Best Buy folding electric bikes

The best folding electric bikes are light, compact, well-built, and easy to transport. They’ll give you support when you need it, get you further, and ride smoothly too.

Folding electric bikes don’t come cheap, so you’ll want to be sure you’ve invested in one that’s light and transportable, rides well and gives you a boost when you need it. Our tests show that there’s a massive difference between how compact and easy to carry different folding e-bikes are, and how far they’ll get you.

The best folding electric bikes are light and balanced enough to carry for a reasonable distance. The worst can weigh well over 20kg and are unwieldy and difficult to carry.

Some models don’t kick in quickly enough with the support when you need it, or provide a jerky ride when turning corners or riding at speed.

Best Buys are smooth to ride, quick and easy to fold up and transport or store, and their hinges and key components are built to stand the test of time.

How we find the best foldable electric bikes Our tests go further than anyone else to ensure that the folding e-bikes we recommend as Best Buys are truly the cream of the crop.

We put the bikes’ motors and batteries through tough performance tests that include comparing how far they’ll take you before the battery runs out at different assistance levels, and on different terrains.

We also conduct comprehensive laboratory tests for foldability, build quality, ride quality and practical panel assessments on factors like how suitable the bike would be for commuting and transporting.

We measure how quickly the motor assistance kicks in to support the rider. Some bikes take a couple of pedal revolutions before you feel the support of the motor, which makes it harder to set off from the lights, or start riding on a hill.

We time how long it takes to fold and unfold each bike, how much they weigh and how easy they are to carry and store.

We make a thorough assessment of all of the bikes’ hinges. Some will stand the test of time, but others are flimsy, difficult to tighten, and prone to rust.

Folding electric bike reviews you can trust

We’ve tested folding electric bikes from all the big names including GoCycle, Brompton, Tern, Raleigh and Decathlon. We’ve found that paying big doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a brilliant bike, and that cheaper models can have some real drawbacks.