Use this article to learn about the various types of stair gates that are available as well as important considerations to make before purchasing one for your home and kid.

Child behind stair gate

The primary objective of installing a stair gate in your home is to ensure that your curious toddler is kept safely away from anything that could put them in danger, such as a flight of stairs or a busy kitchen with hot pots and pans.

In order for any of the stair gates to pass our testing, they need to be compliant with the prerequisites of the applicable safety standard. This guarantees that the stair gates are robust and are able to endure the different vibrations and rattles that may be produced by a determined child.
However, the absolute best stair gates won’t only be safe and secure. They’ll offer additional benefits as well. They will come with easy-to-follow instructions for a quick and painless installation, and both the opening and closing mechanisms will be intuitively designed.

These five stair gates received the highest results in our tests, and they are all Best Buys, so you can be certain that they are fantastic options when it comes time to choose a safety gate for your staircase.

When is the right time to buy a stair gate?

As soon as you notice your child is crawling or using a baby walker to go about, you should go out and purchase a stair gate right away. Soon, they will be moving faster than you realise they are capable of.

Stair gate

Different styles of stair gates

The function of the gate as well as the location it will occupy will guide your decision regarding the kind of gate to install.

BabyDan, Lindam, Safety 1st, and Kiddyguard are some of the most popular major brands. The majority of the time, their stair gates are made out of either wood, metal, or fabric mesh, and they can either be screwed into the wall or installed using a pressure fit method.

A stair gate made of wood or metal that opens on the side will require a significant amount of space to swing open into, so you will need to consider whether or not this will create any blockages or make it difficult to manoeuvre around.

In situations with limited space or when you want the gate to disappear when it’s not being used, the solution may lie in the usage of a stair gate that retracts or folds up into a concertina.

It is safer for stair gates at the top of the flight of steps to open toward the landing rather than the flight of stairs, because there is a risk of falling down the stairs when opening the gate. At the top of the steps, you should only use gates that are secured with screws.

How difficult is it to open and close the gate at the top of the stairs? You don’t want your young child to be able to open the mechanism with the flick of a finger, but you also might need to be able to open and close the gate while holding a wiggling child in one arm. Some of the stair gates have automatic closing mechanisms.

Take into consideration the area that needs to be covered; if the opening is exceptionally large, the choices you have will be more limited; nevertheless, you can purchase broad gates or extensions.

How much money do I have to put out?

Stair gate

This is dependent on the style that you like as well as the width of the area that you will be shutting off.

If you want something more stylish, or if it has to fit an unusual space, such as a narrow stair gate or an extra wide stair gate, it could cost up to £100, but if you want something as simple and inexpensive as possible, it can cost as little as £10 to £15; however, if you want something that has to fit an unusual space, it could cost as much as £100.

Read through all of our evaluations of stair gates to pick the one that is the best value for your money.

Pressure-fit stair gates

Stair gate

The gate is secured within a U-shaped frame that cannot be moved and is kept in place by pressure applied at four different points. If your doorway or staircase is significantly larger than typical, you may be able to purchase an extension for it.

Wood or metal might be used in their construction. Wall cups are an option for increasing the stability of the fixing in situations where the pressure applied is insufficient.

Because you do not have to drill or screw these into the wall, they are more simpler to install and will not leave any holes in the wall behind.
Additional features that can be added to pressure-fitted gates include alarms to indicate that the gate has not been closed, as well as mechanisms that automatically shut the gate when it is opened or closed.
Because it is U-shaped, the frame has a rail that runs along the floor, which creates the potential for someone to trip over it. Because of this, they shouldn’t be used at the top of the steps at any point.
stair gates that screw into the wall

Stair gates

Wood or metal can be used for the construction of these, and they are fastened to the wall using metal screws. Before you purchase your gate, you need to take accurate measurements because there is a possibility that you will also need to purchase extensions.

Extremely solid and reliable in its construction
Because there is no rail at the bottom, there is no risk of tripping. For the top of the steps, it is advised that screw-fit gates be utilised.

They require some basic carpentry skills and, once removed, they will leave holes in the wall.

Concertina stair gates or mesh roller stair gates are two options for stair gates.

When the gate is not being used, it can retract inside itself, making it less noticeable to passersby. In most cases, they are constructed out of either a heavy-duty mesh that can be rolled up like a window blind or a hard plastic that can be folded in on itself like a concertina fan.

They need to be screwed into the wall in order to stay in place.

