The top electric bicycles for the year 2022

The greatest electric bike motor systems in the United Kingdom can be found on top electric bike manufacturers like Giant, Halfords, and Trek, as determined by our stringent laboratory tests. Find the people who are able to provide you with genuine assistance and enable you to do more with less effort.

Rekindling an old passion for riding with the assistance of electric bicycles, often known as e-bikes, is a terrific way to increase the amount of time you can spend having fun on two wheels well into your senior years. However, they are not inexpensive, and our research has shown that different brands will transport you to very different locations.

If you make the wrong decision, you might find that the maximum distance an electric bike can travel on flat ground is only 30 miles, and it won’t even be able to get you up the smallest of slopes. On the other hand, the models that performed the best in our tests allowed for effortless ascents of slopes and propelled drivers around flat terrain for nearly two times as many kilometres. Find out why we test electric bike motors, which motor/display combinations are the best, and which models from the best brands are equipped with those combinations by reading on.

The key to picking the right electric bike for your needs

The motor and display combo of an electric bicycle is the component that is considered to be the most essential. If it does not work well, there is not much purpose in paying the additional money required to purchase an e-bike in comparison to purchasing a standard bicycle. E-bike motors are only produced by a select few manufacturers, like Bosch, Shimano, and Yamaha, despite the fact that there are a great number of different brands.

As a consequence of this, a lot of different models employ the same display and motor combinations. As a result, the electric bike motors and displays are the primary focus of our independent laboratory evaluations. With this knowledge in hand, you will be able to filter your search to only include those that come with the combination of motor and display that you are looking for.

The majority of online retailers allow you to narrow your search by the type of motor, but we’ve also included a selection of e-bikes with each motor review. These e-bikes are from some of the most well-known brands available to owners.

1 Be warned that some stores will sell the identical electric bike but it will have a different motor. If you locate one that we’ve listed at a different retailer, we suggest that you check the specifications twice to be sure that it contains the motor that you’re looking for.

Purion display integrated with the Bosch Active Line (400Wh battery)

Score: 65% Range: 32 miles The Raleigh Felix Step-through Electric Hybrid can be purchased for £1,900 at Halfords; the Trek Verve +2 can be purchased for £2,600 at Balfe’s Bikes; and the Trek District+ 1 can be purchased starting at £2,275 at Evans Cycles. Our conclusion is that the range of this motor and battery combination isn’t as broad as that of others, but it is possible to increase it to 54 miles using a battery that has 500Wh.

The range is significantly reduced when climbing steep inclines, coming in at fewer than 10 miles when operating at maximum assistance. It is a good motor that does not have any significant problems. This motor has a number of positive qualities, one of which is its ability to supply power in a consistent and smooth manner, and it is also quite quiet. In addition to being lucid and simple to operate, the Purion display is also visible in bright environments and features four different assistance levels.

The results of our tests validate Bosch’s assertion that this is an appropriate motor for use in city environments. If you want to go for longer trips or off-road, you should check into a motor that has a bit more hill support than this one before purchasing a bike with this engine because it will be ideal for someone who just wants to get around town.

Intuvia display integrated inside the Bosch Active Line Plus (400Wh battery)

Score: 72%

Range: 43 miles

Bikes such as the Raleigh Felix+ Nexus Hub Step-through Electric Hybrid, which can be purchased for £2,250 at Halfords, the Trek District+ 6, which can be purchased for £3,050 at Trek Bikes, and the Kalkoff Image 5.B Move 2021, which can be purchased for £2,899.99 at Rutland Cycling.

Our conclusion is that when paired with a 400Wh battery, the Bosch Active Line Plus motor will allow you to travel almost 43 miles on level ground and a little more than 13 miles on hills of moderate difficulty. It’s an excellent motor that doesn’t make much noise and has a very smooth delivery of power. In addition to this, it provides a smooth and rapid acceleration up to your maximum speed. The display on the Intuvia is the most impressive one we’ve seen. It offers unambiguous information, can be navigated with ease, and has four different support levels.

If you want an electric bike that you’ll mostly use for commuting in the city but that will still hold up quite well if you decide to embark on a more extended exploratory journey, you should consider purchasing a model that comes with this particular motor and display.

Purion display integrated with the Bosch Performance Line (500Wh battery)

Score: 77%

Range: 40 miles

Some examples of bicycles that come equipped with this motor are the Kalkhoff Endeavour 1.B Move (available for purchase at Rutland Cycling for £1,889.99), the Cube Nature Hybrid EXC 625 (available for purchase at Pure Electric for £2,599), and the Haibike HardNine 4 2021 (available for purchase at Rutland Cycling for £1,999.99).

According to our findings, the Bosch Performance Line Cruise is the motor that performs the best in all categories combined. It works well in conjunction with the Purion display, which provides a user with four different levels of assistance and is simple to operate. At the highest power setting, you will be able to go a distance of 40 miles when connected with a battery that has a capacity of 500 watt-hours. The steep decline brings the total distance to 16 kilometres. You also have the option of purchasing this engine with 300Wh or 400Wh batteries; however, doing so may lower the overall range of the bike. The ride quality, however, will remain the same.

The motor has fantastic support capabilities, whether it’s on flat roads or uphill terrain, and it accelerates incredibly well. It’s also one of the quietest motors we’ve tested.

How we put electric bikes through their paces

All of the electric bicycle propulsion systems that we examine are installed on a laboratory rolling road and subjected to a battery of demanding tests that are meant to be representative of their use in actual riding conditions. When we evaluate each of the different systems, we use the same identical setup, so that you can simply see how they compare to one another.

The methodology behind our range calculations for electric bikes

Manufacturers of electric bikes may provide a mileage estimate for their products, but they often do not publicise the rider’s weight or the environmental conditions in which they test the bikes. Because of this, attempting to compare the range of one bike to another is nearly impossible.

The following is a constant that we maintain for our range tests:

Weight of the rider in the bicycle (70kg)

Both the frontal area and the amount of air resistance

The amount of resistance that the tyres have to rolling

When the bike is up to speed, it maintains a steady speed of 15.5 mph during the ride.

That speed drops down to 11.2 miles per hour when the bike is on a slope that is 6%.

You won’t find estimates for the range of electric bicycles anyplace else that are actually comparable to one another.

Various levels of assistance

Our range and incline tests are carried out using three distinct power-assistance settings, which are as follows:

100% assistance The motor is making the same amount of effort that the rider is.

150% aid Motor is exerting more work than the rider is at this point.

200% support The motor is putting in twice the amount of work that the rider is.