Best Electric Showers:
Our tests show that the best electric showers deliver ample hot water and won’t run hot and cold.

We’ve tested the latest electric showers, and only award our Best Buy recommendation to the top-scoring models that you can rely on to deliver consistently toasty cascades of water.

The top-scoring models are proven to keep a steady temperature, even when someone runs a tap or flushes a toilet nearby.

To test electric showers, we install each shower in our test cubicle and measure how much hot water it delivers, so you can choose one that will help you wash away the soap suds in no time.

We run a nearby tap in our test lab and record any temperature spikes and drops, to help you choose a model that won’t get scalding hot or icy cold if someone uses mains water elsewhere in your home while you’re showering.

Our reviews expose the dreadful showers that get painfully hot and teeth-chatteringly cold, to help you steer clear of models that will leave you shivering on your bath mat while you wait for the water to get hot again.

Finding the best electric showers for you Aqualisa, Mira and Triton showers are all among the popular brands of shower we’ve put under the microscope in the Which? test lab.

Ease of use:

Easy-to-turn dials, shower heads that are easy to height-adjust, icons that are simple to decipher… these are the hall-marks of a convenient electric shower. The very best are also easy to install and clean. Our convenience test uncover the models that are intuitive to use and a doddle to install and clean – as well as exposing those that are tricky to fit and will leave your guests wondering how to work your shower.

Water flow rate:

We measure how much 40°C water each shower delivers, to we can show you how much hot water you’ll get from your shower. Our reviews can help you choose a model that produces a more abundant shower than its rivals.

Temperature rises:

Low-quality electric showers get hotter and hotter if someone flushes a loo or runs a tap in your downstairs bathroom. Our lab tests have uncovered the showers that barely change temperature, as well as the ones you’d find painfully hot.

Temperature drop:

There’s little more unpleasant than standing under a shower that suddenly turns freezing cold, yet that’s just what some of the worst electric showers did in our tests. But it’s not all bad news: we’ve found Best Buys that won’t blast you with an icy deluge when someone turns a tap on in your kitchen.

Temperature recovery:

We time how long it takes for electric showers to get back to normal temperatures following a temperature drop. Some can do the job in a matter of seconds; others will leave you ducking out of the shower for around 30 seconds before the temperature recovers.