The absence of a frame removes a potential tripping hazard.
When retracted, does not make a sound.
Sometimes works well with wide apertures.
Installing them can be difficult at times.
Gates made of wood or metal might cost up to twice as much as those made of iron.
Some are deficient in terms of structural strength.
stair gates made of wood

Both a pressure fit and a screw fit are options for installing wooden stair gates. If you have a specific kind of design throughout your home and you want the stair gate to match, you can think about purchasing a stair gate that is made of wood.

Stair gates

Travel stair gates

When the pressure is released, these are formed of mesh, they do not sit in a frame, and they totally detach themselves from the wall. They do not function as gates but rather as barriers.

They can be beneficial for travel because they fold up easily and do not take up much space when they are not in use.
Because you have to set them up and take them down after each use, they are not the most practical choice for use on a daily basis.
What to do with the old stair gate you have in your home

When you no longer have a need for your stair gate, the first thing you should do is think about whether or not you might want to keep it for another use, such as preventing a dog from entering the kitchen.

If you don’t plan on getting any pets in the near future, you could try selling the gate on one of the many internet marketplaces. Be sure to inspect the gate thoroughly to ensure that it has not become compromised in any locations as a result of repeated prodding or rattling by a resolute child or animal.

If at all possible, sell the gate together with the manual it came with and all of the hardware. If you have a screw-fit gate, doing this is typically not too difficult at all.

When purchasing pressure-fit gates with wall cups and adhesive pads that hold the wall cups in place, make sure you include spare sticky pads or screws so that the gate can be installed in this manner. The wall cups are what hold the gate in place.

Because they are typically constructed out of a combination of metal railings and plastic fasteners, stair gates are notoriously challenging to recycle.

However, you might try taking it to the recycling centre in your area to see if there is a possibility of recycling it. If that is not the case, it will need to be taken to the garbage centre that is managed by your local municipality.

Dog gates for stairs

Stair gates

A lot of people install safety gates on the stairs to use as dog gates, and they also use them to confine dogs to various rooms.

Some stair gates also come with a little door built into the gate itself, which can be used if you wish to allow a smaller pet past the gate while still preventing larger persons or canines from passing through.

We put every stair gate through an impact test, in which it is struck three times with a weight of 25 kilogrammes (that’s roughly the same weight as a small female labrador or a large springer spaniel), to see if it comes loose or breaks. If it does, we know it passed the test and can move on to the next one.

Some of the gates are able to pass this test, while others start to get unlocked after a few more blows.

It is important to keep in mind that some types of dog gates are not suitable for use with infants since they may contain horizontal slats that your child could use to climb up and over the gate, or they may have small bits that could come off and present a choking hazard.

If you are thinking about obtaining a dog but are also considering having a baby in the near future, it is in your best interest to select a baby stair gate that does well in our testing. This way, you will know that it will be ideal for protecting both the baby and the dog.

Evaluations of stair gates

An evaluation of the Fred Safety Pressure Fit Clear-View Stairgate

145.86 pounds View merchants’ test scoresShow context 83 percent

Identifying characteristics

Pressure-fitting gate made of plastic

Compare and contrast: a gate that is a Best Buy and has intelligent features

It is recommended that you take a look at the Fred Safety Pressure Fit Clear-View stair gate since it is a good stair gate; nevertheless, the price may be prohibitive for certain people. Because it performed exceptionally well on all of the essential tests included in the safety standard and because it possesses a few helpful features that other gates do not, it has been designated as a Best Buy product.

Advantages The item’s transparency makes it less of an eyesore.
Opening with only one hand
Anti-tripping strip that emits a glow in the dark Cons
Difficult to maintain a clean appearance

An analysis of Baby Dan Flexi Fit Wood

49.99 poundsView retailers’ test scoresShow context82 percent

Identifying characteristics


The verdict is in, and the stair gate from Best Buy is outstanding.

This stair gate has received one of the greatest scores out of all of our options. It is initially a little tricky to set up and install because it is a gate that fits together with screws, but this is more than worth it when you realise how strong and solid it is.

Extremely powerful and safe Pros Very few weaknesses

Review of the Safety 1st SecurTech Flat Step Safety Gate, which might be difficult to install at times

34.99 GB poundsView vendor Test scoreShow context 82 percent

Identifying characteristics

Gate Metal Pressure fit

The conclusion is that the Best Buy stair gate is a great value.

The fact that this stair gate is strong, doesn’t leave any markings, and lessens the likelihood of someone tripping over it helped it earn the title of Best Buy safety barrier.

