These are the five best built-in single ovens, as selected by our team of experts, to help you find your next model more quickly.

Optimal Cooking

Optimal Cooking

Cooking will be a breeze with one of the best ovens, which will also produce reliably delicious meals for many years to come. However, prior to making a purchase, it is impossible to know which ones will take an interminable amount of time to heat up, whether they will produce bakes that are uneven and poorly risen, or whether the temperature you select will actually be the one you’ll get.

To help remove some of the guesswork associated with making your selection, we have compiled a list of the top five single built-in ovens available today.

What exactly is meant by the term “single oven”?

Both an oven and a grill are contained within the same cavity of a single oven, whereas a double oven has two cavities: one for the oven itself, and the other for the oven and grill combination.

It is important to keep in mind that having only one oven to cook with can be a restriction for some people, particularly if you want to bake and grill at the same time, or if you have a lot of cooking to do, so you should give this some thought before making a purchase.

Some single ovens, like the Samsung Infinite NV75T8579RK, have a unique divider that allows you to split the interior space and cook at two different temperatures. This feature is available on some single ovens.

If you want the versatility that comes with having a double oven, head on over to our guide to the Best double ovens for 2022 to find a model that will cook food quickly and evenly in both of the ovens.

single oven

Single oven

Is there a standard size for single-oven appliances?

Yes. Single ovens have a width of approximately 60 centimetres and a height of approximately 60 centimetres, though these dimensions can fluctuate slightly between brands.

Either at eye level or beneath a hob is a suitable location for installing a single oven. You also have the option of purchasing a compact oven if you are limited on space. These ovens have a width of approximately 60 centimetres and a height of approximately 45 centimetres, and they are convenient for use in smaller homes or as part of a larger setup alongside or above a single oven.

If you’re going to buy something online, it’s important to double check the dimensions because manufacturers will sometimes list single ovens alongside smaller “compact” ovens.

How much does a single oven that is reliable cost?

The price of single ovens can range from well under two hundred pounds to well over one thousand. The more expensive models typically come with additional functions and features, such as touch controls, self-cooking programmes, and self-cleaning functions.

Spending less money is possible if you are content to limit your purchases to the necessities. We have discovered a number of outstanding Best Buys that cost less than $250.