If your electric shaver leaves your skin red, raw, and irritated after use and leaves you with an uneven finish, it’s likely time to upgrade to a new one. Should you spend your money on a model that has a lot of features, or is it possible to obtain a close shave with a less expensive model? Our research has shown that you do not need to pay a fortune in order to acquire an electric shaver of superior quality; in fact, the price of our most affordable Best Buy model is less than seventy pounds. In addition, we do not simply reveal the models that scored the highest; we also emphasise those that scored the lowest. Do not make the mistake of purchasing electric shavers, which you should stay away from at all costs. Find out which electric razors will continue to leave behind hairs no matter how many times you pass over them in this article. We explain which electric shavers will just require a single charge to get you through the entire duration of your vacation. Because we want you to be able to purchase an electric shaver that you are certain will last, we put each pop-up trimmer through a wear and tear test and drop each shaver from a height onto a hard surface. You can view our recommendations for electric shavers on this page after registering for Which? now and becoming a member. Are you a member already? Please sign in now. The process that we use to find the best electric shavers In order to determine which razors are the most effective at removing stubble while still being gentle on the skin, we put each razor through 158 different tests, some of which involve performing real-life shaves on short hairs and beards that have been grown for three days. A sense of proximity and comfort: Before measuring the closeness and comfort of each cut, our trialists used a different shaver on each half of their faces so that they could compare the results. We meticulously check their skin, looking for redness, irritation, and missing hairs, so that you can have confidence that the electric shaver you purchase from Best Buy will provide a close and comfortable shave. Battery capacity: Because we count the number of shaves you will receive out of a full battery, you will get an accurate idea of how long the battery will last overall. We also put the quick-charge feature, if it has one, to the test to see if it can genuinely provide enough power for a full shave after only five minutes of charging. If there is a quick-charge feature, we test it. To test the electric shavers’ durability, we throw them from a height of 80 centimetres. Those that sustain damage will have their marks reduced. If there is a pop-up trimmer, we use it a thousand times to ensure that it will always be reliable for you to use.