Advantages Robust and risk-free
Reduced potential for injuring oneself by tripping over the bottom U bar
Simple to open There is no need to drill any holes in it
Quite a sluggish process to set up

An evaluation of the Cuggl Single Panel Metal Wall Fix Gate

£17.00Typical pricing
81 percent on the examShow context

Identifying characteristics


Comparative verdict: Very nice for the price gate at Best Buy

This stair gate might not have all of the features that other stair gates do, but it does a fantastic job of doing the things that really matter: keeping things safe and shut. Because it has screw fittings, you will need a drill in order to put it together properly.

Advantages Robust and robust
Specific directives to follow
Simple in its operation
Nothing very significant

The review of Dreambaby Ava 2020

a score of 80% on the retailer’s test that may be viewed for £28.99

Identifying characteristics


Comparative analysis reveals that this gate is both secure and simple to operate.

This pressure-mounted, screw-fit stair gate was able to pass all of our structural tests and is very simple to put up. The gate can be opened and closed easily with just one hand because it is so intuitively designed.

The gate latch is simple to operate, both open and closed.
Stay-open functionality
Specific directives to follow
All of the checks and testing for safety have been passed.
Because it is necessary to drill holes in the wall in order to attach the wall cups, it may not be appropriate for rental properties.

John Lewis Single Panel Wooden Gate review

£25.00Typical pricing
a score of 80% on the examinationShow Context

Identifying characteristics


The conclusion is that it is reliable and secure.

This stair gate is evidence that keeping things straightforward and uncomplicated can make a world of difference in terms of both safety and durability. It is highly recommended that you have a peek.

The building is safe and sound.
Simple in design and operation.
Good value
A little bit of a challenge to shut the gate.

Baby Dan MultiDan metal extending review

£350.00View merchants’ Test scoresShow Context 79%


Identifying characteristics


Comparative analysis reveals a sturdy, screw-fit stair gate

If you need a gate for the top of the stairs, this screw-fit gate is a good option for you to consider. It is easy to set up and has a high level of security.

Simple to fit in
Robust and safe in all aspects
Will create holes in the frame of your door.
It may be difficult to shut the gate.
John Lewis

Extending metal safety gate review

£25.00Typical pricing
78% on the examination Show context


Identifying characteristics


The verdict: an effective and uncomplicated stair gate

Because it requires holes to be drilled in the door frame, installing this stair gate might be a bit of a hassle. However, once it is assembled, it is quite solid and secure, and it is a Best Buy, so it is unquestionably something that should be considered.

Advantages Robust and robust
Good value
Instructions that are easy to understand
Do you need to drill holes in the frame of your door?
A little bit of a challenge to shut the gate.

The evaluation of the Lindam Wall Fix Extending Wooden


Check out the results of the retailer test hereShow context 77%


Identifying characteristics


Compare and contrast: a sturdy stair gate that goes above and beyond the usual

Because it was able to withstand the additional impact that we put gates through in order to determine which ones were good and which ones were great, this gate is not only secure but also very sturdy. Continue reading if you want to learn more.

All EU standard safety tests have been successfully passed
It passed the impact test involving 25 kg, and there were no trip risks. Very sturdy.
Specific directives to follow
The mechanism for latching can be a bit finicky.
Causes damage to the wall or doorframe when fittings are drilled into.

Baby Dan Guard me review

$600.00View merchants’ Test scoresShow Context 76%

Identifying characteristics


The verdict is that it is very easy to install and utilise.

Because it is so simple to install and utilise, the Baby Dan Guard Me stair gate is an excellent option to consider.

Installing it is quick and simple. Pros
Installs via screws
Therefore, you will need to drill holes.

Evaluation of the Lindam Sure Shut Axis

24.99 poundsView store Test scoreShow context 76 percent

Identifying characteristics

Gate Metal Pressure fit

Compare  verdict: Excellent pressure-fit stair gate

Anyone who is searching for a gate that does not require drilling to fit it should look no further than this excellent pressure-fit gate. It is an excellent choice. It is simple to set up and complies with all of the necessary safety standards.

Quick and simple in its assembly.
Doesn’t require drilling
Robust and safe in all aspects
Simple to open and close as needed
The U-bar frame presents a risk of tripping.
When the adhesive pads have been removed, they may leave behind a sticky residue.

Lindam Extending Metal review


Check out the results of the retailer test hereShow context 74%


Identifying characteristics


The conclusion is that this gate may be found at extremely affordable rates.

This gate may cost less than £30, but it has passed all of our safety checks. One of these checks was an impact test, in which our specialists repeatedly hit the installed gate with a weight of 25 kilogrammes (that’s roughly the weight of an average six-year-old), to see if it breaks or moves out of position. The gate passed the test. The only real drawback is that it is more difficult to put together than other gates, and the instructions aren’t quite as clear as they are for those other gates.

