Best Buy electric toothbrushes
The best electric toothbrushes keep your teeth clean and gums healthy, and hold their charge well. Find out our Best Buy recommendations.

Even the cheapest electric toothbrush is much more expensive than its typical manual equivalent. And once you factor in the cost of replacement brush heads, an electric toothbrush can be quite a pricey purchase. So the last thing you want is one that’s tricky to use, doesn’t have a long battery life, takes ages to charge, and is nothing special at helping keep your teeth clean.
We’ve put electric toothbrushes from the biggest brands – including Oral B and Philips Sonicare – through our tough tests. Our expert and independent reviews separate the brilliant brushes from the bad.

f you think spending more guarantees better quality, think again. We’ve tested brushes costing less than £50 that have outperformed others with a three-figure price tag, so it’s well worth reading our reviews to buy a better product and make a saving at the same time.

Battery life

You’ll want a toothbrush you can rely on to hold its charge. To check each brush’s stamina, we see how many two-minute brushes a fully charged battery gives. And because we test in the way you use your toothbrushes, we leave a 12-hour gap between each run-down – much like you would when you’re brushing twice a day.

Battery recharge time

Our independent tests have unearthed big differences in charging times between models. While some recharge in fewer than 10 hours, others take almost two whole days.

Ease of use

Our triallists rate how comfortable each brush is to use, both to hold and to brush with. We also check how straightforward it is to attach and remove the brush head.

Reviews you can trust

We test electric toothbrushes from the biggest brands on the market in the Which? test lab – including Oral B, Philips Sonicare and Colgate. We’ve found that even some of the biggest names don’t always deliver top-notch quality.