Our expert pick of the five best built-in single ovens to help you find your next model fast.

Best built in ovens


The best ovens will make cooking a breeze, reliably turning out tasty meals for years on end. But it’s impossible to tell before you buy which ones will take ages to heat up, whether they’ll leave you with uneven, poorly risen bakes, or if the temperature you select is really the one you’ll get.

Here, we’ve rounded up our pick of the five best built-in single ovens to help take the guesswork out of choosing.

What does ‘single oven’ mean?

Single ovens have an oven and a grill in the same cavity, while double ovens have two cavities – one for an oven and one for an oven and grill combination.

Only having a single oven to cook with will be a limitation for some, particularly if you’re looking to bake and grill at the same time, or if you’ve got a lot of cooking to do, so do consider this before you buy.

Some single ovens, such as the Samsung Infinite NV75T8579RK, have a special divider that allows you to split the internal space and cook at two different temperatures.

If you want the flexibility of a double oven, head over to our guide to the Best double ovens for 2022 to find a model that will cook efficiently and evenly across both ovens

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Are all single ovens the same size?

Yes. Single ovens are around 60cm wide and around 60cm high, though these measurements can vary slightly between brands.

You can install a single oven either under a hob or at eye level. If you’re short on space, you also have the option of a compact oven – these measure around 60cm wide and 45cm high and are handy for smaller homes or as part of a larger set-up alongside or above a single oven.

Manufacturers sometimes list compact ovens along with single ovens, so be sure to check the measurements carefully if you’re buying online.

How much does a good single oven cost?

The price of single ovens varies from less than £200 to well over £1,000. More expensive models tend to offer special features such as self-cook programs, touch controls and self-cleaning functions.

If you don’t mind sticking with the basics, you can spend less. We’ve found several brilliant Best Buys for less than £250.