Energy companies need to be on top of their game to earn a  Recommended Provider (WRP) accolade. Find out what it takes to become an energy WRP, plus which firm nabbed the award in 2022.
Recommended Provider for energy is only awarded to the companies that we’re confident meet the highest standards, are loved by those who use them. It’s not easy to achieve – if no companies live up to our high standards, we’re not afraid to leave the industry empty-handed.  Read on to find out which provider is  Recommended Provider for energy in 2022, how we assess companies for the award, and which suppliers narrowly missed out this time around.


 Recommended Provider for energy 2022

Just one energy firm achieved the coveted Recommended Provider status in 2022 – Octopus Energy. WRPs must make it through our tough assessments which include analysis of their procedures and what customers really think of them. You can find more detail on what these involve below. This is the fifth consecutive year that Octopus Energy has been named a WRP.  It achieved the highest rating for accurate payments and the lowest proportion (only 4%) of customers who said they’d had reason to complain in in the last 12 months.


Criteria                                  Octopus Energy

Customer score                                     70%

Phone customer service                       Yes

Online customer service                      Email

Supplies prepayment customers        Yes

Charges exit fees                                     No



To become a  Recommended Provider, an energy supplier must:

Be one of the top-ranked companies as rated by their customers, with a customer score of at least 70%. Have procedures that we think are in the best interest of customers.

We score energy companies against a set of 11 criteria that cover key elements of the consumer journey, such as customer service, accessibility, exit fees and complaints data.

Recommended Providers must score above average in our procedures assessment.