The evaluation of the Panasonic SDZB-2502BXC Bread Maker

£159.00Typical price
Test score 91 percent

The consensus recommendation is outstanding.

Panasonic has been at the top of our list of Best Buy bread makers for some time now, and here’s another Best Buy to add to that company’s ever-growing collection of accolades. If you are looking for the greatest bread maker available, your search is over because the SD-ZB2502 came out on top in all of our baking tests; therefore, you do not need to go any further.

The bread that it makes, both white and brown, is very good.
Very simple to operate, really simple to clean, and incredibly silent Delay start
Dispensers that are automatically operated for yeast and nuts
Rye bread requires an additional blade.

Plenty of diverse bread-related programmes from which to choose Cons
No viewing window
The slowest of the bunch

The evaluation of the Panasonic SD-ZX2522BXC Bread Maker

£240.00Typical pricing
Test score 83 percent

Compare verdict: Versatile – and great at the basics

Panasonic bread makers tend to do well in our tests, and the SD-ZX2522BXC didn’t disappoint. We loved the brown and white bread it baked in our test kitchen, and it’s really easy to use and clean. With so many good aspects, it certainly deserves our Best Buy logo.

Wide assortment of bread and dough possibilities
Excellent white bread
Good wholemeal bread
Very easy to use Very easy to clean
Delay timer Very silent
Automatic yeast
Fruit and nut dispensers


Slow Heavy
No viewing window

Morphy Richards Multi-use Fastbake Bread Maker 48281 review

£69.99View retailers Test score\s76 percent

Compare verdict: A decent affordable model

This bread machine is incredibly simple to operate and produces both white and brown bread that tastes great. Because the paddle does not become entangled in your loaf, you will not pull off significant portions of the bread as you unload it, and it is simple to clean up after use.

Bakes a tasty loaf of bread
Extremely simple to operate.
It is simple to clean.
Timer with a delay
Keep-warm Quiet

There are no significant defects.

An evaluation of the Russell Hobbs Compact Black Bread Maker 23620

£58.95 Click here to view shops Test score: 72%

Compare verdict: Generally good

We loved the white and brown loaves from this bread maker, but breads made with the delay timer are disappointing


Makes wonderful white and brown bread\sEasy to use
Dishwasher-safe parts
Delay timer
Gluten-free programme

Bread cooked on the delayed start option is heavy and dense
Paddle sticks occasionally

Lakeland White Compact 1lb Daily Loaf Bread Maker 16147 review

£74.99View retailer Test score\s72 percent

The verdicts are as follows: the bread is delicious, but the paddle sticks are a letdown.

This Lakeland bread maker is quite small, yet it produces some seriously delicious loaves of bread. It is efficient, and it is also simple to clean up after use. However, the paddle has a propensity to get stuck, and when it is removed from the bread, it leaves a hole.


Compact design
Simple to operate
Extremely simple to clean up.
Produces decent loaves
The delay timer functions effectively.
purpose of keeping warm
Kneading can be difficult and noisy due to the paddle’s tendency to become entangled in the bread.
Some people may find that the loaves are too little.

Evaluation of the Morphy Richards Homebake 502001

$75.00 Take a look at the various retailers Test score: 70 percent

The verdict is in: these delicious whole-grain loaves are perfect for large homes.

People who wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning would benefit from purchasing one of these affordable bread makers. It produces decent white bread as well as exceptional loaves made with entire grains. In contrast to other bread machines, this one can produce good loaves by utilising the delay timer; in fact, the loaves it produces are superior to white bread that was baked using the standard setting. It is unobtrusive in addition to being simple to operate.


Made tasty
In our test, both white and whole-grain breads turned out perfectly, and the baking time and cleanup were a breeze.

There is no recipe provided for straightforward gluten-free bread.
Kneading blade that is difficult to wash by hand
No automatic fruit
Dispenser for either nuts or yeast

The fast-bake setting produced a wide hole in the bread when the blade was used,

Sage Custom Loaf Pro BBM800BSS.

£219.95View shops Test score 62 percent

The conclusion is that it is filled with features but is not the finest bread.

We had no trouble figuring out how to use the Sage Custom Loaf Pro, and there is no doubting the value added by the software’s plethora of supplementary tools and applications. On the other hand, we did not find the quality of its bread to be very impressive overall.

Options available for modifying both the bread and the dough
Extremely simple to operate.
Timer with a Quick and Quiet Delay
Automatic dispenser
Collapsible paddle
Others make better bread

Examining the Panasonic SD YR2550

£189.00 Check the test score at stores

Compare verdict: Excellent

This Panasonic bread maker didn’t disappoint; the sleek new design is rather huge, though, and it takes up a good bit of counter space, but the bread we baked was outstanding, and just what we’ve come to expect from the basic Panasonic bread makers. It’s easy to see why the majority of Panasonic bread machine users choose to continue with the brand when buying a new one.

Easy to use
Great results
Good quick setting
Many recipes
Sourdough starter spoon included

Big No backlight on display No viewing window