Omron Evolv Automatic review


Score on the view retailers test: 93%

The verdict is in: excellent functionality and precision

This monitor combines unmatched precision and user-friendly design with practical functions, such as a companion app that allows you to keep track of your data. It has been one of the models that has performed exceptionally well in our tests. However, considering the high cost of the device, it would be preferable if it could be used to monitor the blood pressure of more than one individual at a time.

Pros Accurate Comfortable
A multitude of capabilities
Connectable to an application on the user’s mobile device
The screen is difficult to read, and the font is quite small. Only one user’s readings can be stored.

An evaluation of the Boots Blood Pressure Monitor – Upper Arm

£20.00Typical price
Test score 91%

The conclusion is that it should be kept straightforward but accurate.

This is an excellent choice for you if you are looking for pinpoint precision in your results. It does not have any additional bells and whistles, so it is best suited for someone who is more concerned with the accuracy of the readings than with additional features or more in-depth analysis.


Simple in its operation
In terms of characteristics

An evaluation of the Omron RS2 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

49.64 pounds View retailer’s test score 84 percent

The verdict is that this wrist monitor is both very accurate and portable.

This portable wrist monitor from Best Buy is one of the lightest we’ve tested despite its exceptionally high level of accuracy. Setting up to take your readings and doing so is simple. It has some extra features such as a memory function, and the price is about average for what it offers.


Easy to use, with a fast reading, and a pleasant experience overall
Cons are lightweight and portable Pros
Digits have fewer features than others, and the start button is on the smaller side.

Evaluation of Withings BPM Connect


Score of 72% on the Retailer Knowledge Test

Take a look at the results: it’s something to think about.

This is an excellent, lightweight, and portable blood pressure monitor that provides a high level of accuracy and is simple to operate. The levels of comfort, on the other hand, could be improved, and it does not quite meet the criteria necessary to be considered a Best Buy.

Absolutely spot on
Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity that is intuitively simple to use
There is room for improvement in the arm cuff.

This is a review of the Braun ExactFit 5 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, model BP6200.

£58.01See more retail outlets Test score: 65%

The verdict is comparable: expensive with a large number of features

This model is good for accurate blood pressure measurement in general, but some of its results aren’t as spot-on as the monitors that received the highest scores on our scale. You will be required to pay a premium price, but in exchange, you will receive an extensive collection of fundamental features on a monitor that you will find simple to operate.

Readings of the patient’s blood pressure were accurate overall (but not top marks on two of three tests)
Comprehensive set of essential features, including a choice between two sizes of cuffs

Some people get higher marks (top marks) on all of the accuracy tests.
The monitor is quite weighty.
You are paying a premium price due to the inclusion of the features.

Omron HeartGuide review


Typical price
13% on the test score SHOW CONTEXT

Compare  verdict: One to avoid

The HeartGuide is an excellent product with a brilliant concept that was poorly executed. It is extremely inaccurate, cumbersome, and unpleasant to have on one’s person. It’s a “Do Not Buy” situation.


Simple in its operation
Inaccurate blood pressure measurement

Very difficult to put on and very costly
Not waterproof