged off, causing the contents to spill out all over the place.

Dunelm’s Acacia Set Includes Both a Salt and Pepper Mill


The price of £20 is only available at Dunelm (out of stock).

Size: 20.3cm x 7.2cm (HxW)

Capacity of the pepper: 30 grammes

55 grammes of salt’s capacity

The grinder is long-lasting and can quickly grind a teaspoon’s worth of salt and pepper.

Cons: Difficult to fill, difficult to use with wet or oily hands, and there are no markings for salt and pepper on any of the mills.

Our conclusion is that it is difficult to use. During our testing, we discovered a few problems with this set from Dunelm, and as a result, we cannot recommend it.

We made a huge mess because it is so difficult to load the grinders with spices due to the design of these devices. It can be difficult to adjust the nuts to achieve the desired level of coarseness, and it’s also quite simple to over-loosen them in the process. Additionally, we discovered that the settings on these grinders do not really permit a coarse grind to be achieved. This is one of the most difficult grinder sets to operate when your hands are oily or wet. To put the icing on the cake, there is no indication on these mills as to which is the salt mill and which is the pepper mill, which is a recipe for disaster when it comes to seasoning food.

Le Creuset Salt and Pepper Mini Mills




Amazon and John Lewis both sell it for £44, which is the best deal.

Size: 12.1cm x 5cm (HxW)

Pepper has a capacity of 13 grammes.

31 grammes of salt’s capacity

Volcanic, black and white, cerise, Marseille blue, satin black, and sunshine are the colours used (yellow)

The pepper is brilliantly ground to a fine powder.

Cons: Difficult to fill, low capacity, slow grinding speed even for small amounts, and difficult to operate with greasy hands.

The verdict from us is that form trumps function.

The iconic salt and pepper mills aren’t exactly the easiest kitchen tools to operate, which is a shame.

The construction of these Le Creuset grinders makes it difficult to load them, and the fact that each mill holds only a comparatively small amount of food means that you will need to do so on a fairly consistent basis. The setting for fine grinding is excellent, but the setting for coarse grinding performed the worst in our comparisons. Using these mills, you won’t be able to successfully produce pepper or salt in the form of coarse grains. Additionally, grinding a teaspoon of pepper with one of these mills took almost a minute, and we discovered that it is difficult to use these mills if your hands are oily or wet.

Grinder Set Consisting of an Olympia Light Wood Salt and Pepper Mill





Amazon offers this item at the best price, which is currently 23.78 pounds, and Nisbets also carries it.

Size: 8cm x 6.3cm (HxW)

7 grammes of pepper’s capacity

Salt capacity: 20g

Colours: Light wood, dark wood

The fun and quirky design, the speed with which it can grind a teaspoon’s worth of spice, the ease with which it can be refilled, and its longevity are all pluses.

Cons: The grind is not very accurate on the plate, and the nut that controls the coarseness of the grind has a propensity to come loose.

The verdict from us is that it’s a lot of fun, but it’s missing something. Olympia did something innovative and creative with the design of this mill set, and as a result, we appreciate it even more. However, it is not the complete picture at all. Because of the design of the rotating handle, using these grinders is not only simple but also mildly entertaining. At the very least, we can envision them being a topic of conversation at the evening meal. They are also very quick when it comes to grinding pepper and salt. This is the weapon you want in your arsenal in the event that you are ever challenged at a dinner party to produce a teaspoon of spice as quickly as possible. When we attempted to make finely ground pepper, however, we discovered that there were a few larger chunks remaining. In addition, we found that the nuts, which are responsible for determining the coarseness of the grind, have a propensity to become loose while you are grinding, which is a little bit annoying. These mills were also the least accurate in our test, and they sprinkled salt and pepper all over the plate, as opposed to concentrating the seasoning in one particular region.

Oxo Salt & Pepper Grinder Set


Harts of Stur currently offers the lowest price of £45.13 for an item that is also sold on Amazon.

