Every year we ask thousands of pay-TV and broadband customers about their experiences, so you can find a TV provider you can rely on

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Keen to get a combined TV and broadband deal? Our latest satisfaction survey will help you to make the right choice.  If you already pay for separate broadband, home phone and TV services – or are thinking of doing so – it’s worth considering bundling them together with one provider.

Buying a combined package is usually cheaper and means you only have to deal with one company.  However, providers vary in terms of the speed and reliability of their broadband service, range of TV content available, and factors such as value for money and customer service.

The best TV and broadband providers


In the table, below we’ve rated the big four internet service providers (ISPs), plus newer providers EE and Plusnet, for the bundled TV packages they offer.  As well as customer scores for each company, we also assess all the key elements of their service, from value for money to the programmes that are available to watch.

ISP    62%         

Sky     61%

BT     60%

Virgin Media     57%

TalkTalk            55%

EE                       54%

Plusnet              45%


Based on a survey of 3,039 TV, broadband and home phone customers conducted in January 2021.  Customer score combines overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend. Sample sizes: Sky – 1,270, BT – 408, Virgin Media – 1,023, TalkTalk – 180, EE – 81, Plusnet – 43. *Plusnet’s TV service is no longer available to new customers. Sky took top spot in our latest survey, with a customer score of 62%.

Subscribers were understandably happy with the quality of television programmes on offer, and Sky earned positive ratings for its customer service and technical support. However, BT and Virgin Media customers were happier with their broadband connections than Sky customers, so if this is a priority for you, it’s worth weighing up their offerings, too.

BT earned three stars across the board, while Virgin suffered when it came to its customer service and technical support. TalkTalk and EE received similar ratings, taking fourth and fifth spot respectively.

Both got the same three-star rating for value for money as their big rivals, but received subpar ratings for their broadband connections.

Meanwhile, Plusnet came last in our rankings. While its cheap deals received a decent rating for value, it earned low scores for both customer service and technical support, and its broadband speeds received a miserable one-star rating from its TV and broadband customers.

Plusnet customers might feel inconvenienced by their eventual need to switch to a different TV provider, but our survey shows they’re likely to be happier as a result of switching.


TV and broadband provider overview

Bundled TV and broadband deals should be both convenient and affordable. They’re usually more cost effective than paying for the same services separately, but not all bundles are equal. The wrong option could see you landed with iffy broadband, poor programme choice and substandard customer service. Read an overview of each provider below, and click through to the review for more detail on how it performed.

TV and broadband provider review

BT is Britain’s biggest telecoms provider. It offers a TV service (based around Now TV) with its broadband and phone packages. Most of its TV deals are flexible, allowing you to change the bundle of channels you can access each month if you’d like. BT offers both standard (ADSL) broadband with an average download speed of 10Mbps, and fibre-optic broadband deals with average speeds of 36Mbps, 50Mbps and 67Mbps.

Plusnet TV and broadband provider review

Plusnet has stopped offering its TV service to new customers, saying that it now plans to focus on its broadband service. Customers who are currently subscribed to its Freeview-based service will only be able to continue using it for the rest of their minimum contract period, meaning it will no longer be available from 2022. Read more about the changes to Plusnet’s service using our Plusnet review.

Sky TV and broadband provider review

Sky is synonymous with pay TV and offers an impressive array of channels. Its bundles come with standard or superfast (fibre-optic) broadband. Plus Sky offers more than 300 television channels, even with its most basic deal. Sky has had a dominant position in the UK’s pay-TV industry since 1994. Weigh up whether its reputation is deserved in our Sky review.

TalkTalk TV and broadband provider review

TalkTalk may appeal to those looking for an affordable TV and broadband provider. As its name suggests, TalkTalk started as a phone provider but now offers a Freeview-based TV service with its broadband deals. Fibre and standard broadband deals are included – average speeds start at 11Mbps and go up to 67Mbps. Find out whether it’s cheap and cheerful or cheap and nasty in our TalkTalk review.

Virgin Media TV and broadband provider review

Virgin Media’s TV offering is different from most providers – it offers its own service via its broadband network. A mix of Freeview and premium channels are on offer – you can access nearly 400, depending on the deal you select. All Virgin Media’s bundles come with superfast broadband – average speeds start at 54Mbps and go up to an impressive 1000Mbps (1Gbps).

Explore whether it’s the best choice for you using our Virgin Media review. If you’d prefer a broadband-only deal, then read our in-depth reviews of all the major ISPs in our guide to the best broadband providers.