We reveal the museums, galleries, and other historic attractions in the United Kingdom that have been rated as having the best overall value.

Since museums, galleries, and other historic attractions have reopened to the public, it is likely that there will be a high demand for day trips. But while admission to some of the United Kingdom’s most popular attractions can cost more than one hundred pounds for a family of four, a fun day trip doesn’t have to put a dent in your bank account. We recently conducted a survey in the United Kingdom of approximately 5,000 people, and we chose the attractions that we found to offer the best value based on the results of that survey. Although these destinations are not necessarily the least expensive ones to visit, they are the ones with the highest ratings and where your dollars, pounds, and cents will go the furthest. Checking the website before making the journey is always the best option, especially given the fact that advance booking is frequently required and a few of the attractions have not yet fully reopened.

How to get the most out of your money at the UK’s various attractions

The following map provides an overview of the 14 tourist destinations in the United Kingdom that offer the best value for visitors’ time and money. These destinations range from the Riverside Museum in Glasgow to the RAF Museum in London. Every attraction was awarded a remarkable overall score of at least 85%, and also received high marks for providing excellent value for the money.

Top 10 best-value museums and galleries

If you want to go to a great museum or gallery without spending a small fortune, you have a wide variety of options available to you. In our survey, approximately 13 attractions received top scores for value for money, and ten of those attractions also received impressive customer scores. These customer scores indicate the likelihood that visitors will be satisfied with their experience and recommend it if prompted to do so. Check out the complete list we’ve compiled of the top museums and galleries in the UK.

Top 10 best-value museums and galleries

St Fagans National Museum of History

Museum of Historical Artifacts

The St. Fagans National Museum of History, which has a score of 94%, The history of Wales is presented in stunningly accurate detail at this incredible open-air museum in Cardiff. It is peaceful, calm, interesting, and astonishingly, there is not a single charge associated with it.

The Beamish Museum, also known as the Living Museum of the North (91%), — An additional outdoor museum not far from Newcastle brings the history of the region to vivid life. In spite of the fact that admission is close to twenty dollars, respondents to our survey were in agreement that this 300-acre attraction provides an exceptional value for the money spent.

The National Railway Museum, which accounts for 91% of the total visitors. You might believe that the world’s largest railways museum, which displays more than one hundred historic locomotives, would charge a lot of money for admission and be overrun with visitors. The results of our survey indicate the exact opposite to be the case.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) Museum Cosford, located in the majority (91%): In addition to housing a remarkable collection of historic military aircraft, such as the Dornier Do 17 and the Vulcan V Bomber, the museum also features interactive exhibits, which contributed to it receiving a perfect score in our survey assessing visitor engagement.

National Museum of Scotland (90%) — As a result of the merger that took place 15 years ago between the Museum of Scotland and the Royal Scottish Museum, you can now visit two museums for the price of just one. However, there is no cost associated with attending because there is no admission fee.

Cardiff National Museum (87%) — If you’re going to St. Fagans, you should definitely make it a point to stop by Cardiff National Museum as well during the same trip. It is free, and it features an incredible variety of exhibits, ranging from science to art, so that visitors of all interests can find something to enjoy.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is the winner with 87% of the vote. You are only permitted to visit this gallery in Glasgow at this time if you are a resident of the city, but it is absolutely deserving of your time because the rules are so easy to follow. Although Salvador Dali’s Christ of St. John of the Cross is probably the museum’s most well-known exhibit, the museum is home to an impressive total of 8,000 different pieces of art.

Royal Air Force Museum London (87%) — The second RAF museum to make our list of the best 10, this sister site in London is also free and features an amazing collection of vintage aircraft.

The Museum of Natural History at Oxford University, which makes up 86% of the total — This university museum is a celebration of scientific and natural history research, and it is open to the public without charge. It has more than 7 million objects in its collection.

Riverside Museum (85%) is located in Glasgow and is known as the city’s transport museum. It features over 3,000 exhibits, one of which is The Tall Ship, Glenlee. It’s totally free, peaceful, and packed with people to talk to. However, non-Glaswegians won’t be able to go there until local restrictions are loosened.

The most entertaining and educational historical sites

Great value Our survey found that historic attractions are slightly more difficult to find, with only six out of fifty receiving top marks for value for the money they offer. Out of those, only four receive exceptional ratings across the board; therefore, you should direct your attention to them first. Check out the complete list of the top 50 attractions in the UK.

The most entertaining and educational historical sites

Royal Yacht Britannia

Located in Edinburgh, the Royal Yacht Britannia (90%)

The most impressive historical site in the United Kingdom is also one of the most affordable options available. Before enjoying champagne and cream tea on the Royal Deck, guests are welcome to take their time exploring the Queen’s former yacht, which includes the extravagant state dining room.

The majority of users chose Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire.

The earliest known records of Fountains Abbey are from the 12th century, and it is now the most extensive ruin of a monastery in the country. Because there aren’t very many people visiting, not only will you get a great deal for your money, but you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the grand Romanesque ruins and the surrounding Studley Royal Water Garden at your own pace. This attraction received high marks for its absence of crowds.

The Houses of Parliament in London makes up 86% of the total.

According to the results of our poll, the seat of democratic government in the UK received the fifth-highest overall rating among historic attractions. Even though tours are not operating at the moment, interested parties should keep an eye on the website because touring the chambers and the Westminster Hall from the 11th century is not something that should be missed. Entry is less expensive than most of London’s attractions, and residents of the UK can avoid paying entirely by making a request for free tickets from their member of parliament.

Durham Cathedral, Durham (85%)

It is impossible not to be impressed by the dizzyingly high vaulted ceiling that can be found in Durham Cathedral. The ceiling is held up by massive, chevron-striped pillars and pointed arches. Our survey found that it is the cathedral in the United Kingdom with the highest overall rating, and even better, admission is totally free.