Size: 14cm x 5.6cm (HxW)

Pepper has a capacity of 61 grammes.

85 grammes of salt’s capacity

The product is long-lasting and simple to operate, even for people with oily hands.

Disappointingly, the fine grind setting is not available.

Our verdict: Fine grind is poor This is a lovely mill set, but it doesn’t quite make the cut for a Best Buy because the fine grind setting isn’t nearly as effective as it could be.

The rubber grip around the middle of these Oxo grinders makes it easy to use these mills even if your hands are wet or greasy. We loved how easy it was to fill these Oxo grinders, how easy it was to adjust the settings, and how easy it was to adjust the settings. The durability tests that we put them through were a breeze for them, and they do an excellent job of producing chunky grains of pepper or flakes of salt. However, in comparison to the other types of pepper that we tried, the fine grind pepper had a lot of larger pieces, so we can’t quite recommend it.

Set of Procook Electric Mills for Salt and Pepper with a Soft Touch



The price of £19 is only available at ProCook.

Size: 22cm x 5cm (HxW)

35 grammes is the pepper’s capacity.

70 grammes of salt’s capacity The salt and pepper can be ground into quite a fine powder.

Cons: Horrible noise, flimsy design, requires eight AA batteries for the set, difficult to adjust the grind setting, difficult to fit the batteries, and difficult to fill up. Pros: Easy to adjust the grind setting, easy to fit the batteries, and easy to fill up.

Our verdict: Will grind your gears We have a feeling that this electric grinder set will not live up to your expectations at all.

You might believe that an electronic mill is simpler to operate than a manual mill, especially if you struggle with your hand dexterity. However, this is not always the case. However, loading pepper into this Procook electronic mill is a complete and utter nightmare. When we attempted to fill them, the hole at the top was extremely small, and as a result, pepper grains and salt flakes flew all over the place. The nut that you use to adjust the size of the grind underneath the grinder is very small, which makes it difficult to make adjustments to the size of the grind. The replacement of the batteries in each mill is not a task that is particularly simple, and each grinder calls for a total of four AA batteries. Additionally, if these grinders are knocked over on your table, the batteries that are contained within may become dislodged, and you will be required to go through the arduous process of re-assembling them. In terms of their capacity for grinding, these mills perform admirably when it comes to producing coarse powder, but they are less effective when it comes to producing finely ground salt or pepper. In addition, when they are in use, they produce a deafening screeching sound. When dropped from a kitchen countertop, these mills were the only ones that shattered into a multitude of tiny pieces and completely broke apart.

Set of an Electronic Salt and Pepper Mill by the Brand Name Salter




The price of 21.99 pounds is only available at Lakeland. Size: 22cm x 5cm (HxW)

35 grammes is the pepper’s capacity.

Salt capacity: 70g

The settings for fine and coarse grinding work well, it is durable, and it is simple to use even with oily hands.

Cons: The set needs a total of eight AA batteries, it’s difficult to replace the batteries, and it’s loud.

Our verdict: Best electric mills If you have your heart set on purchasing an electric grinder, then this Salter set is your best bet. It includes everything you need to get the job done.

This set continues to have some of the same problems as the ProCook set, which was discussed earlier. Because it requires a total of eight AA batteries and it is difficult to fit them into the device, some of the other advantages of its ease of use are nullified. Because it is so simple for the batteries to become dislodged, you may find that you have to open the grinder frequently in order to make necessary adjustments to the position of the batteries. In addition, the noise that is produced by these grinders is not very pleasant; however, in comparison to the ProCook set, it is significantly easier on the ears. In spite of this, these electric grinders are capable of producing very high-quality fine or coarse ground spices, and it takes only thirty seconds for them to fill a teaspoon with either salt or pepper. In addition to this, they are long-lasting and simple to use even with greasy hands. Even after being dropped ten times from a kitchen counter, they continued to function properly after each fall (although the batteries did need putting back in).