Pros Less than thirty pounds
Cons: It did not pass our safety checks.
The instructions could be made more understandable.

The review of Baby Dan’s No Trip Metal

26.99 poundsView retailers’ test scoresShow context74 percent


Identifying characteristics


The conclusion is that it is appropriate for usage at the top of the steps.

This gate is strong and reliable, providing enough protection. This is a wonderful choice of stair gate for those who are willing to drill holes in their walls or door frames in order to install it. In addition to this, installing it and opening and closing it are both simple tasks.

Completely and successfully passed all of the EU’s stringent safety checks
The absence of u-bars indicates that there is no potential for tripping.
Can open one-handed
You’ll need to make some holes in your wall or door frame to accommodate the wiring.
The lettering in the instruction booklet is at an inappropriate size.

In this article, we take a look at the John Lewis Extending Wooden Safety Gate.

£34.00Typical pricing
a score of 74% on the examinationShow context

Characteristic elements


The conclusion is that simple approaches can be effective.

This gate does not have any significant problems at all. Because it does not include a u-bar, it is not only safe and robust but also rather simple to set up. Because of this, it might be a smart option to put it at the top of your steps.

Advantages Sturdy and risk-free
Simple to open and close as needed
There is not a risk of tripping.
Appropriate for the top of the stairs
There is a lack of minimum and maximum opening width information in the purchase.

Involves carrying out Baby Dan Danamic review drilling

£39.45See score on retailers’ tests Show context 73%


Identifying characteristics

Gate Metal Pressure fit

The verdict is in, and it’s impressive: the pressure-fit safety gate

This pressure-fit safety barrier not only passed all of our structural testing with flying colours but also has a low price point and is simple to put together.

Robust and simple to install in entrances and openings
Will not leave a mark on the frame of your door.
Be careful not to trip over the bar that runs at the bottom of the page; it’s a potential hazard.

Review of the Dreambaby Liberty Security Gate, which includes the Smart Stay Open Feature

27.99 poundsView retailer’s test scoreShow context73 percent

Identifying characteristics

Pressure-fitted metal gate with screwed wall cups. Gate Metal.

The conclusion is that this gate is simple to build, strong, and safe.

This is an ingenious, strong, and sturdy gate that passed all of our safety inspections without a hitch and just required a few moments of your time to set up.

The frame is sturdy and strong.
Easy to put together.
a release that only requires one hand
a distinct “click” as the door shuts
Opens in both directions
Simple to clean with a wipe Cons
U-bar trip hazard
Installation calls for the use of screws as well as wall cups with adhesive pads.
Will cause damage to the walls and the door frame

Badabulle Deco Pop Extendable review


£45.00Typical pricing
73% on the examinationShow context


Identifying characteristics

Pressure-fitting wood and screws for the gate

Compare  verdict: Decent wooden stair gate

This is a quality wooden stair gate that can be installed in either a pressure fit or screw fit configuration, giving consumers the freedom to choose which installation method is most convenient for them.

Option to be assembled using either screws or pressure
The latch mechanism is simple to operate.
Took and passed the durability tests
A wide variety of possible modifications
When pressure-fit mounted, it is necessary to remove the entire gate in order to pass through.
The gate’s installation is a time-consuming process.

An evaluation of the Cuggl Wall Fix Extending Safety Gate


£20.00Typical pricing

73% on the examinationShow context


Identifying characteristics


Compare and contrast the verdict: a clever, uncomplicated, and adaptable gate

In addition to the fact that it merely took a few minutes to put together using the screws and fasteners that were provided, its design did not present any significant issues when we tested its safety. It is also reasonably priced at twenty pounds.

Installed firmly and safely on the wall using screws
Width that can be adjusted to accommodate spaces that are not normal.
Opening with one hand
a mechanism with a double lock
No trip hazard
Walls or door frames could be damaged if screw fixes are used.
Drill and screwdriver are needed for the installation.

Open’n Stop Safety Gate review

£25.00View retailers’ Test scores71%


Identifying characteristics

Gate Metal Pressure fit

The conclusion is that it is simple to install and operate.

This stair gate is virtually as excellent as the one sold by Best Buy, so get it if you can. In addition to being strong and simple to install, there are a variety of alternatives available to expand the gate so that it may pass through bigger entrances, and these extensions can be purchased separately.

Simple to fit in
Can open one-handed
Will not leave any scars on the door frame when removed.
It is necessary to double check that the gate is shut correctly.

A look of the Sure Shut Deco Gate


Check the score of the retailer hereShow context 69%

Identifying characteristics

Wood and aluminium gate with a pressurised joint