A guide to purchasing the most accurate digital thermometer for your infant or young child

What you need to know in order to purchase a digital thermometer that is fuss-free for your infant or young child.
Ear thermometers and non-contact reading methods are both options for digital thermometers. They are intended to make the procedure of taking a child’s temperature less intrusive and more expedient than the traditional temperature thermometers that have been used in the past. If you have one of these old thermometers lying around, you shouldn’t use it anymore because they are often filled with mercury. Instead, you should consider upgrading to one of the many types of digital thermometers available; the type you choose will depend on your requirements and your available funds. It is also not recommended by the NHS to use strip-type forehead thermometers for the purpose of obtaining an accurate reading because these thermometers display the temperature of the skin rather than the temperature of the body.

Ear thermometers that are digital

Ear thermometers, often referred to as tympanic thermometers, are designed to cause the least amount of discomfort to babies as possible. In fact, these thermometers even enable parents to take their child’s temperature while the child is sleeping. They take a reading after a second or two, utilising infrared to measure the heat that is generated inside the ear, and then they take the reading.

It is possible that the reading will not be accurate if the thermometer is not positioned in the ear correctly, and earwax can also have an effect on the accuracy of the reading. Due to the size of a newborn’s ear canal, digital thermometers of this type should not be used on infants.

Features of digital ear thermometers to look out for are the following:

Ear thermometers that are any good need to be easy to use even on children who are constantly moving around. It is preferable to have a straightforward procedure that only requires one touch rather than having to consult the instructions in the early hours of the morning.
You should look for versions that have backlights so that you can view the findings even if the lights are turned out.
Some in-ear thermometers call for you to purchase disposable probe coverings, which is a step in the right direction from a sanitary standpoint but adds an additional expense to think about.

Infrared thermometers that do not require direct contact

Even more recently introduced to the market than ear thermometers are infrared thermometers that do not require direct skin contact. These are often used by simply pointing them at a child’s forehead (the distance between the device and the child’s skin is typically around 5 centimetres, but this varies from brand to brand) and providing a very quick reading. They are obviously appealing to parents because it is possible that you will not even need to wake up your sleeping child in order to obtain a measurement using one of them.

Features of a non-contact thermometer that you should watch out for

A great infrared thermometer that does not require contact should be simple to operate and quick to provide a reading.

Popular features include a backlight that allows readings to be seen even in the dark and a traffic-light system that indicates whether or not a fever is present.

Some additionally include the capacity to measure temperatures in the room as well as on surfaces (such as liquids).

One other benefit is that they are hygienic and don’t need probe covers as some ear thermometers do. On the other hand, you have to make sure the infrared sensor stays clean.

Where can one get their hands on a digital thermometer?

When purchasing a digital thermometer, you should make sure that the retailer from whom you are purchasing it has a good reputation. Check the store’s policy on returns, and pay attention to the comments and ratings left by previous customers. Check out our tips on buying online for further information, including how to shop online safely and how to get your money back if a product is defective.

At the time of this writing, some of the digital thermometer retailers that are receiving the most online searches include Boots, Argos, Amazon, and Superdrug. We’ve included links to these merchants because we chose them based on the availability of their stock, the greatest value pricing they offered, or the warranty alternatives they provided.

Boots carries a small selection of digital thermometers, most of which cost more than fifteen pounds each. Your Boots Advantage card gives you the opportunity to earn reward points, and if you spend more than $30 there is no charge for delivery. Additionally, Boots received a high score in the category of beauty, health, and wellbeing shops in our annual retailer survey.

There is a broad variety of digital thermometers available to purchase at Argos, including models manufactured by Braun, Dreambaby, Kinetik Wellbeing, and Tommee Tippee. Prices start at just £10 for the most fundamental types and run up to approximately £60. At certain Sainsbury’s locations, you can get same-day in-store collection, and if you collect Nectar points, you’ll get two points for every pound that you spend when you do so.

Amazon has thousands of digital thermometers in stock, but if you can, try to stick to models that are fulfilled by or sold by Amazon. It will be much faster to resolve concerns if there is something wrong with your thermometer if you purchase one of these types. Stick to brands that you are already familiar with or that appear to have a good reputation after conducting an online search. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you will be eligible for free delivery on most of your orders.

There is a limited selection of digital thermometers available at Superdrug that are priced to accommodate a variety of budgets. There are many different brands available, such as Braun, Kinetik Wellbeing, Tommee Tippee, and Vital Baby. You can get free home delivery when you spend more than fifteen pounds or free same-day in-store collection with the Superdrug Health and Beauty card, plus you can collect points on the card.