Best Buy electric shavers:

Best Buy electric shavers shave closest. But there’s a big gap between the best and the rest when it comes to shaving performance.

If your electric shaver gives a patchy finish and leaves your skin sore and irritated, chances are you need a new one. But should you invest in a model that’s packed with features, or can you spend less to get a close shave?

  • We tell you which electric shavers will continue to miss hairs, no matter how many times you go over them.
  • We reveal which electric shavers will be able to last the duration of your holiday on a single charge.
  • We test each pop-up trimmer for wear and tear, and drop each shaver from a height onto a hard surface, so you can buy an electric shaver you know will last.

Each shaver undergoes 158 separate assessments, including real-life shaves on short hairs and three-day beards, so we can reveal the best shavers for tackling stubble while being kind to your skin.

Closeness and comfort:

Our trialists used a different shaver on each half of their face before rating the closeness and comfort of each cut. We examine their skin closely, looking for redness, irritation and missed hairs, so you can be sure your Best Buy electric shaver will deliver a close, gentle shave.

Battery life:

We count the number of shaves you’ll get from a full battery, so you know exactly how long it will last. We also test the quick-charge function (if there is one) to see if it will actually give you enough power for a full shave after just five minutes of charging.


We drop each electric shaver from a height of 80cm. Those that get damaged lose marks. If there’s a pop-up trimmer, we flick it up 1,000 times to check that you’ll always be able to rely on it.

Electric shaver reviews you can trust

We’ve tested electric shavers from the top brands in our labs, such as Braun, Panasonic and Philips. But big-name shavers don’t always deliver Best Buy results.